How to Propagate Dracaena Marginata

To encourage Dracaena Marginata propagation, you could make use of water, air or cutting technique to stimulate the cuttings of the parent plant to develop new roots. Cutting is a good way to eliminate all canes of the parent plant and replace the canes with new ones.

Dracaena Marginata can be an uncommon and exotic houseplant that is difficult to locate in the stores. If you do have one Dracaena it is possible to grow it and create more plants from the parent plant. The process of propagating Dracaenas is also easy, and anyone can do it.

How To Propagate A Dracaena Marginata

Let’s go through the process of propagation together. I’ll give you the ideal moment to start propagating the Dracaena and assist you in finding the right materials, and walk you through three different methods to grow new Dragon trees by cuttings.

Different Methods To Propagate Dracaena Marginata

There are three distinct ways to grow the Dracaena Marginata. It is possible to encourage your cuttings to grow in water, air, or even soil. They are generally effective if you follow them properly.

Dracaena Marginata stem

Dracaena Marginata Water Propagation

The rooting of the Dracaena cutting into water can be among the most effective ways to achieve quick results.

But, as you will not be initially using soil the plant you are introducing might be weaker than if using other methods.

However, the majority of roots will increase their strength after they’ve been potting however, you’ll need to wait a while by using this method to notice new growth of leaves on the cutting.

To reproduce the Dracaena Marginata cutting by soaking it in the water:

  1. Make a cut. Utilizing sharp sterilized shears or a knife to cut one of the canes from the tree as closely as you can.
  2. Trim your cutting. If your canes are small and bushy, trim certain leaves that are the furthest from the top, to create space for roots. If the cut is larger than desired then cut some branches until you’re satisfied with the height.
  3. Choose the right container. If you are propagating in water, making sure you use a clear, clean container with a small mouth is the best option to ensure that you keep the cutting straight. I prefer a repurposed container, however you could make use of a water bottle, vase, drinking glass, beaker, or any other you have lying around.
  4. Set up the propagation area. Place the cutting in the container, then add water until approximately 1 – 2 inches (2.5 to 5 centimeters) of the cane of your cutting is submerged. If any of the leaves are in contact with water, cut the leaves off immediately.
  5. The cutting and the parents in a sunny and warm area. To aid your parent as well as your cutting to recover place them in a warm area with ample indirect lighting. If your windows are too cold, you can set up an outdoor grow light and the space heater to your Dracaenas at the most warm spot of your home.
  6. Be patient. Replace the water each week as the cutting grows, to ensure enough oxygen within the water. Soon, you’ll notice new roots appearing on your cuttings, but make certain that you wait for them to grow at least one inch (2.5 cm) long before you plant them into soil. It should take around six weeks.
  7. Pot the new Dracaenas. Make sure you place them in a draining pot or container that has loose soil. Do not pack the dirt down to allow the roots to expand.

Dracaena Marginata Cutting Propagation

Cut off the top of the Dracaena plant, and then placing it in the ground is by far the most efficient method to grow it. This method involves cutting off all or one of the canes that are sprouting at the base of your plant. Then plant each cutting into the new pot.

It may seem odd to take all the canes of your parent plant and leave no leaves on it. However, within a couple of weeks, the parent plant will begin sprouting new leaves and canes. In most cases, it will grow more than it did before cutting it.

To reproduce the Dracaena Marginata cuttings in the soil:

  1. Remove one cane of the parent plant as close to the cane that resembles a trunk as is possible.
  2. Cut off the majority of the leaves that you are cutting, leaving the ones which shoot upwards.
  3. Dry the cut pieces and allow them to dry out for at least one hour prior to potting them.
  4. Make a pot to hold the cutting, then fill it with some loose, well-drained succulent soil or potting soil, with a bit of perlite added.
  5. Place the tips of your cut-offs into the soil, then top off the pot, making sure that the leaves don’t touch the dirt.
  6. Make sure to water your plants thoroughly before placing them in a bright, warm place.

Dracaena Marginata Air Propagation

Air layering is a method to establish the root of your cutting before cutting it off from the parent plant. Air layering requires some technical knowledge, but the plants that are created using this method usually have the highest rate of success and the longest lasting roots.

If you’re not familiar with air layering, I’ll provide a brief overview.

For this method to use this method, remove the bark of a portion of your plant, then cover the exposed area with the rooting hormone, and then place a bag of moist peat moss to your stem, covering the open part.

The plant will form new roots in the moss bag, which allows you to trim away the new, fully-rooted plant. It’s quite amazing!

