Why Is My Chinese Money Plant Dropping Leaves?

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If youve purchased an Chinese cash plants (Pilea peperomioides) Youre fortunate. Chinese money plant is rounded and glossy deep green leaves that are extremely attractive looking.

The fact is that dropping leaves is a frequent issue that well face when dealing with this plant. You might have asked yourself,

Chinese money plant is losing its leaves because of poor drainage of the soil, excessive watering or submerging. Additionally, the absence of nutrients in the soil, insufficient sunlight exposure, pests and frosting, as well as ageing leaves of the plant are probable causes of this problem.

This one, however, isnt as widely accessible like other house plants that we have come across. Though widely distributed throughout the globe, Chinese money plants are very rare to find.

This is why you must ensure that it is taken care of to ensure it will last for a long time. The house plant is delicate.

Lets get into the specifics of the reason the Chinese cash plant has started falling leaves.

What Causes Leaf Dropping of Your Chinese Money Plant?

With the many reasons to think about, you need be attentive to the behavior of the plant to determine the issue. The dropping of leaves from the Chinese money plant could be the result of one cause as well as a mix of several.

Take a look at these suggestions to determine which of them is likely to be the reason.

Poor Soil Drainage

If the soil of your plant isnt properly drained, water will build up in the base of your pot. The excess water can hinder the growth for oxygen within the soil. Imagine being in a pool of water and feeling like youre being soaked to death. This is what happens to plants.

In the end, roots die and begin to rot. If roots are damaged, the flow of vital minerals to other plant parts will cease. In time, the entire plant will begin to wilt and the shedding of leaves.

Poor drainage of soil is the result of a inadequate soil mixture. When the soil mix is hard and is not aerated it is likely that water will not flow easily. Another reason could be the absence of drainage holes within the container.

Pilea peperomioides

Overwatering or Underwatering

Chinese Money plants can be described as succulents. They are able to keep more water in their reservoirs and withstand dry conditions for a long time. It is a plant with fleshy stems and leaves that hold all the water for later use.

Because they are water-free and are not depleted, adding water isnt a smart decision. The consequences of overwatering are similar to having poor drainage of the soil.

The roots will begin to decay under the soil, and above ground the plant will begin to experience the leaves turning yellow. Then, eventually, they will fall one after the other.

The process of underwatering, on the other side, could dehydrate plants. The absence of water results in cells shrinking. Plants lose their turgid appearance. If they are not stopped the plant will eventually become stale.

Lack of Nutrients Available in Soil

A lack of nutrients can cause plants to become unhealthy. As with humans, a poor-nourished plant will exhibit an unsound structure and shape. A sign of a deficiency in nutrients is the slow or slow growth of the whole plant.

A less vibrant color is a different noticeable effect, as is curling, yellowing, and the dropping of leaves.

Lack of Exposure to Bright Light

Chinese money plants are fond of bright light, however exposure must be indirect. It must have a amount of light in order for them to be able to grow and stay healthy. If the lighting is dark, the plants will become sluggish.

Theyll grow higher than normal, with a the appearance of lanky due to weak cell walls on its leaf and stems. The whole plants foliage will appear thinner and lighter in hue. Leggy causes a premature loss of flowers and leaves in the plants.

Pest Infestation

Pest infestations within Chinese cash plants can be a very uncommon case. However, there is a possibility we should not put aside. Scale and mealybugs are the species that are often located on the underside of the leaves.

They may work in a very subtle manner. If you dont check regularly the plants around you, they could cause a lot of damage. They can suck up leaves and cause holes in the soil.

The damaged leaves eventually change color to yellow and then become limp. Leaves that hang loosely eventually fall.


Chinese money plants can thrive in the temperature range between 16 and 24 degreesC (60 up to 75 degreesF). Its more resistant to temperatures that are higher than those at lower levels however. Therefore, drastic drops in winter temperatures can cause harm.

Chinese money plants arent resistant to frost. If you leave it unprotected in winter, it could cause frost to the leaves. The leaves that are frosty die and fall in the following.

Aging Plant Leaves

The dropping of leaves could be the result of a natural process. In this instance its not a reason to be concerned since its common for trees to shed their old leaves.

This is their opportunity to allow young leaves to grow. Aging is a common phase of decline in plants.

Leaf Shine Products

Although we all would like the plants we care for to grow with bright leaves however, using products to shine leaves could cause damage more than it does good.

If you cover your leaves in leaf shine, you cover the stomata. The stomata is a vital organ is since it serves as a conduit to exchange gas.

When the stomata become blocked and the leaves become blocked, they will be unable to absorb carbon dioxide. The insufficient amount in CO 2. can result in a decrease in the activity of photosynthetic.

In the event that food production levels drop, produced, plants will become starved and end up dying. After a while the plant will begin losing its leaves.

Windy Location

A lot of air circulation could cause the leaves to fall off and leaves. In the event that your plants are located in an area that has this type of condition, it could be the reason for why its leaves are falling.

Exposed windows, and air conditioning are a few examples. These can immediately remove the petiole of the leaf.

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How Can You Stop Chinese Money Plants from Dropping their Leaves?

