Why Are Avocado Leaves Drying Up?

The avocado is a huge plant in its native environment and does not like living in a space. But, many people who love indoor tropical trees notice that the leaves of avocados are drying out or developing ugly spots, leaving them with an unadorned stem. I’ll discuss all possibilities of the causes as well as solutions to this issue.

Causes of Avocado Dry Leaves

The darkening and wilting of avocado leaves can be caused by various reasons. The most common reasons are as follows:

Growing Conditions That Aren’t Ideal

This is by far the most frequent reason. A tropical plant needs an environment that is warm and has plenty of sunlight and humidity (60 percent). The leaves curl up and dry due to drying air.

Photosynthesis isn’t possible when the plant doesn’t receive enough sunlight. The leaves will change color and then disappear. But, be careful not to allow the foliage to be exposed to sunlight as this could cause them to become burned.

Improper care

The tree is severely affected when the soil is dry or excessively watered. Watering with cold drafts or tap water or cold water could cause leaves to wilt or fall from trees. Make sure to keep the soil in the pot damp and loose to avoid the soil from sagging.

The pot you plant your avocado must be the proper size to allow it to expand. It might not be huge however it should be sufficient deep enough that the root system is able to develop in depth.

The leaves start to dry out and drop off when the roots reach the bottom of the container in which there is no space for it to expand.

Pest Causing Avocado Leaves To Dry Out

Spider mites and mealybugs are able to be a threat to every plant in the house in dry air. If your avocado is dry tips on its leaves and displays tiny spots on the leaves , at first, look at the leaf’s back using a magnifying lens for tiny black dots.

In the event that your plants are infested, you’ll see cobwebs appearing on the leaves and stems. If you only have some pests, cleaning the leaves using hot water, and soap for potassium is enough to get rid of them.

If spider webs develop and appear, avocados must be spray with neem oil at minimum 3 times, and with a time of 4-5 days between treatments.

Scale insects are a frequent visitor to avocados. The plant stems and the lower veins of leaves are the main habitats for the tiny insects.

The leaves of the avocado become yellow and dry because they sucking up the green sap of the avocado. It is possible to eliminate insects by applying gentle soap with water mix.

avodcado tree sunlight

Avocado Diseases

Insects and diseases rarely affect avocados if the conditions for growth are optimal. But, if the avocado’s immunity decreases when it is kept in conditions that are not suitable for it. In this case it’s vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Fungal infections are among the most frequent indoor illnesses that result from not watering plants in a timely manner.

The mildew’s powdery appearance is an icy white streak over the leaf. The upper leaves on the avocado inside this pot will be the very first ones to dry out then turn yellow and then fall off.

The new leaves appear with various distortions initially. To prevent the spread of the disease onto other plant species, you must isolate the affected plant as quickly as you can.

Get rid of all infected leaves and burn the affected leaves. Spray soda and soap or manganese solution on branches and leaves to eliminate the disease. Repot the plant with fresh pot mix.

The problem of avocados being infested with roots rot as well as Phytophthora is a similar risk issue. The majority of cases are caused due to poor drainage of the soil and over-watering.

The disease can be transmitted by water, tools, and even clothing. Both of these illnesses primarily affect the avocado leaves. The color of the leaves fades and they become covered with areas of various hues and pattern as they decay as they dry.

Preventive Actions

The most crucial thing you can do to ensure that avocados are healthy is to place the avocado plant in the right location to thrive. A few examples:

  • A 12-hour day of sunshine and plenty of sunshine
  • All year long, the temperatures are warm.
  • moderately watering using warm, purified water
  • sufficient humidity in the air.

Do not apply a chemical spray on the leaves of your avocado right away in case they’re drying out. If you plan to plant avocados, it’s a great idea to ensure that you have all the essentials in place before starting. Then, taking more care of your plant could be enough.



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