Can I Fix a Broken Jade Plant?

Jade plants break easily, particularly when the stems and roots become more tender or weak. Since I’ve had the experience of repairing my damaged jade plants, I’ve laid the various reasons for the breaking as well as the options to fix a damaged jade stem.

The most frequent reason for jade plant trunks breaking is stem decay. Jade plants that are overwatered are more susceptible to the stem rot disease. In addition, excessive nitrogen application stimulates rapid growth of the vegetative tissue without proper development of the cells, and the stem is easily broken down.

In addition to the obvious causes I’ve also studied and listed some possible reasons that could cause this problem.

The causes of the jade plant stem breaking

Stem Rot

The stem rot in the jade plant is caused by the root rot that extends to the stem. The cause of the rot is the fungus Rhizoctonia or Furasium that thrives in moist conditions. It is the result from poor drainage or overwatering.

The bacteria attack the root of jade plants and causes the roots to degrade. When the roots die and the plant loses water, absorption and nutrients is limited only to plants.

Furthermore when the rot extends into the stem, particularly at the base of the plant and the body’s other areas aren’t receiving any nutrients. Insufficient moisture and nutrients causes the plant to wilt and then fall off.

Vegetative Growth

Because of the higher levels of nitrogen, the jade plants could appear to grow quicker than usual, making the stems not grow fully.

The stem is then fragile and is more prone to break off. The plant could break when the heavy and large leaves are heavier than the stem. It is therefore essential to trim the plant when you see an abundance of growth.

jade plant with black rock in pot

Lack of Sunlight

It is more likely that plants in jade receiving sufficient light will develop strong and healthy, because light is among the main forces driving the process used by plants to produce food.

When plants produce their food, it aids in their growth and development. Insufficient light means that photosynthesis can’t be effective.

This could result in the plants becoming weak and then breaking off. In other cases, stems extend in any light source the area and result in an unsound stem that could eventually fall off.

Lack of Nutrition

To allow the jade plants to develop strong and healthy they require adequate nutrients. The jade plant needs nitrogen and potassium to help it strong.

But it is true that if the plant gets less or is not getting enough nutrients in general, the plant is likely to become thinner and weak.

After a while the plant’s parts of the stem and branches begins to wilt, which causes the branches and stems to fall. This is why you must supply the plant with enough nitrogen, phosphorus as well as potassium-based fertilizers.

Physical Contacts

The jade plant is not handled properly, either by children or pets’ perturbations on the plant could result in its breaking.

Additionally, you could be doing the regular maintenance routine of the plant, like breaking the plants and weeding without knowing it.

Therefore, it’s best to be extremely careful in handling plants, and ensure that children are kept far from it.

Lack of Water

The jade plant requires water in order to develop robust, since water causes the stem and other parts of the plant and more turgid. But, if the plant is dehydrated the stem becomes less turgid and then may begin to lose its vigor.

To avoid wilting of the plant, it is essential to ensure that the plant is supplied with enough water. Avoid overwatering because it could cause stem decay.

How do You Root a Broken Jade Plant?

The most efficient method of propagating jade plants is typically by cuttings of the stem. This makes it simple to root a damaged jade plant. Here are the easy steps to follow in order to root a damaged jade plant:

  • From the stem that is broken Choose the most healthy part from the stem. It is possible to get the healthy portion by cutting it and cutting it away from the damaged portion. Make sure you make use of a clean cutting tool to prevent any injury or infection to the piece when cutting.
  • It is essential to keep an adequate portion of the stem that is healthy. It is recommended that you kept an enviable stem that measured 3 to 4 inches. This is essential to allow for more root development as the plant grows.
  • The damaged stem could contain some leaves. It is essential to take off some leaves from the healthy stem you’ve got from the damaged plant. The removal of the leaves will provide more space for the joints of leaves when they develop. The more leaf joints create a variety of places from which the roots will sprout from.
  • After cutting off the healthy portion of the stem off the plant that has been broken You must allow it to be calculus. It is crucial to allow the bottom of your stem to be calculated. The process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days. In the meantime, place the cutting stem on a clean towel.
  • At this point you should not water the cutting of the stem so that the cutting’s lower part to calculate. Once the cutting is callused it is then possible to place it in the soil mix that is in the pot for planting. It is necessary combine the mix in with some manure and water to encourage the development of your cutting.

How do You Fix a Broken Jade Plant Stem

A jade plant stem that is broken can be a source of sadness for the owner. But, there are many methods of fixing the broken stem jade plant’s stem. Possible ways to repair a damaged jade plant stem and repair it include:

Using A Tape

Tape to fix the broken jade plant is the most popular and efficient method that people employ tape. If you’re using tape to fix the jade plant that is damaged it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Examine the severity of damage to the stem and then make your tape according to size. If you have larger plant, you’ll require larger tapes, whereas for smaller plants, you’ll require smaller tape. The approximate dimension of your tape ought to be 10cm.
  • The next step is to connect the damaged part that is damaged to your plant. When you attach the pieces it is important to make sure that you have done it securely for quicker healing.
  • Cover the components of the plant with tape. When wrapping, it is important be sure to protect all broken components as well as the plant itself.
  • Make sure to keep the stem and base secure when repairing the plant. The ability to fix the damaged area and the main plant components tight will speed up the process of healing for Jade plants.
  • After you have properly put the tape over the plant and the damaged plant, you will need to let it rest for about two weeks to one month. In this time you should be monitoring the plant on a regular basis to observe the healing process.

Using A Drinking Straw

This is the simplest way to fix a damaged stem of jade plant’s stem. It is helpful to have an empty drinking straw that was clear of any contaminants which could contaminate the jade stem of the plant.

When you are holding the straw on the stem that has broken, make marks on the straw to mark the length that you’ll require. With a pair of scissors cut the straw in accordance according to marks that you had created.

After that, you can cut the straw lengthwise with the paring knife. After that, carefully place the straws onto the stem that has been damaged. To secure to itself, wrap it with plant tape.

But, you could choose to use a different type of tape in the event that you don’t have plant tape. For a faster healing process it is recommended to use twist or fabric tie. Keep watering the plant and keeping an eye on it to observe the progress of healing.



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