Can I Put A Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

Ficus Lyrata also known as fiddle-leaf figs originate from the forests of Africa. With their massive dark green leaves they add a tropical feel to any space they are in.

If the conditions are right the right conditions, a fiddle leaf could become quite large in indoor spaces up to 10 feet in height! They can outgrow homes of many When they do, the tree must be cut back or relocated to a location to a location that has more space.

Fiddle leaf figs can be grown outside, however only in warmer climates (zones 10-12). Fiddle leaf figs in pots can be happy to grow on patios provided they receive sufficient water, and they are shielded from direct, harsh sunlight and the wind. If they are planted in the ground, fiddle leaf figs can grow as high as 50 feet.

A huge fig with a fiddle leaf provides a beautiful shade and creates a stunning feature in a garden with a bigger.

In a small space However, they could create some problems. In this article, we will discuss how to plant a fiddle leaf fig outside , as an individual tree or in a pot as an ornamental shrub, the conditions that they require and the things you need to take into consideration.

Can You Keep A Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

The figs of the fiddle leaf are rainforest plant. They thrive in humid, hot environments. So, it is possible to cultivate a fiddle leaf fig outside if you reside in an area that has a warm climate.

In areas such as the southern part of California and along the Florida coast Fiddle leaf figs can be grown in the ground throughout the year. In warmer climates it is best to plant a fiddle leaf in a container , and then keep it outdoors during the summer months.

Fiddle leaf figs can grow quite large in the outside, which is why it is crucial to think about where you will place them. They are able to quickly cover a small area of garden and make it difficult to plant other plants in their vicinity.

fiddle leaf fig close up with water droplets

When Is The Best Time To Put Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

The summer months are the ideal time to plant the fiddle leaf fig in a pot outside. In the summer months at the beginning and when temperatures are consistently at or above 50 degrees it is possible to gradually move your fiddle leaf fig indoors to outdoors.

At the end of summer when the chill of autumn is beginning to settle in, it is necessary to relocate your fiddle-leaf fig back to the warmth of your home. If it is stressed by cold, it’ll drop leaves and the tree could die.

Things To Consider When Moving Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside

Indoors, the fiddle leaf figs can be finicky plants. They’re no different outside. Fiddle leaf figs need specific conditions for their growth outdoors.

Before you take the indoor fiddle leaf to the outside either temporarily or permanently take into consideration the following aspects:


The needs for water can vary dramatically when you take outside, and their requirements in summer are different from those during winter. It is crucial to adjust your routine of watering as you move your fiddle leaf to the outdoors.

How Often Should You Water A Fiddle Leaf Fig In Winter?

Since fiddle leaf figs originate from tropical and warm regions They aren’t accustomed to the cold winters. If the temperatures fall, they go into an inactive state. Their growth slows dramatically and they need less in nutrients and water.

It is therefore crucial to keep a fig in a fiddle leaf less often during winter than during the rest of the year. If you regularly water your fiddle leaf every 10 days in the summer months, you might only have to water it once per month in winter.

The frequency at which the fiddle leaf requires water is largely to do with its changing conditions (which vary all through all of the time). It is best not to keep your fiddle leaf watered in accordance with a timetable, instead, water it when the plant requires it.

Make sure to check the soil’s moisture with an easy soil probe frequently, and only sprinkle water on the fiddle leaf of your fig after the soil is dry nearly completely.

How Often Should I Water My Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

If your home is an area that is where it is warm enough that your fiddle leaf is able to be outside all year long it is essential to ensure that it is properly hydrated. Fiddle leaf figs thirsty plants particularly when they are grown outside.

In the summer the outdoor fiddle leaf fig might require watering several times per week. In winter, the frequency you are able to water the fiddle leaf fig will depend on how much rain there is.

Examine the moisture levels of the soil around your fiddle leaf every two weeks in winter , and then give it water if the top couple of inches of soil appear dry. Fiddle leaf figs in pots typically require more watering frequently than those growing in the soil.


Outside, temperatures can fluctuate significantly more than in our home. When you take your fig from the fiddle leaf to the outside, you need to ensure that it’s warm enough in the day as well as at night.

What Temperature Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Tolerate?

Fiddle leaf figs are not able to withstand temperatures that are below 50 degrees and are not able to withstand the effects of frost. It is best to only begin transitioning the fig’s fiddle leaf outside in the event that temperatures are always at or above 60degF.

In terms of temperature the figs of fiddle leaf are extremely durable. When temperatures exceed 95 degrees they start to exhibit signs of stress. The leaves drop, then change to brown or yellow and then fall off.

Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Survive Winter Outside?

Fiddle leaf figs are their most relaxed in temperatures between 65-85degF. If they are pushed they can withstand temperatures as low as 60 degrees outside.

If the winters in your area are colder than this and you are in a colder climate, then a fiddle leaf fig is unlikely to survive the winter months.

Only mature, large fiddle leaf figs which have been planted in the soil for a considerable period of time are able to endure winter temperatures ranging from 15 and 20 degrees F.


It is important to think about the place you will put the fiddle leaf figure. After you have moved it, it’s best to let it sit for a few days. They do not want to be moved around frequently.

Where Should You Put Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside

If you are looking for a place to put the fiddle leafed fig out Look for these:

  • A place that is protected from the winds. Fiddle leaf figs thrive in humidity, but a wind could dry out the figs too excessively. The branches can also be damaged by winds that are strong.
  • Part or dappled sun, up to full sun. They require bright light for good growth.
  • Protection from the scorching midday sun. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the plant.

A patio that is sunny or an entryway is an ideal spot to store the fiddle leaf fig in a pot.


As a species of rainforest, fiddle leaf figs have been well-adapted to the shade of larger trees. They are excellent houseplants since they can tolerate low levels of light. They flourish in sun or some shade.

