How are Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon Different?

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Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon came from the same family. But, as they are two distinct Alocasia species The care needs and methods could be different.

This article will help you understand the distinctions between these two. They come in different sizes dependent on location and other factors.

In general, they share few differencesand the majority of their characteristics and requirements are similar. They share a lot of similarities in terms of temperatures and humidity, soil sheaths, and much more.

It is the Alocasia Ivory Coast has arrow-shaped leaves and a silvery hue and Pink Dragon has a slender, arrow-shaped leaf. Pink Dragon has these metallic-green leaves, silver veins, and a pink Stalk. While their appearance may be somewhat different, they each thrive in a 65-80degF/18-27degC temperature. The best part about the two plants is that you dont have to feed them with a lot of fertilizers to help them grow.

The Difference Between Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon

Because the two Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon are both varieties of Alocasia Many people are unsure of the distinct characteristics of each.

On first sight, its difficult to identify their names, but when you examine their traits, youll be able to recognize that each is distinct on its own.


Alocasia Ivory Coast

Alocasia Ivory Coast, together with Morocco are two new cultivars that were introduced by Oglesby Plants International.

It is among the few varieties of Alocasia that is undiscovered by other novice collectors of plants. Ivory Coast is a fast-growing and well-branched cultivar that is unique to its species.

If youve read or seen about the Alocasias Elephant Ear, this Ivory Coast is its smaller version. They meet the same requirements for care which include humidity, temperature, and the location.

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon or Alocasia Baginda Pink Dragon is also one of the latest cultivars from Alocasia. In comparison with other cultivars, Pink Dragon comes with distinctive color and patterns. The two species Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon are part of the same species.

However, the following sections will show the different features and characteristics that are what make them distinctive and attractive.

It is a wonderful plant in subtropical and tropical regions of Asia as well as East Australia. As it gained popularity across the globe the people started to cultivate the plants. This variety grew all over the world.

alocasia variety

Leaf Shape and Texture

Alocasia Ivory Coast

This plant is an extremely well-known variety of Alocasia due to its distinctive beautiful leaf form and texture.

There are arrow-shaped leaves with a unique silvery shade with subtle green veins. The stems are a lighter pink hue, which makes the Ivory Coast distinct from other kinds.

The leafs shape, texture and color will be evident when the plant is mature. The colors are in harmony and the light pink hue is derived from being a perfect match for the silvery hue with the light green veins of leaves.

Ivory Coast has a simple leaf shape with a an undulate or lobed leaf margin. The leaf arrangement is derived from soil, and is not accompanied by any stem. The leaves may grow between 8 and 12 inches, from 12 up to 18 inches or up 36 to 18 inches.

Additionally, it has created an unnatural texture because it is an abundance of leaves that have sharp tips and a sloping edge. The texture is highlighted by focusing on the dark and light shadows emanating from the leaves the group.

Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon is also known as Elephant Ears Pink Dragon. It catches peoples interest with its metallic-green leaf, the silver veins, and pink stalk that makes the Pink Dragon unique.

This is an evergreen cultivar in the family of Araceae. It is a delicate evergreen perennial as well as a an rhizomatous cultivar. Because it has stunning visual foliage it is among the most sought-after indoor plants.

The leafs shape is curving with a glossy and dark-colored surface. The leaf also features burgundy hues on the underside , while they are able to grow on pink petioles.


The Alocasia plant flowers occasionally. The seeds for the flowers can only be harvested for a brief time. This is why its important to get the seeds in the right time.

This is only the case it happens when Alocasia matures, and it develops spathe as well as spadix. The color of the flower is green and is blooms in spring or summer.

But, not every Alocasia has this feature. If you wish to witness the plant bloom it is necessary to wait for it to reach its maximum height.

However it is difficult to be able to see it when you place it in a room. It is best to put it outside if you wish to allow it to mature quickly.


Sheaths are the fresh cover for the new leaves which will soon sprout. For Alocasia, it is covered by this sheath prior to the leaves begin to unfold. The sheaths edge becomes black. This is normal.

It is essential to keep the right balance of temperature, humidity and soil requirements to ensure that the new leaves healthful growth.

Foliage Color

Alocasia Ivory Coast

The arrangement of the leaves on this plant is that they are primarily arising from the soil, without a stem. It is a simple leaf shape with an undulated or lobed leaf margin. The leaf shape is more like an arrow or sagittate.

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Its design will be a perfect fit for the tropical climate, however it will look great in other countries that have different climates, as long as you care for the plant in accordance with the requirements of it.

The color of this Pink Dragon is green, with light-colored Venation that is surrounded by leaves with a smooth surface.

The plant is often referred to as Pink Dragon since the leaves are burgundy-colored and their stems appear brightly pink colored.


In the event that youve got pets, or small children in your home, Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon Alocasia arent the best indoor plants. Theyre extremely toxic and could trigger an allergic reaction and could cause irritation to the eyes.