Once youve figured out the reasons for falling leaves, well discuss ways you can stop this from occurring in the Chinese cash plant.

Make use of well-drained soil and pots with Drainage Holes

The soil mix you choose can help your plant grow effectively. Start with a great soil mix. It is possible to add perlite, sand, or vermiculite to help it a porous structure.

These tiny spaces let water flow through easily. This also allows for good air circulation, which makes oxygen more accessible to the plants roots

After mixing the soil, see how quickly it drains after pouring the water. If it takes just a few seconds for the water to drain out of the drain holes youre excellent.

However when it takes a few minutes to allow the water to go away the water, it must be modified.

Additionally, drainage holes must be proportional to the dimensions of the pots and should not be too big and not too tiny.

Water Only When Soil is Dry

Its common to water our plants every day like we do. However when it comes to Chinese money plants, this is not the case.

A once-a-week watering schedule is sufficient during the summer months. If its cold, like winter, watering needs to be less frequent. It is recommended to water every two weeks or perhaps once per month is appropriate based on the conditions.

To determine if its the right time to water, put your finger into the soil for at minimum 2 inches and check if you feel any moisture. If so, do not water it until. Theres no need to make the plant drink when it isnt thirsty.

Make sure that the soil is completely dry before you water again. There is no need to fret about it becoming wilted since it has a great water drain. Make sure to check it regularly to find the proper time.

Make Sure to Always Drain Water

When you water, ensure that the water flows through the soil before draining out of the drainage holes. It is not a good idea for extra water to sit stagnant in the container as it can cause the root to rot. In the end, the water is then drained and returned to its original location.

Make sure to remove the plates under your pots after you have watered. If you dont, the liquid that drained out of the drain will remain there.

If you can, choose Terra cotta pots as they dry very quickly. The pots dimensions must not be too big for your plants. Its just going to add more water than your plants require.

Add Liquid Fertilizer

As with all plant species, Chinese money plants need adequate amounts of nutrients in order to develop. If you wish to see your plant live longer, it must continuously feed it with nutrients.

It is possible to add fertilizer every two months, but it is contingent on the health that the plants are in.

Make sure to use soluble fertilizers with only one-third of the original. Chinese money plants dont require any fertilizer at all. Mix it with water and sprinkle it on the earth of your plant.

Be cautious not to fertilize too much because this could be harmful and could cause sudden death.

Expose to Bright but Indirect Light

Find a spot that has sufficient lighting sources. Windowsill is an ideal spot, particularly the one facing to the east.

It is important to stay clear of contact with direct sunlight on your plants in order to avoid burns and heat stress of leaves.

If your home has a glass window its the ideal choice. Be careful not to place it too close to the glass as it will heat up. Make sure to leave enough room to allow air circulation.

In the winter months, when light is scarce, artificial light is the ideal alternative.

It is possible to open any lighting source you have in your space and let it fill in the gaps left by missing sunlight. You can also take out any shades like curtains, to make the most of any light that is available.

Manually Remove Pests

The most effective method to get rid of insects is to remove them manually from the leaves. There is no need to apply chemical pesticides, particularly for plants that are used in the house.

It is possible that you will get a whiff of the harmful chemicals in your home. If you spot the presence of one or two insects take them out immediately.

Do not wait for it to grow. If your leaves become extremely infected, take it out too. You can make use of a liquid detergent that has small concentrations to spray onto the leaves that are infected by scale bugs.

Make sure to repot buds to encourage the growth for new plant. This will protect the young plants from aphids.

Watch out for Extreme Changes in Temperature

It is difficult to predict, especially in the current climate of global warming. This is why you must be alert when you notice sudden rises or decreases in temperatures.

If this happens it is necessary to adjust your settings quickly. If it is too hot, you need to find an area that is cooler. If it is too cold, you can shade your plants, or increase the light presence.

Be prepared for winter. Make sure you secure your Chinese money plants by wrapping them in a blanket.

Choose a Steady Location

A location that is less prone to movement is the ideal. Chinese plants are extremely fragile therefore you must secure it in a place that has less disturbance.

Do not place it near an air cooling unit, heater or fan. Make use of other plants that are sturdy to shade the area when its cold and windy.

Remove Aged Leaves

If you see that old leaves are beginning to show then you can remove it from the plant. This way, you will be in a position to keep only healthy and vibrant leaves on your plant.

It creates space for young leaves to develop further. It also helps keep the plants fresh and attractive appearance.

Be cautious not to harm the leaves around it. Tools such as pruning shears or regular scissors can help.

Use Water to Clean the Leaves

If it becomes dirty, spray the leaves on top with water. You can also clean off the dust with an emollient cloth.

Is Chinese Money Plant a Good Houseplant Investment?

Definitely, yes! In general, maintaining Chinese money-making facilities should not be too difficult.

It might appear fragile from the outside, however, with proper care this is a sturdy to beat.

Furthermore the process of propagation is a simple task. A single plant can produce a lot of buds.

Therefore, you should invest more time and effort in the propagation process rather than focus on one plant.

It is possible that you will master the techniques and then transform your Chinese money plant into a lucrative business.

Who wouldnt want to be a part of this beautiful plant?



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