What Is Farina in Succulents?

This article will go over the meaning of farina. This white dust which surrounds your succulents can give the succulents an odd blue or gray cast. It could give you the impression that they appear dirty.

Do not remove any white dust from succulents, if you desire them to appear clean and attractive. The biggest mistake you can make is to wash it. Do you want to know the reason?

Farina, a powder of white color or substance that is found on the surfaces of succulent stems, leaves and flowers.

Farina, What Is It And What Does It Do?

Farina often known as epicuticular wax, is a natural protection for succulents.

Epicuticular wax is a common feature in echeverias, however it is also found in pachyphytum, kalanchoes the graptopetalum and sedums in addition to other plants.

Be cautious when handling succulents with white protective powder or farina covering their leaves or stems, because this powder is easily removed by gently pressing the stem or leaf using our fingers.

Epicuticular wax, often referred to as farina, is not just found in succulent plants , but it is also found in certain fruits, such as blueberries, plums, and grapes, as as on the leaf of certain trees, like the eucalyptus.

Why Shouldn’t You Remove Farina From Succulents?

Attention! Farina does not regenerate. Keep in mind that once Farina is gone and replaced, it is not able to be replaced, which means that the removal of it makes our succulent at risk of harm since it is no longer protected by its natural defense.

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What’s The Purpose of Succulents’ Epicuticular Wax?

Epicuticular wax shields succulents from sun damage. It acts as a reflection of ultraviolet radiation, which helps to keep succulents from being sunburned.

To be precise We say that it is beneficial since there are a variety of other variables that could determine the likelihood that your succulents get sunburned after being exposed to sun. The needs and care of every succulent you own should be taken into consideration.

The benefits of succulents are because it directs the water that accumulates in leaves to the middle of the plant, from where it can be utilized to water the roots.

An area that is extremely dry and arid requires to get the most out of each drop of water that is thrown down. It also acts as a cleansing mechanism for the leaves of the plant.

Bugs (insects) have a difficult time moving about the leaves and laying eggs due to their epicuticular wax.

Additionally, it has the benefit of decreasing transpiration. Drought and high temperatures accelerate rates of transpiration, which is basically water evaporation.

The more farina you can find on your leaves, the more water retention, and consequently the higher the demands on your irrigation system.



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