Do Succulents Need Sun?

The proper care and maintenance of your plants is essential to ensure they flourish and continue to grow, without wilting and dying in the process.

When succulents are concerned, they are renowned for being extremely easy to care for because they are able to withstand extreme conditions and are quite robust.

But, this shouldn’t be mistaken for not needing any attention at all! Succulents require around six hours of sunlight every day in order to flourish and grow, because they are awe-inspiring sunlight.

But that’s not all they require, because with plants comes a lot of responsibility, and the care you provide to them should be thoroughly researched.

The succulent plants are extremely fond of sunlight, and ought to be receiving about six hours of sunlight every day, with or without according to the specific kind of succulent. The reason most people think that succulents aren’t fond of sunlight is that they burn in intense sun.

The best method to provide your succulent with the amount of sunshine it requires is to place it in indirect sunlight or in a partially shaded area to let it soak up sunlight while being shielded from it.

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It is possible to notice also that your succulent seeks out the sun itself by leaning toward the sun, and then becoming wavy or bent as it goes.

If you’d like to stay clear of this, and also keep it from the direct sunlight it’s looking for One of the most effective options is rotating it frequently.

This is the process of rotating the succulent in a way that it does not lean continuously to the same direction. In this way, it can develop straight.

There’s a place to find all this essential information as well as many more. This is a website that is entirely dedicated to succulents with a wealth of information and information from experts!

Do you water your succulents?

Succulents are extremely robust, particularly in tough conditions, and are known to survive without none water. Do you really require watering them?

The answer is contingent on factors, including the kind of succulent you have and the type of environment that you live in. The climate will determine whether you should water your succulents regularly or not, and the frequency when you need to.

Usually, you’ll need to water your succulent every now and then, but not much as frequently as other kinds of plants. To ensure you are on the safe side, ensure that you only water your succulents once the soil is completely dry.

What is the longest time succulents can survive without water?

Succulents are renowned for their ability to thrive in extremely harsh conditions which includes the ability to survive with little water, which is the reason they are renowned for being incredibly easy to care for. Since even if you fail to provide them with water, the probability is that they’ll make it through and live.

How long can succulents survive without water?

While we can only survive without water for about 4 days or so succulents can go without water for months at a time Sometimes, they can even last for years! It’s possible to claim that they’re a tough tiny plant.

The reason they are able to endure for so for so long in the absence of water because in the wild, they’ve adapted to extremely extreme environments in which water is difficult to find.

They have also developed large root systems and can conserve water in their stems and leaves. Similar to cacti that are also a kind of succulent.

But, the succulents you already have in your home aren’t as robust because they’ve adjusted to a lifestyle of regular irrigation and special attention. How long could they be without water?

Let’s look at these averages

  • In outdoor or in hot climates:

The succulent needs to be watered every one to three weeks as the soil is likely to dry quickly.

  • Indoor or in cool climates:

The succulent needs to be watered every one to three months, since the soil takes much longer to turn dry.

  • The coastal areas:

In areas along the coast where the humidity is high it is possible that you don’t need to water your succulent for a long time because the humidity in the air could be sufficient to sustain it!

Also, you should consider the size of the plant. Smaller or less mature succulents requires more watering, however, a bigger and more mature succulent is able to hold more water in its leaves and consequently not require to be watered frequently.

It can also differ based on the kind of succulent you own It’s a good idea to examine it in greater detail because the estimates above are only averages.

Do succulents require fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a component of numerous plants, to ensure their soil live in is more fertile and nutritious which helps them flourish and develop more effectively. It also aids plants that otherwise be struggling to thrive.

A lot of people believe that succulents don’t require or require fertilizer, so it shouldn’t be applied to the plants. Sure, succulents could be cultivated without fertilizer. They’re tough as well as tough plants, in the end.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply any fertilizer to them in any way.

The truth is that, like every other plant succulents are able to greatly benefit from fertilizer, and this will allow them to flourish and become better and healthier. If you’d like your succulent to appear the best it can and look as beautiful, fertilizer is an option to consider.

There are a variety of fertilizers you can choose from for succulents. However it is best to avoid that is too strong, since they may harm the succulent.

Instead, choose a light fertilizer that provides a boost to the plant and it can make all the difference in appearance and the rate of growth.

The most effective fertilizer for succulents is one that is balanced (15-15-15) or, alternatively, a gentle feeding of manure tea, or dilute fish emulsion.

If you’re creating your own fertilizer, make use of only half of the fertilizer and mix it with one gallon of water. It is essential that you dilute your fertilizer in order that it doesn’t become too heavy to the plant.

You can find a wealth of information on the Garden Club of America and they provide many official details regarding the care and maintenance of varieties of plants, including succulents.

For the frequency you should apply fertilizer, it all depends on the kind of fertilizer you’re applying, as well as the directions it is derived from! However, remember that succulents do not require fertilizer as frequently as other species!

In the end

In Conclusion, succulents do indeed need sun. Particularly, they require around six hours of sunlight per day. But, they shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight as it could cause scorching to the plants. Instead, place them in an area that is well-lit in order to get sunlight indirect.

Succulents are attracted by light and require it in order to flourish and grow and thrive, therefore never place them in a dark area.




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