What Are The Benefits Of Using Succulent Mulch?

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Mulch is a top-layer cover that assists in improving soil as well as moisture retention and control of weeds. Organic and synthetic inorganic materials could be used as mulch.

In this piece I will describe as clearly as I can what a mulch is , and the main purposes it serves.

The different kinds of materials that are suitable for use as succulent mulch

Mulch can be made of an array of organic and inorganic substances. Heres a selection of ideas to experiment using your succulents. Lets divide it in two groups:


  • Wood chips,
  • Bark chips and
  • Straw.


  • Rocks and
  • Stones, like granite, gravel, and volcanic crust,
  • Pebbles of a variety of types
  • River pebbles and
  • Plastic pieces.

The Benefits of Mulching for Succulents

If youre looking to add colour and texture to your succulents or Cacti, mulch is the best option.

1. It Protects The Lower Leaves From The Substrate

There is a lower chance that your plants will be in close contact with your substrate, which can lead to leaves becoming rotten due to them not being well-equipped to handle humidity.

2. Prevents The Growth Of Weeds

If you use mulch in the garden, weeds will have a difficult to grow. To ensure that your succulents are healthy, it is essential to get rid of weeds as soon as they begin to grow so that they do not compete with your plants for nutrients and water.

It saves time and energy by mulching because you wont have to deal with a myriad of weeds.

3. It Allows Light To Reach The Lower Leaves And Preventing Etiolation

Mulches with a light color, like stone that is white, also reflect the sunlights radiations. To allow succulents to carry out proper photosynthesis, the light gives some additional light to those lower leaflets, which are the closest to the surface.

This will help you prevent succulents from becoming affected by etiolation. Indirect light is not as powerful as reflection, and therefore wont cause any harm to the plant. This is completely safe.

succulents and catci in trays

4. Reduces The Effects of Substrate Erosion And Compaction

A great substrate should have specific characteristics to be suitable for succulents. One of these is compaction.

The soil is degraded and then compacted with time due to rain and watering.

To prevent water from getting to the substrate directly it serves as a buffer which stops it from being touched directly and subsequently watered less carefully through the substratum.

In tropical climates, or generally, when there are a lot of rainfall, it can be particularly evident.

5. It Controls The Temperature of The Substrate

Mulch composed of colors and materials that do not conduct heat well can aid in keeping it cooler than the surroundings.

It is possible for plant roots to become affected due to the temperature of the substrate that is exposed directly to sunlight during hot weather, or in summer.

It is possible to protect your succulents from overheating with the proper mulch.

Contrary to the preceding point the use of heat-retentive materials (either through the composition of or by color) can hold heat within the substrate.

Succulents can be shielded from damage from frost by mulching them with blankets that hold the heat and shields their roots.

6. Stops the Substratrate from Separating

The substrates for succulents come in various smaller or lighter components. Perlite used in your substrate makes it float since it is extremely dense, for instance, when you are watering it.

It will become more and more perlite appearing in the surfaces of your substrate over time This isnt ideal as perlite must mix with the other components.

This issue can be avoided by mulching, which stops the elements from flying to the surface.

Succulents thrive in a well-mixed substrate which keeps all the nutrients they require to flourish.

7. Supplies Nutrients

As I mentioned, the possibility of mulching your succulents using organic and inorganic substances.

Utilizing organic materials, such as bark chips or wood chips, they will break down in time, and provide nutrition to your substrate, which your succulents can benefit from.

Mulch isnt just attractive but it also offers a variety of advantages for your succulents.

Where Can I Get Succulent Mulch?

In the first place, it is crucial to remember that the responses to these questions differ based the location youre around the globe.

In general, youll get mulch for succulents in construction, gardening, or pet shops.

Utilizing fish tank stones to mulch for your succulents after clearing them of salt and debris is an excellent option. A broad variety of shapes, colors and sizes are readily available.

Natural Cedar Shaving (Check the most current prices at Amazon right here) is an excellent alternative if youre in search of something that is organic.



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