If your pet or child experiences irritation of the tongue and mouth or skin rashes visit the nearest hospital or clinic immediately.

Growth Habit, Height, and Structure

Alocasia, as a general rule, can reach 2-10 feet tall, 1 to 10 feet long and has an upright habit of growth. It is a dense plant that expands rapidly. This is also true when compared to other varieties.

However, the development of every plant is still dependent on its surroundings and other aspects. However, these information can help you decide the best place to put them in order to maximize the plants potential.

Growing Requirements

The great aspect about these two cultivars of Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon is that they share similar growth needs. Therefore, if you intend to care for both of them, you can employ the same techniques to allow them to develop.


It is best to understand their roots to get ideas about the ideal balance of temperature and cold that will work best for them.

The first thing to note is that Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon Alocasia are both tropical plants. Therefore, youll be able to see that they thrive in warmer temperatures or temperatures.

It is not a fan of cold or freezing temperatures. It is possible to move your plants to a warmer area of the room during winter months to get the best solution.

However, you must ensure that the plants are kept away from direct sunlight as well. It is not advisable to place them next near a window that is in the morning when the sun is at its highest. Place them in areas with direct sunlight that is bright for the best development.

It is recommended to keep your temperature in the range of 65-80 degF/18-27 degC. This is why its important to keep your indoor temperature at or above 65degF/18degC. Maintaining it this way will keep plants from becoming dormant.

Sunlight Requirement

Based on what Ive shared in the preceding sections, Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon dislike direct sunlight. While they are tolerant and live in some shade or even full shade however, it is recommended to keep the plants in a shaded area.

They are beautiful in your own home. In addition, keeping them in the right kind of space will allow them to flourish.

There will be sunburn and dull leaves after you have left the plants in direct sunlight. Alternately, you can utilize fluorescent bulbs to serve as a sun-blocker, or place the Alocasia plants in an area that is well lit.

However If you really would like to place plants close to the window, make sure that the ideal location is facing west.

Water Requirements

In contrast to other plants These two kinds of Alocasia are both water-loving plants. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the watering schedule.

It is possible to distinguish two kinds of plants: the ones that love water and those that are not regularly watered. This will allow you understand your routine to water the plants.

In the same way you should avoid submerging or overwatering one particular plant, particularly Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon. But, remember that the amount of water needed is dependent on the time of year.

For instance, during the cold or winter season the need for watering is less. In addition, it is important to ensure that the soil and plants in good condition when summer is upon us.

It is possible to create 1-inch of irrigation every week. However, if you choose to use this method, it is important to allow the soil to dry completely prior to the time for watering.

Humidity Requirement

Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon both enjoy humidity. They will thrive when you keep their roots and leaves humid.

Naturally, your home isnt always flooded with enough water to ensure the plants optimum humidity needs.

You could use misting sprays, pebble-trays or humidifiers. These are fantastic ways to create humidity in your home. Your plants will be grateful in the future.

Soil Requirement

It is possible to use loose, well-drained, and porous soils to grow the cultivation of your Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon. Aeration of the soil is essential to ensure better drainage and keep your plants from becoming waterlogged.

The soil medium can comprise one part of each soil cocopeat, potting sand, cocopeat and perlite. To improve the quality by adding compost, it is an excellent idea as well.

Fertilizer Requirement

The good thing is that you wont require excessive fertilizer for the two varieties of Alocasia. However, it is helpful to know the growing season for these two species.

They are most healthy during the summer and spring seasons. It is possible to add compost on top part of the soil to make sure that you dont harm the roots.

Potting and Repotting Requirement

Potting the plants of your Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon is simple and easy. Your Alocasia plants will increase, dependent on the container you choose to use. If you wish for them to flourish it is essential to repot them.

When you are repotting, it is also the ideal moment to start propagating your plants and increase their number.

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Similarities Between Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon

The two species Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon are cultivars of the Alocasia plant. This is why its not surprising that they share a lot in similar characteristics, particularly in increasing demands. Their toxicity levels and growth patterns are similar.

They also bloom and their sheaths are identical to provide protection for the incoming leaves. Additionally the taxonomy of both species is identical because they are both to the same family.

Final Words

The best part is that we can now recognize these two plants: the Alocasia Ivory Coast and the Pink Dragon.

This is a summary of the information of all the important aspects to take proper care of the two plant species in the event that you not noticed it.

  • The two varieties of Alocasia Ivory Coast as well as Pink Dragon are two varieties of Alocasia. They are incredibly leafy and appearance that looks great at home.
  • Alocasia varieties are native to tropical regions, and therefore prefer warmer temperatures. In cold climates I suggest using artificial lighting or fluorescent lamps to keep plants warm.
  • The Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon dimensions depend on the area, the conditions, the care process and the container you choose to use.
  • Apart from the growth habit and sheath, the flower and toxicity, the other features indicate that both have the same needs for growth.
  • Be sure to keep Alocasia Ivory Coast and Pink Dragon away from children and pets!

(Source: University of Florida)



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