Here’s how you can air-layer your Marginata Dracaena:

  1. Select the area you wish to cut. To air layer it is necessary to select any of the canes from the Dracaena for cutting. The cane must be at minimum 3 inches (7 cm) long and healthy.
  2. Cut the plant. Locate an 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) section of the cane that you wish to cut at minimum one inch for the plant that is parent and one inch on the plant that is growing on. Utilize a sterilized knife cut off the bark of this section, taking off the brown bark as well as the green underlayer that surrounds the cane.
  3. Remove the cambium. There’s a layer of slippery cambium beneath the bark of a dracaena that prevents the cane from developing roots. Scrape off this layer to reveal the wood that is less slippery beneath, which typically involves scraping off 1/3 of the area that is exposed where you took off the bark.
  4. Include the rooting hormone. Sprinkle some of the rooting hormone over the cut you made Be sure to cover all the way over the area of your cane.
  5. Make sure to moisten your moss before wrapping it around. Rehydrate the peat moss until it’s moist but not drippy. After that, place some handfuls of it on the plastic wrap and cover it with it on the dracaena cane.
  6. Make sure the wrap is secured. To keep the wrap in place you can use tape to secure it together, then add an additional layer of wrap over it, or use string to wrap the ends of the dracaena’s cane.
  7. Cut off the new plant. After approximately six weeks, the roots should be growing. When they have, take off from the wrapping and slice the plant out of the parent just below the new roots.
  8. Plant your new plants. Make sure the soil is dry and loose for the first 2 weeks. Then, you can begin watering it the same way you would water the parent plant.

What You Need for Propagating a Dracaena Marginata

Here’s the information you require to propagate a Dracaena Marginata:

  • A parent plant that has at least two canes (branches)
  • Sharp, clean and sterilized shears or an axe
  • Potting soil
  • One or smaller pots
  • A transparent glass bottle (for the purpose of water propagation)
  • Rooting hormone, peat moss as well as the plastic wrapping (for the purpose of air-layering)

Utilizing a clean, sterilized cutting tool is essential whenever you cut plants, as you’re creating a wound on the plant by cutting into it.

If your knife or shears are filthy, you could risk transmitting a fungal or bacterial infection to your parents and child Dracaena and eventually cause the death of both plants.

Make sure you clean your the snippers using vinegar and soap, water or alcohol, and wash them thoroughly before making your first cut.

Additionally, for the air layering process, you’ll require certain tools. There aren’t many people with the rooting hormone in their arsenal however I strongly suggest purchasing it now if you wish to continue propagating your plants in your home.

I’ve been using this Bonide BND25 Rooting powder for all my soil and air propagation needs, and it’s an absolute game changer. It accelerates the formation of roots in plants, trees as well as flowers and cuttings, making the growth process more efficient and less time-consuming.

Why You Would Need To Propagate a Dracaena Marginata

There are a myriad of reasons to grow your plants. In certain instances, it’s the only option to save the dying Dracaena. In other cases instances, it’s an opportunity to increase the number of Dracaenas to your garden or create new plans to gift to your family and friends.

It is possible to reproduce the Dracaena Marginata when it is beginning to die or is too big. You may also want to increase the number of plants you have , or give it away to a friend as a gift.

Propagating your plant when it is suffering or dying is the most effective option in the event that you wish to save your plant.

In most cases, when the plant is affected by an infection caused by a fungal or bacterial pathogen or is infested with insects, propagation will help to separate the portions of the plant that are otherwise healthy from the affected or infested areas.

Dracaena Marginata plants may also grow to be quite large If you allow them to live for a long period of time and, over time they will attain heights of up to 6 feet (1.9 meters) in the event that you do not cut them back.

When you trim your Dracaena it is necessary to cut off a few slivers, and these fragments are the ideal young plants that can be propagated through air, water or in soil.

You can rapidly expand your collection of plants from these cuttings. In general, you can expect to harvest at least three new plants from one parent Dracaena.

Sometimes, it’s far too many for one person. That makes these flowers are ideal gifts to share with your family and friends.

When To Propagate Dracaena Marginata

If you want to propagate a plant, it must have enough maturity to stand up to cutting into. Also taking cuttings until spring or during summer is ideal for plants such as Dracaena which go into dormancy in the winter months.

It is possible to propagate any Dracaena Marginata that has multiple canes at one side of the plant. Cuttings taken from your Dracaena during the summer months keeps it healthy and improves the plant’s chance of developing new roots in a short time.

The first thing to note is that an undeveloped plant isn’t an ideal candidate for propagation. In the event that your Dracaena is still young and doesn’t have a strong root system yet it might not be able to recover from the propagation. To get the most effective results you should wait till your Dracaena Marginata is at least three canes.

Second, Dracaena Marginata are slow-growing plants. During the winter months, they slow down their growth further. The idea of propagating your plants during hibernation during winter months is an option however it may require longer time for the dracaena’s to grow back.

While time is the main reason for not propagating in the winter months, infections are another reason. Also, taking cuttings from the parent plant to reproduce it causes “wounds” on the plant that need to be healed before the dracaena is able to grow new growth.

In winter, it will take longer to heal your plant from the wounds, which leaves an open wound more susceptible to fungal and bacteria-related infections.

This is why most people prefer to wait until summer or spring to start propagating their plants which is when they’ll develop quicker and have a greater likelihood of survival.

Final Thoughts On How To Propagate a Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena Marginata plants are easy to propagate, and there are a variety of ways to increase the number of plants you have using only one parent plant.

However, you’ll require an adult with enough canes to trim off the ends, and you must wait until the weather is warm enough to allow the growth. Once you’ve got your supplies and you’re ready to plant your dragonfly in water air, soil to grow more beautiful Dracaenas that you can keep or to share.





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