How Do I Get Rid of Bugs On A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

The name is derived from their violin-like leaves that are violin-like, the fiddle leaf fiddle leaf is a well-known part of the Moraceae family that originates from the the western regions of Africa. However, this gorgeous tree is susceptible to the occasional insect, just like other houseplants.

Remove bugs from the fiddle leaf fig by removing the bugs off, then rinsing the leaf’s areas with hot water, or by removing the pests using the alcohol-dipped cotton of swabs. If you have a lot of infestations, trim the affected areas and apply natural insect repellent to both sides of the affected leaves.

Although these techniques are among of the most efficient ways to stop bugs from finding an appropriate place to settle within the fiddle leaf fig However, identifying and eliminating the pest isn’t easy.

Below, we’ll examine the most prevalent pests in plants, and ways to eliminate them, and how to prevent further outbreaks.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bugs On My Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Bugs can be a frequent source of headache for those who love plants. They are present for a reason: to consume food.

It could be that they’re eating the fungus that is growing in your plant’s soil It could also be that they truly enjoy fiddle leaf figs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Next To Brown Chair

How do eliminate these bugs? Here are a few of the most frequent bugs that are attacking the fiddle leaf fiddle leaf fig and how to recognize these bugs.


The most well-known fiddle leaf fiddle leaf bugs is the mealybug.

Mealybugs are able to operate by catching their way onto other plants. Once they’re inside your home and also on the indoor plant, they’ll begin feeding off leaves, resulting in browning and yellowing leaves.

They’ll be evident if you notice a cotton-like substance in the nooks and crevices in your plants. These are nests in which female mealybugs lay their eggs.

If you don’t spot any white bugs, if you can spot these white spots on your plant The likelihood of an infestation is very likely.

Although mealybugs are simple to remove with a hand, their offspring (crawlers) are difficult to discern by the naked eye.

Mealybug infestations typically begin at the bottom of the plant, and then move upwards towards the corners of branches as well as the leaves’ undersides.

How To Get Rid Of Mealybugs On Fiddle Leaf Fig

Although water can eliminate a large portion of mealybug nests, it doesn’t necessarily eliminate the mealybugs.

Here’s how to get rid of the mealybugs that are infesting your fig

  • Make use of a q-tip or rub alcohol to take out nests from the corners in the plants.
  • Apply the oil of neem using the spray bottle along with a Q-tip.
  • Make use of a soapy solution. Spray it on the plant, allow it to rest for a few minutes, then wipe off the soapy water residue using an mended cloth.

You may also decide to incorporate natural predators into your garden.

A lot of people purchase live ladybugs on the internet or locate them in their local garden center, and then release the ladybugs into their garden areas.

Ladybugs aren’t going to infest your home and will go towards the nearest food sources once they’ve finished eating foodybugs or crawlers.


Another pest that is commonly found in indoor gardens are gnats. Luckily you’re fiddle leaf fig likes living in environments that aren’t ideal for the fungus and gnats.

If you are suffering from fungus gnats, then you might need to relocate the plant to a more suitable location and reduce the amount of the amount of watering.

Gnats are averse to bright light and aren’t a threat to well-drained soil that is loosely packed.

Although the right living conditions will prevent the growth of gnats, this doesn’t mean this is always the case, particularly if you’re trying to find how to manage indoor plants.

Common adult fungus gnats are small black, dark flies that have transparent wings that are gray as well as long, slender legs. They are usually seen flying at the base of the plant. And when the infestation is severe there will be a lot of them appear whenever you tap or move the pot.

How To Get Rid Of Gnats On Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fungus gnats deposit eggs in the top layer of soil. If the soil is always humid, it could provide breeding areas for gnats.

The easiest solution is to reduce the amount of water you pour on the fiddle leaf.

You can also make an gnat-trap by putting some honey drops in a dish that is shallow or lid of a jar and then wrapping it in plastic wrap with some holes punched into it.

Place the traps near the base of your plant. They are sweet-toothed and will prefer honey over the fungus that is growing on the plant.

If your infestation is not too severe it could just take a few days before they quit your fig with a fiddle leaf If you are dealing with a large infestation, it could take several weeks before the issue begins to be resolved.

Spider Mites

The spider mite is the most unpleasantbug to spot on your favorite fiddle leaf fiddle leaf.

The majority of online resources for plants show the appearance of a massive infestation like, but don’t reveal the first signs of a spider mites.

If you’re alert of bugs that make their way to your plants and you’ll see the signs of mites rapidly.

The benefit of catching spider mites prior to them infesting the plant is that you’ll be able solve the issue prior to it becoming a major issue and spreads to other plants Oh my!

The first sign for spider mites concerns the appearance of webbing. If you notice any evidence of webbing, or thin silky strands, you should check the entire plant for signs of insects.

A web is the primary sign of a spider mite’s presence The second sign is tiny clusters of them on the leaves of your plant. If the groups are disturbed the tiny dots could move, which indicates that it’s not just a single home spider, but rather a spider mite presence.

How to remove Spider Mites from a fiddle Leaf Fig

The best part is the fact that they are among the most simple insect to remove from your plants. Spray down the fig’s fiddle leaf with water, using either the showerhead or a hose.

You could also apply an undiluted cotton bud that has been dipped in alcohol to wipe off any mites that you spot on the plant, and spray it with dish soap that has been watered down.


Butterflies are completely safe for the fig tree with fiddle leaves.

They might excrete meconium, an unneeded product of their metamorphosis. It could appear like a drop of blood.

