Why Are Leaves Turning Yellow on My Ming Aralia?

Ming aralia is a gorgeous houseplant that you can have in your beautiful home. It is possible that this beautiful green plant will be sick.

Ming aralia leaves changing color is a frequent issue that you may encounter. This article will assist you to determine the reasons and ways to solve it.

Ming Aralia Yellow Leaves occurs because of poor treatment or a problem in the nutritional intake. Additionally, excessive watering or insufficient water, fluctuating temperatures or insufficient lighting and transplant shock could trigger this problem. In addition, diseases and insects can cause discoloration of the ming aralia leaves.

Before you take any steps to save your ming aralia, you need to know what issue you’re dealing with.

Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the process of determining the precise reason for the aralia’s leaves becoming yellow. In addition, we will show you how to fix the issue.

Causes of Ming Aralia Yellow Leaves

It is crucial to determine the reason of the ming aralia leaves turning yellow prior to decide to take action to correct it. In this article, I will discuss the possible reasons for the yellowing of ming aralia leaves, and the best way to fix the issue.


This is among the most frequent mistakes made by care professionals that can result in ming aralia leaves turning yellow.

Ming aralia is not a fan of that there is standing water inside the dish. Standing water can create an ideal environment for bacterial and fungal infections.

If you are able to overwater your ming aralia plant the excess water won’t be able to drain away into the soil. This will cause an unavoidable problem for the plant in the end.

Ming aralia roots must absorb oxygen and nutrients to fulfill its biological function. However, the humid conditions of the root zone will not let it perform these crucial tasks.

The roots will be suffocated and eventually be infected with the fungal disease known as root rot. It could be a fatal illness for your Ming Aralia. The plant will then warn you of the risk by changing its leaves to yellow.

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How to Fix

Every plant has its own water need. It can vary with the temperature, humidity and growth stage as well as the type of soil used and the environment around.

Here are some tips you must do to prevent overwatering the ming aralia:

  • Do not keep your ming aralia watered every couple of days. Water only when the top two inches of soil are dry.
  • Make sure to check the soil prior to watering. It will tell you if you should water it or not.
  • If the soil is brittle, it is time to alter your soil mixture.
  • Check that the water is draining from the ming aralia container.
  • Draining holes that function are essential to be located in the base of your pot.

In this way, the above guidelines will protect your ming aralia from being overwatered. Let’s go to the opposite scenario.

Temperature Fluctuation

Ming aralia thrives in 15.6deg-29.4degC60deg-85degF. Similar to other houseplants, it also reacts to changes in temperature.

Temperatures too cold or high can cause the ming aralia plant leaves to change color, turning pale yellow or yellow.

If you put the plant near the radiator or air conditioner, it will be in touch with the temperature change and displays you with yellow leaves.

If you place the window on the wall in the area where the ming aralia receives cold breeze could harm the plant. It can also lead to the leaves to yellow.

temparature control indoors

How to Fix

The reason for the issue will tell you what you need to do. Make sure your plant is kept away from the direct flow of the air radiator or air conditioner. Be sure that cold air cannot pass through the window in winter.

Now, if your ming aralia has already been affected by temperature fluctuations Try altering the position.

Provide the plant with a comfortable temperature condition. Fertilizing can help the plant recover from the yellowing caused by temperature fluctuations.

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Lack of Water

As with overwatering, underwatering is also a type of stress caused by water. If you don’t meet the requirements for water, your aralia may show signs such as the leaves becoming yellow and wilting.

Why does the ming aralia become yellow because of underwatering? The absence of water causes drying away the dirt. Its root area the Ming aralia is unable to take in water for its biological process.

Additionally, the nutrient present in soil is still as water-soluble. So, without water, ming aralia is unable to absorb the nutrients, but they remain in the soil, even though.

Iron deficiency can cause chlorosis , as well as other nutrients such as magnesium. Nitrogen deficiency could cause yellowing too.

It is evident that your plant will change color when there is a shortage of water.

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How to fix

I believe you’ll determine that you have to water your ming aralia in order to correct this. But how do you know for certain that your ming aralia suffers from water insufficiency? Well, it’s quite easy.

