Why Are My Dracaena Marginata Leaves Turning Yellow?

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If you own a Dracaena marginata and youve observed that it is one of the most simple houseplants to care for.

In addition to bringing aesthetics and clean air of tropical in your home This plant is able to thrive in all conditions. You may observe the leaves turning yellow and be wondering what is the reason your dracaena marginatas leaves have turned yellow.

Your dracaenas leaves marginata plant are becoming yellow due to poor cultivation and care. The root rot, sun exposure as well as watering issues and humidity levels can cause the yellowing of the leaves. The soils nutrients, pests and aging of leaves and transplants that have recently been made could cause the yellowing.

The Dracaena marginata is part of the Dracaena plant family and is known asthe Madagascar dragon tree due to the fact that it is native to Madagascar. In addition, the word dracaena in the language of ancient Greek refers to the female form of dragon.

The dragonaena plant is a good candidate for this description due to its red-tipped stems and the blood color of the female dragon.

This article Ill discuss the reasons how your plants leaves from dracaena marginata plant are becoming yellow. I will also address whether the leaves that are turning yellow should be a cause of worry.

Additionally, I will address some of the questions that people often ask about dracaena marginata leaves changing color.

What’s the reason your Dracaena marginata Leaves are turning yellow

It is possible youre seeing that your dracaena plant are changing color. If the majority of the leaves change color, its an indication that something is not right and is a cause of worry.

Dracaena Marginata stalk

Here are a few reasons the leaves of your dracaena marginata are becoming yellow.

Root Rot

The name suggests that as soon as the root of your dracaena marginata begin to rot or start to turn brown the leaves begin becoming yellow. One of the main causes of root rot is a poorly-drained soil. The soil is able to hold excessive water, leading the root to rot.

If root rot is not treated the yellowing of leaves will continue and the plant may eventually end up dying.

It is possible to prevent root rot by making sure that the pot in which you planted your dracaena marginata is equipped with drainage holes in the bottom. These holes aid in draining any excess water out of the plant, thereby preventing root rot.


If youve placed your dracaena marginata plant in direct sunlight, the suns radiations can burn the leaves, causing them to change color to yellow. The dracaena marginata grows best when it is in bright and indirect light. So, put it in a place in a spot that doesnt have direct sunlight, or block the light by putting up sheer curtains.

However If you put your Dracaena marginata in an area that is not very sunlight the leaves may change color because the plant isnt getting sufficient natural light.

Therefore, it is best to regulate the amount of sunlight your plant gets to keep the leaves from becoming yellow.

Watering Schedule

If you regularly water your dracaena marginata the leaves could begin to turn yellow. For example, if you regularly water your plant or on a regular basis it could result in the water being contaminated, which causes the leaves to turn yellow.

If a lot of people are watering the plant, without a timetable for watering it is possible for the same to occur.

It is therefore recommended to not water your dracaena marginata every day. It is recommended to give the plant a thorough watering every week during the summer months since those are the times when it is the most productive. Therefore, you should make a schedule of watering for the week and adhere to it.


If you provide your dracaena marginata a lot of water, the leaves will start to change color to yellow. The reason for this is because excess water makes the soil in a state of discoloration and leaves the root system without oxygen.

If the oxygen supply in the roots is not sufficient The plant is unable to breathe effectively, resulting in the leaves turning yellow.

It is recommended to water your dracaena well and frequently and allow any excess moisture to evaporate to avoid stress to the plant and eventually coloration of the leaves.

The plant doesnt develop significantly during the coldest winter months and doesnt require regular irrigation. It can be watered monthly instead of weekly during these times.


If you dont provide your dracaena with enough marginata water, your leaves may be also turned yellow.

If your dracaena marginata begins to turn yellow because of underwatering the leaves may end up falling off as the plant tries desperately to keep water. To prevent underwatering, maintain a regular watering schedule.

Humidity Level

The dracaena marginata can be described as an endemic plant that thrives in humid conditions. If the air surrounding your dracaena marginata becomes too dry, the leaves begin becoming yellow. If the color continues to fade, then the loss of leaves could follow. It is crucial to make sure that your plant receives adequate humidity, particularly in the winter months.

You can increase the humidity of your plant with a humidifier or misting it frequently in cold weather. Additionally, you must put the plant on the top of a tray that is filled with pebbles.

As the water that is not being used drains through the holes in the base of the container, it is deposited on the tray, which means that the humidity of your plant increases because the water evaporates from the stone.

Sudden Temperature Changes

Variations in temperature can cause the leaves turning yellow and end of the plant.

As with many other species, your dracaena marginalata is not a fan of abrupt temperature fluctuations. Because your dracaena marginata happens to be an agro-tropical plant It prefers warmer temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 21 degrees Celsius).

So, make sure you put your plant away from windows or heaters which can bring cold air. Additionally, place the plant inside the house when temperatures outside are less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).

Bacterial Leaf Spot Pests

Your dracaenas leaves marginata may turn yellow due to the leaf spot pests caused by bacteria. These are microscopic creatures which attach themselves to the plants leavesand cause disease spots, discoloration, and spots.

If you dont act promptly, the pests could cause irreparable damage to your plants leaves and eventually kill the plant.

