What Is the Difference Between Alocasia Amazonica and Polly?

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The main distinction between the two plants is the dimensions. This is because Alocasia Polly is a cultivar of the hybrid Alocasia Amazonica, which is the origin of the name. Also, Alocasia Polly is a dwarfed version of the larger Alocasia Amazonica species.

Alocasias are a popular houseplant with a striking and stunning distinctive look. They can grow up to 3 feet in height to begin with and their huge, evergreen leaves closely look like elephant ears.

I could write about those striking veins the scalloped edges and glossy surfaces, however, Im more interested in removing the confusion around the distinction in Alocasia Amazonica and Polly (is there any difference? ).

If you too want to know the truth, stay tuned as I go over my meticulously researched details.

Differences Between Alocasia Amazonica and Polly

To provide you with a an answer from top to bottom on the differences in Alocasia Amazonica and Polly, I conducted extensive research on the following areas:

  • Leaf form and texture
  • Leaf size
  • Leaf color
  • Flower
  • Growth Habit
  • Toxicity
  • Structure and height
  • Nomenclature
  • Care and requirements are growing.

Once youve figured out what to expect , lets get right into it!

Leaf Shape and Texture

There is a distinct distinction that could be used to distinguish Amazonica as well as Polly. This small distinction is unique for Alocasia Polly and is seen at leaf edges in what appear to be folds and crests.

But each Alocasia Polly and Alocasia Amazonica have huge, waxy leaves that are shaped as arrows that protrude from single stems that are long and elongated.

Leaf Size

The leaves of Alocasia Amazonica are slightly larger than the leaves that of Alocasia Polly. The difference could only be apparent once the plants have fully mature.

Leaf Color

Both the leaves on these plants are deep green hues with striking silver veining. Both have a deep purple underside. The underside of Alocasia Amazonica is dark burgundy.

Gardeners who have dealt the Alocasia Polly and Amazonica have reported that the latter has a lot of gray veins. This is the only difference in regards to the color of the leaves.

Alocasia variety


Its a rare thing to have the opportunity to witness both these flowers flower! This unique plant has an inflorescence that is long and stalk-like. The flowers are tiny (those from Polly may have smaller ones) and usually comprise of a green spadix and a white spathe. Isnt that putting you in the your mind of a huge flower?


Theres no difference in this case. In line with guidelines set out by is stated by the ASPCA ( American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) states that both plants can be harmful to pets as well as humans. This is because Alocasias contain calcium oxalates. These compounds may cause irritation.

Therefore, they should not be chewed on or eaten. Also, it is recommended to wear gloves if youre planning to handle the plants for a long time.

Growth Habit

Both Alocasia hybrids thrive in a humid climate, and are able to absorb plenty of indirect, bright, or diffused light. They can be affected if temperatures fall below 50-55 degrees (10-13degC).

Height and Structure

If properly cared for, Amazonica can grow as tall as 3 feet. It is the smaller version, Polly typically grows up to 2 feet tall. It appears that the spread or width generally equals height, therefore both plants have a broad structure.


Its time to clarify the situation. The first thing to note is that the Alocasia Amazonica as well as Polly are both hybrids (not plants) So the names youre seeing are not scientific, but botanical names. I looked through a variety of databases of scientific research and databases, including those at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and I couldnt discover any references to the two plants.

The two plants do not originate out of Amazon rainforest! Amazon rainforest! Alocasia Amazonica is believed to originate from an Florida nursery known as Amazon nursery. According to the legend the owner of the nursery crossed it with Alocasia longiloba as well as Alocasia Sandriana however certain sources identify its parents as unidentified.

Alacosia Amazonica is sometimes referred to as Alocasia or Alocasia x amazonica and you might observe Polly use the term Alocasia Amazonica Polly or spelling it as Alocasia Poly. Both are also known bythe African Mask.

Growing Requirements and Care

Alocasia Amazonica and Polly dont have many distinctions in terms of increasing demands and the care they require. Both require:

  • Bright, indirect lighting
  • Misting and moist soils (remember to not soak the soil for too long)
  • Regularly Repotting

Overall appearance

As you can imagine it is apparent that separating Amazonica and Polly from each other isnt easy. Most retailers dont bother to differentiate the two plants, mostly because their treatment is nearly identical.

In regards to overall appearance the primary distinction I observed between the two species was the fact that Alocasia Polly is usually thought to be a smaller variant that Alocasia Amazonica. Alocasia Polly could also possess folds and crests that form on the sides and the bottom.



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