Are Jade Plants Poisonous to My Cats?

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Do you have a money tree? Do you think we all wish we had one? It might come as an unexpected surprise however if you have the jade plant, a Crassula Ovata one -then you have it! The jade plant is called a lucky plant or money plant, and even an investment tree.

So what is jade toxic to cats? The good news is the fact that cash trees do not have a good relationship with cats. They can be harmful for our pets If you have both, know the risks they can pose to one another. It is also essential to be aware of what you can do to ensure your cats safety and what you can do in the event of a catastrophe.

Heres a brief guide to how to manage your cat in the event that youve got jade plant around the house.

A Quick Word on the Jade Plant and Cats

Jade plants are fairly common house plants. They need little care and water, and look beautiful in the living room. Its a succulent native to southern Africa which blooms tiny white or pink flowers, making it a beautiful decoration for any room.

They are known by many different names, including those that were mentioned earlier. People may refer to them as a Chinese rubber plant, or baby jade. Jade plants are quite widespread, so even if you dont own one at home theres a good chance there is someone who is home to one.

Most of the time, this isnt any problems as neighbors tend to keep an watch on cats that are attacking their plants. However, its important to be aware the jade plant is just one of the home plants that are toxic for cats. Luckily, cats are good at staying clear of these plants.

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Beware of Jade Plants at Home

For dogs, keeping things away isnt that difficult. For cats, its slightly more difficult. If its feasible jade plants must be difficult to reach for cats.

Another option is to place it in complete view of your living area so that you are able to always determine if your cat is paying attention. It is also possible to determine if its been eaten or nibbled on.

Causes of Jade Poisoning in Cats

What makes a jade plant harmful to cats? There isnt a clear answer at present as the toxic characteristics associated with the Jade plant are not known. The entire jade plant can be harmful to cats when they are eaten. It isnt known exactly what a cat has to consume to be sick or poisoned. There is no known remedy for the toxin. However, research indicates that cats tend to chew on the leaves, which could be the ones with most toxic substances.

What Happens if My Cat Eats Part of a Toxic Plant?

Its nearly inevitable that cats is likely to come in contact with an invasive plant at some time in their lives. In most cases, cats is smart enough to recognize which plants to stay clear of. In other words the natural world has provided animals with some basic instincts about whats edible and whats not.

However, from time to time cats may bite a leaf or perhaps not be aware when playing or hungry. If this happens it is likely that the toxic nature of jade plants will cause a negative effect.

Symptoms of Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

The symptoms of poisoning are diarrhoea, vomiting, severe seizures or tremors, and labored breathing, and occasionally becoming comatose or not responding. These symptoms could be caused by your cat eating jade plants.

Treatment of Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

In a majority of instances, cats are able to recover using veterinary treatment If treated promptly. If left without treatment, poisoning caused by jade can be deadly for cat. Therefore, the moment you suspect your cat might have eaten a jade plant take it checked out by your veterinarian immediately.

A vet is likely to try to induce vomiting in order to eliminate the poisonous substance.

What to do if You Suspect Your Cat Has Been Poisoned.

In all emergencies, you should be calm. If you suspect that you think that your cat is poisoned by jade plants Take a closer look at the signs to get an indication of the the severity.

How to Diagnose Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

Be on the lookout for warning indicators of poisoning

* Abdominal pain

* Trouble breathing

* Comatose or unresponsive

* Coughing

* Extreme lethargy fatigue, depression or tiredness

* Diarrhoea

* Drinking excessively or urination

* Fever

• Loss of appetite

* Salivation / Drooling

* Shock, seizures or sudden collapse

* Inflammation of the skin, or swelling

* Walking with a wobbly balance

* Vomiting

The next step is to contact your veterinarian to get advice on the issue and inform them that youre headed to the vet. It is important to inform your vet that you are concerned about jade plant poisoning, and bring one of the plants to take with you, if you are able.

Your vet may ask you some questions like:

* What time (how many years time ago) do you believe this took place?

Are you certain that this is the reason or are there other possibilities for your symptoms?

* Can you describe the exact symptoms youve seen?

What was your experience was Jade Plants and Cats

In comparison to others, exact reason the reason why jade plants are harmful to cats remains being studied. However, we recognize that the money tree could be a bit unfortunate for our most beloved family members.

Are you able to offer suggestions for managing jade and cats at your home?

Final Thoughts: The Jade Plant is Poisonous to Cats

For cat owners, our beloved pets are an integral element of our lives and a source of our joy. We do our best to protect our pets safe from harm. However, from time to the time, even our home plants could be a danger.

Jade plants, as gorgeous as they may be, unfortunately do not agree with our cats. There is some comfort by knowing that the majority of cats are able to avoid these dangers. However, its crucial to recognize that this plant could not be as lucky for certain members of our household.



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