A fig with a fiddle leaf that is growing indoors and then outdoors to full sunlight isn’t an ideal idea. A sudden shift in the amount of light can be a shock to the plant.

When you are moving the fiddle leaf figure outside it is important to think about the amount of light your garden or patio receives throughout the daylight hours.

Do Fig Trees Need Direct Sunlight?

Fiddle leaf figs thrive in direct, bright sunlight. They are able to thrive in full sunlight if they are shielded from the intense afternoon sun. Direct sunlight that is intense can cause burns to the leaves.

Fiddle leaf figs that grow outside do not require direct sunlight, however getting some sunlight in the morning can be very beneficial to them. They require between 5 and 6 hours of indirect, bright sunlight each day.


Fiddle leaf figs are quick-growing plants. As they develop more and more leaves, the roots expand too. If they are roots bound, their growth may slow down, and they could face issues.

The practice of potting a fig with a fiddle leaf every now and then is essential to prevent the figs from becoming root bound.

How Often Should You Repot A Fiddle Leaf Fig Grown Outside?

The figs that grow outside of the fig tree develop faster than those growing inside due to the fact that they receive more sunlight. This means that they must be repotted more often.

Outdoor fiddle leaf figs must be rotated every year. They should be placed in an even bigger pot, but not more than 2 inches larger than the previous pot.


Pruning is essential for the outside fiddle leaf figure in order to maintain the exact size and shape that you would like it to be. Fiddle leaf figs that grow outdoors require pruning more frequently than indoor ones due to the fact that they expand faster.

Pruning helps keep your fiddle leaf green and beautiful and stimulates growth. Cut off dead, old leaves. If you remove the main growth tip the plant will grow new branches and bushes.

How To Prune An Outdoor Fiddle Leaf Fig?

It is recommended to trim the fig’s fiddle leaf in the spring. Make use of an abrasive, sterilized pruning shears to trim the fig’s fiddle leaf. Use gloves for gardening so that you don’t rub the latex of the fig all over your hands (it is itchy! ).

For giving the fiddle leafed fig a more tree-like appearance:

  1. Cut off its lower leaves
  2. Cut off the leaves near the stem at 45 degrees. Fiddle leaf figs could be shocked when you remove more than 5-10 leaves at once Keep this in your mind!
  3. To prevent your fiddle leaf fig from getting excessively tall, cut off the top of the growing shoot. In order to cause the new growth to sprout cut off the top of the bud.

How To Move Indoor Fiddle Leaf Figs Outdoors?

If you take the inside fiddle leaf plant directly out into the outside, it will be stricken with a fatal shock due to the sudden change in growth conditions. It is essential to make your transition to move from within your home to the outside slowly.

Begin by putting the indoor fiddle leaf plant out for a few hours every day. Place it in a shaded place for a couple of hours and then bring it inside in the glare of the midday sun.

Gradually increase the amount of time your fiddle leaf is outdoors during the day until you can bring it inside at the time of dusk. Begin with 3 or 4 hours, and then work up to 12 hours of outside time throughout the time of the week.

The second week, put the fig’s fiddle leaf outside in the direct sunlight for a few hours during the day and the evening. Set it outside in shade throughout the day. Don’t bring it inside at night.

After two weeks If your fiddle leaf fig seems to be smiling and content, you can leave it outside for the duration of. In the initial few weeks outdoors, be sure to keep an watch at your fiddle leaf, and bring it inside during stormy days.

When To Bring Fiddle Leaf Figs Inside?

Fiddle leaf figs are able to be found in the outdoors during the last part of summer, spring and into early autumn, however, after that, temperatures are likely to get slightly colder.

Don’t wait until winter is here for you to take your fiddle leaf fig indoors. Be aware of the temperatures that are at their lowest beginning in the middle of autumn.

If the temperature begins to fall below 55 degrees It’s the time to move your fiddle leaf inside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiddle Leaf Fig

Here, we address a few frequently asked questions regarding the transfer of fiddle leaf figs inside the home to the garden.

Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Take Full Sun?

Fiddle leaf figs are not able to tolerate the full sun right away after they’ve been growing in your home. It takes time for them to adjust to the more light levels. It is essential to gradually shift your fiddle leaf to full sunlight.

Fiddle leaf figs are tolerant of being in full sun however, like rainforest vegetation, they are more suited to growing in indirect, bright light.

Can I Put My Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside In Summer?

The fiddle leaf fig you have benefit from moving it outdoors in summer. They are able to be outside in the summer, spring, and even early fall, however it is essential to bring them inside before winter, if you reside in a climate that is temperate.

Do Outdoor Fiddle Leaf Figs Need Fertilizer?

To ensure that your fiddle leaf in the garden is getting all the nutrients it requires to develop, feed it in the spring and summer months. Do not fertilize the outside fiddle leaf fig in the autumn and winter.

In the event that your soil in your yard is fertile and fertile, or if you apply compost every year, you don’t haveto nourish your fiddle leaf, however it will get bigger and larger when you do.

The most effective fertilizer to fertilize fiddle leaf figs an natural liquid food source for plants. Find a product that has an NPK ratio of 3:1:2.


Fiddle leaf figs are fantastic indoor and outdoor plants for both indoor and outdoor. If you plant it in the pot the fiddle leaf fig will be a year-round resident outdoors on your patio, and only come inside during winter.

It is also possible to keep it in your home as a plant for the majority of the year, and then take it out in summer.

In the event that your indoor fiddle leaf is growing out of the house You can transplant it into your garden, in zones 10-12.

The tropical plants require moisture and warmth to thrive and thrive, which is why you can’t keep them in the shade throughout the year in warmer areas.



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