Why is My Bird of Paradise Stem Breaking?

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Birds of Paradise provides the home an architectural and attractive form. But, what do you do if the stems break and disappear in their vibrant, stunning hues?

The main reason for the bird of paradises broken stem is either weakening or bending of the plant. Additionally, stem decay, insufficient water and nutrition and lack of light shock, and lastly rapid growth of the vegetative are the primary causes for Bird of Paradise Stem Breaking.

This article explains the causes for why these stems are more likely to break and the best ways to fix broken bird of paradise stem.

Causes of Bird of Paradise Broken Stem

Stem Rot

The stems of the plant can break due to of fungal diseases that result in both the roots as well as the stems to turn brown. For instance the fungus pythium that thrives in moist environments and is the main reason for the rotting of the stems.

In addition to the fungus pythium damp conditions can cause stems to turn brown as the stems are soaked in water soft, mushy and squishy at the base of the stem.

The stem then becomes fragile and weaker as it breaks down and is snatched away. Furthermore, the rotting of the roots near the base of the plant can cause the stem to crack because the root is the component of the plant that holds the stem.


If you recently bought or repotted the plant known as the bird of paradise away from its natural habitat It is likely to be struck by shock.

The stress will result from that the plants adapting the new environment, and adjusting its rooting system as well as the surroundings.

The shock could cause the breaking and bending in the plants stems. Therefore, you must be careful when altering the environment of your plant to stop the stem of the plant from breaking.

Lack of Sunlight

If you dont plant your plants on a solarium or with artificial lighting It is more likely to be to be the birds of paradise get a lack of lighting or even none.

Light is crucial for the development and growth of plants, since plants use light to process its food. This means that the stem as well as other areas of the plant will not get the proper light that plants require to make food.

Insufficient light can force the plants to expand toward any light source that is available. The stem of the plant will grow longer, and weaker and after a while the stem will break.

open bird of paradise flower

Lack of Nutrition

The nutrients potassium and nitrogen are essential to help the plant develop strength. Providing birds of Paradise with more nutrients will make the stem to grow stronger.

If the plant is deficient or gets less nutrients, the entire plant and the stem becomes weak and thin. After a certain period the stem will not be able to support the leaves and consequently, it will easily fall off. To avoid this, make sure that your plant is getting enough nutrition.

It is essential to supply your plants with an appropriate fertilizer that has equally proportions of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. In addition, you could include organic manure to aid in helping the plant to grow strong and healthy. strong.6. Lack of Water

Water is an essential element in all plants particularly pot plants such as Bird of Paradise. Water is beneficial for the stiffness of the stem, which is a crucial factor to make the stem sturdy.

Insufficient water can cause the stem to weaken and become thinner, eventually breaking off. To prevent this wilting on the stem it is essential to give the plant adequate water and take care not to overwater the bird of paradise because it could cause root decay.

Rapid Vegetative Growth

In the event that your birds of paradise are expanding more quickly than usual due to an excess of nitrogen The stem might not be as strong as it should. The weak and brittle stem is brittle and prone to break.

Breaking the stem could indicate the right time to begin cutting the plant. Bird of paradise isnt well-known for shading excess leaves, but instead it will retain leaves which are massive and heavy.

If the leaves are numerous and thick, they cause the stem of the plant to bend because the stems arent able to support all the load of leaves. The bending of the stem can result in it breaking due to the weight of the leaves that overpower it.

Physical Contacts

Contact with plants could cause the breaking of the stems. When watering your plant or taking out the weeds that have grown in the area around your potted plants, you might be prone to treat the plant with carelessness.

Additionally, if you have children at your home, they may play with the plant with no knowledge, and thus break the stem of the plant.

How to Fix a Broken Bird of Paradise Stem

In order to repair the damaged stem of the bird of paradise plant majority of people opt for this method of stem repair. Experts have proven that using tape will guarantee the full recovery for the plants.

It is important to think about the possibility of the stem breaking before selecting the most suitable method. Follow the steps prior to using taping to secure the stem:

  • Make your tape and think about the severity of the damage on the stem. The ideal size for tape is 10cm; however, you might require a bigger size to accommodate larger stems.
  • Attach the damaged stem to the plant securely.
  • Then, using the tape, wrap it around the stem. Make sure you completely cover the stems including the original base.
  • For a successful repair to ensure a successful healing, make sure the stem and base are packed tightly. The tight packing of the base and stem will result in quicker and more effective healing.
  • Allow 2-4 weeks for healing time by placing the tape over the plant.
  • Always be sure to monitor the progress of healing for the plant.
  • Once the plant has healed then remove the tape with care so as not to damage its stem again. If you notice that the stem is not yet heal, you may repeat the process until the plant is healed.

It is crucial to provide adequate care to birds of paradise in order to ensure that it grows robust and healthy. The plants stem will become robust and free of breaks when it is grown in conditions that are favorable and free of risk factors.



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