You can put the pencil or stick similar to it into the potting soil to see whether the pencil emerges with soil that is moist on its body or a clean.

If it’s clean, your ming aralia requires watering. You can also test the level of moisture with your fingers digging into the soil of the potting.

Insufficient Light Access Cause Aralia Leaves to Turn Yellow

As a species that is tropical, Ming aralia is a fan of sunlight. It doesn’t like the direct light, however. Direct sunlight can cause sunburn, and consequently leaves can change color, turning brown or yellow.

As with many other species, the ming aralia requires sunlight to produce food. If you do not provide enough light, the plant won’t be able to produce the food, or even chlorophyll.

You are aware that chlorophyll is the green pigment that is the reason for the color of leaves. In the absence of sunlight, it is believed that the quantity of chlorophyll decreases and leaves turn yellow.

However the lower amount of chlorophyll will mean less plant food production. Thus, ming aralia will lose its leaves in order to conserve energy. The old leaves will begin to turn yellow, and eventually disappear.

How to Fix

I believe you’re aware of what to do right now. If you think that the position currently used by the ming aralia lacks illumination, then you should change the position,

Ming aralia is fond of partial sun. Try to locate it in a spot that gets at least 3 to 6 hours of sunshine.

The pH of the soil is too high, which causes yellow leaves on Aralia

Ming Aralia loves slightly acidic soil that is slightly acidic. It likes an acidic pH range of 6-6.5 which is a slightly acidic.

What is the issue with soils that have high pH? In alkaline soils or those with high pH, it isn’t an ideal choice for plants that love acidity. The soil’s high alkalinity makes nutrients inaccessible.

So, even if you fertilize the soil to satisfy the deficit, it will not produce positive results. Ming aralia leaves begin to yellow due to the deficiency of nutrients.

How to Fix

Test your soil’s pH using the pH test kit found in every garden shop. If you notice that the soil’s pH is too acidic or alkaline, then you must correct your pH.

The soil in the pot should be hydrated with a some drop of juice from a lemon. eventually, this will lower the pH level.

It is also possible to make use of sulfur and aluminum sulfate to lower the pH rapidly. Purchase them at the nearest garden retailer.

Nutrient Deficiency

Ming aralia is asymptomatic of yellowing because of a lack of nutrients. The lack of iron causes the chlorosis in leaves.

Iron deficiency is a result of several variables like pH of the soil and overwatering, root rot disease, etc.

Other elements of nutrition such as manganese, nitrogen and zinc are essential for plants that maintain healthy leaves.

For instance in the absence of nitrogen, plants will make chlorophyll. It is the chemical which makes plant leaves appear green. The absence of chlorophyll renders the leaves of plants pale and yellow.

How to fix

The soil mix that is available on the market can be capable of providing the necessary nutrients to your Ming aralia. The amount of nutrients that are absorbed in the mix is contingent on a variety of aspects.

Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the other aspects prior to fertilizing your plant.

If you don’t think of pH, disease or root, then you could over-fertilize your aralia. This can be even more harmful.

Chlorosis is a common condition in the young leaves, and the veins of the leaves begins to change color.

Utilize chelated iron or ferrous sulfate for iron deficiency. In most cases, you must do an application to the foliar area.

Insect Infestation

It is common for plants to are infested with insects. Certain insects like mealybug, aphidand spider mites suck juices from the leaves.

The ming aralia leaves are unable to produce chlorophyll, and they turn yellow. It is possible to identify the signs of insects examining the leaves.

How to fix

The sucking insects have soft skin and can be controlled quickly. Insecticidal soap or soap for deterring can assist you in controlling these kinds of insects efficiently.

Spraying Neem oil is a great way to eliminate insects that have invaded the plant. Additionally, I have had great results when spraying alcohol mixed water. (Source: New York Botanical Gardens)


There’s no reason to complicate this issue. Ming aralia leaves changing color is a frequent issue when you experience any. It is merely a matter of keeping an eye on it frequently and meet the requirements for care.

You now are aware of how to repair your aralia plant’s leaves, if they are yellowing. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Let me know what method you used to your plant.



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