It is recommended to check your dracaena marginata regularly to look for any leaf spots that are bacterial before they cause damage to the leaves.

If you notice bacteria-related leaf spots on your leaves, take them off and eliminate those affected by the bacterial leaf spots. This will stop the diseases and pests from spreading to adjacent leaves.

After you have removed those affected plants, you can apply a natural treatment like a solution of Neem oil to eliminate all pests from the plant. Make sure to do this when you spot the yellow spots appearing on the leaves to stop them from further destruction.

Water Quality

The water quality that you use to the dracaenas marginata can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Dracaenas can be sensitive to certain chemicals found in water, including chlorine and fluoride.

These chemicals are typically found in tap water. It is therefore recommended to make use of rainwater or distilled water for watering your plants.

If you choose to use tap water, place the water in an container, and let it outside for a few days before placing it on your Drachaena marginata. The chemicals are dispersed, so the water will be safe to pour on your plant.

Soil Nutrients/Fertilizer

As with all house plants Drachaena marginata is thriving in soils that are rich in nutrients. If the soil is deficient in nutrients the leaves of your plant could change color to yellow.

The most effective way to make sure that your soil is stocked with the nutrients that your plant needs is to fertilize it. A liquid fertilizer for houseplants that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, as well as potassium is the best choice to feed your plants.

In addition, excessive fertilizer can make those leaves on your Drachaena marginata change color to yellow.

It is important not to over-fertilize your plant as this can cause fertilizer salts to accumulate in the soil of the potting area, leading to the leaves turning yellow. It is recommended to feed your Dracaena marginata at least once per month during the growing seasons.

Do not feed your plants during the winter months when it is dormant. If youve been feeding too much to your plant, it is possible to clean the soil using water in order to eliminate excess fertilizer.

Put the pot into the tub, turn on the faucet then let it flow the fertilizer out through the holes in on the sides of the container.

Aging Leaves

Sometimes the yellowing of leaves of your dracaena marginata is normal; the older leaves on the lower part of the plant turn yellow and then fall off. When the leaves turn yellow and fall off, the plant receives the energy needed to grow new leaves.

New leaves are expected to slowly increase, and your dracaena marginata is sure to appear stunning once more.

If the leaves that are yellow are at the lowest point of the plant and are older than a year Do not be worried. The old leaves will drop off and new ones will grow eventually.

Recent Transplant

If you just transplanted your Dracaena marginalata this could be the cause of the leaves on the plant have turned yellow. If you place your dracaena marginata in the right way into a larger pot, it will flourish.

It is susceptible to repotting stress when you transplant it improperly It can cause the appearance of yellowing leaves, stunted growth, and the plants wilting.

While you may be able to save your dracaena marginatas life when its suffering from stress repotting, it will take time.

The most effective method is to take off the leaves that are yellow to make room for new ones. Additionally, you should pamper the plant by watering it in accordance with the schedule of watering Make sure the sunlight as well as humidity are just perfect, and then nourish it.

Are Yellowing Leaves Always a Cause for Concern?

The leaves that are yellow on your dracaena marginata plant are not necessarily a cause of worry. As your dracaena marginata gets larger and taller, the older leaves in the lower portion of the plant begin to turn to yellow as they the passage of time. The leaves that are yellow begin to fall off naturally and new leaves appear to replace them.

Therefore, a couple of leaflets that are yellow on the dracaena marginata plant should not cause worry. If however, many leaves become yellow, particularly in the upper portion of the plant, you need to be concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a dracaena marginata or plan to plant one. If so you may have a lot of questions regarding the plant.

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding dracaena marginata, and the answers.

Should I Remove Yellow Leaves From Dracaena Marginata?

If you see yellow leaves on your dracaena marginata you can take them off. If you dont take away the yellow leaves, theyll eventually die and disappear naturally. When you take them off, them, you allow the plant the opportunity to grow new leaves rapidly.

Additionally the leaves yellowing could be the result of insects. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the leaves that are yellow to stop pests from spreading to the healthy leaves and destroying the entire plant.

Could the Yellow Dracaena marginata Leaves Change Color Once More?

The leaves that are yellow on your dracaena marginata will not change color since they lack chlorophyll. Because chlorophyll is the source of green color to leaves, it is impossible to save them if they are depleted of chlorophyll. The leaves that are yellow eventually end up dying and falling off, while new green leaves sprout in their place.

But, suppose that the leaves turn yellow as a result of deficiencies in nutrient levels. If that is the scenario, theres the possibility of some leaves turning green after treatment.

Should I Worry if the Yellow Leaves Fall Off From My Dracaena Marginata?

It is not a problem when the leaves turn yellow off your Drachaena marginata. The leaves that are yellow are dead, and theyll disappear eventually.

Enjoy them that they are gone because they can make your plant unattractive and stop new green leaves from forming.


It is the dracaena marginata is slow-growing, drought-resistant and durable houseplant that will love growing. The marginata dracaena is expected to be green throughout the year. One or two leaves could change color from time to time because of aging.

If a lot of leaves change color, it could be a root cause that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you care for your dracaena marginata, and cultivate in the right conditions the leaves color remains unaltered and the plant thrives. The dracaena marginata can bring color and beauty to your garden for many long time to come.



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