Butterflies are often seen in the fig trees with fiddle leaves outside and can even take a ride inside if you regularly shift your fiddle leaf inside and then outside. If you spot any butterflies, you are able to just relax and watch them fly around!


Pillbugs are a kind of woodlice that stretches into a ball in order to shield their delicate underbelly from injury.

They usually hide under decaying rocks, logs or moist cracks. They also live in areas with an accumulation of plants’ debris.

Pillbugs are usually found on the soil’s upper layer however they may dig deeper to build an area to call home should they need.

How To Get Rid Of Pillbugs On Fiddle Leaf Fig

There are several natural ways to control the pest to eliminate pillbugs.

The first thing you should test is diatomaceous food grade earth. The diatom shells can be powdered before being placed in the soil. This kills the pill bugs from the inside.

It’s safe for the fiddle leaf fig as well as humans So sprinkle it all over the plant’s base to stop the figs from grabbing onto.

It is also possible to use the oil of neem or snail and baits to prevent the number of pillbugs that attack the fig’s fiddle leaf.

Why do the fiddle leaf of my fig get bugs?

Here are a few most frequent reasons why your fiddle leafcould be infected:


The first thing you want to look for the first sign of a bug problem is soil that the fiddle leaf fiddle leaf is placed.

Bugs need water to live They are attracted by places that are easy to get water.

The excess watering of your fiddle leaf fig could result in the growth of diseases and bugs within your fiddle leaf fig. It is recommended to not overwater the plant to stop insects from finding a place to settle with the excess resources.

Lack Of Circulation

In the event that your soil becomes a bit dense and doesn’t allow air to circulate through and out of it you possibility of creating soil that is soggy.

Soggy soil is a great environment for fungus to flourish and result in an infestation of gnats.

Make sure you use well-drained soil that can hold enough water to the plant, but to not become too waterlogged, and thus create a habitat for insects.

High Humidity

If your fiddle leaf is located in the area of your home which is prone to excessive moisture, you could see an increase in insects.

The humid environment can also trigger mold and fungus to develop and cause roots andstem decay.

Simply by removing the plant from its humid and moist environment, you strip the insects of their water source and they’ll die or relocate onto the plant next.

It is easy to get rid of bugs like gnats and roaches by cutting down on the amount of water you give the fig’s fiddle leaf, particularly if it’s located in an extremely humid area.

It is also possible to eliminate common pests like insects and cockroaches by reducing humidity and decreasing the amount of the amount of watering.

Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Next To Another Infested Plant

The most dangerous thing that can occur is for the bugs of one plant spread to other plants. If this happens you should isolate all affected plants and take the steps to prevent infection on each one.

Methods To Prevent Bugs On A Fiddle Leaf Fig

There are a variety of ways to stop insects from establishing a nest within or on the fiddle leaf fig.

The most popular methods are pruning, using natural remedies to eliminate the weeds, and also using methods to prevent them.

Here are a few of the most common methods you can use to stop and take care of bugs that are on your fiddle leaf fig:

Use Organic Remedies To Remove Bugs From Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

You may also choose to make use of natural solutions and products for getting rid of bugs. This includes using:

  • Beneficial insects
  • Planting companion plants
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Neem oil
  • Beneficial nematodes
  • Grapefruit halves
  • Peppermint oil
  • Chrysanthemum oil
  • Tea tree oil

Applying (or release) the figs to fiddles that are infested leaf figs can get rid of any bugs that are present, and will also prevent future outbreaks.

Pruning Your Fiddle Leaf Fig To Get Rid of Bugs

The process of pruning your fiddle fiddle leaf is among the easiest ways to keep bugs from appearing in the future.

If you see weaker leaves or branches on the fig you’re playing with It is recommended to remove them.

In this way you’ll be able to stay clear of any dead or decaying areas of your plant that will eventually attract insects.

Different Household Items That Can Remove Bugs From Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

If the products mentioned above aren’t easy to find You can also make use of the following household products to repel and eliminate bugs:

  • Diluted dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • The sticky trap
  • Cinnamon
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Eggshells
  • Spray of pepper
  • Coffee grounds

There’s a good chance you’ll have some of these around your home and it’s great if you’re in a crunch and want the bugs to be gone as quickly as you can.

Tips To Prevent Bugs On Fiddle Leaf Figs

The most effective way to eliminate insects on the plants you have is to prevent getting them at all in the first place. This can be accomplished by following these steps:

  • Follow a regular watering routine that is compatible with the natural evaporation process of your plants.
  • It is less frequent to drink water in the wintertime.
  • Make sure to use healthy and new soil when repotting your plants.
  • If you spot bugs on your neighbor’s plant, remove that plant and monitor the fiddle leaf of the fig for indications that the insect is.
  • If you’re fiddle leaf was outside make sure that there were no bugs made it to the indoors.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to prevent unwanted insects from settling in your plants, and also save the gray hairs that you’d collect when trying to get rid of them.


There are a myriad of bugs, and each one has their own unique method to remove them away from your fiddle leaf the fig tree.

The majority times you will want to find bugs and eliminate them as quickly as you can by removing them from plants and cleaning the leaves. It is also possible to use insect repellents and natural solutions to get rid of bugs.

Make sure you remove dying leaves and trimming dead branches and avoid overwatering the fig with a fiddle leaf.

Use these suggestions and tips follow these tips and advice, and you’ll be able to be able to enjoy a lush and beautiful fiddle leaf the fig tree in no time!



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