How to Grow A String of Pearls Plant With One Pearl

The most fascinating aspects of succulents is they can be propagated by a single leaf! A single pearl could grow into an entire string of pearls out of just a single piece!

If you think that this isn’t possible consider reconsidering your assumptions. It’s much easier to cultivate an energizing plant from just a single Pearl than from a number of smaller cuttings, however perseverance is rewarded.

A Propagating String of Pearls Encircling a Single Pearl

Things You Need

  • Cutlery or scissors that are clean.
  • One pearl, one of the leaves from the String of Pearls plant.
  • Growing Medium: Cactus mix is the best choice, especially with a similar amount of perlite to aid in drainage.
  • A shallow container that has a clear lid – I love to reuse berry punnets and clear containers for growing. They’re like miniature greenhouses!
  • Spray bottle with clean water
  • Rooting hormone (optional)
  • Small pot
  • Large spoon

Step One

Pick a leaf of the plant that you are grafting and cut it cleanly, removing as much stem as you can.

Step Two

The overnight drying of the stem’s tips can result in the development of the formation of a callus. Then, at the stem’s base there is a layer of dry cells will prevent the leaf from becoming rotten.

Step Three

The container should be filled with a growing medium that is about 1 inch in depth. It should have a moist soil, but not soggy or overly saturated.

Step Four

Let the tip of the stem rest lightly on the ground when you place the callused leaf. Do not bury the stem because this could lead to it becoming rotten.

If you’d like to use an herbicide then put the leaf’s step in the hormone prior to placing it into the planter.

Step Five

It is recommended to place your container in indirect lighting that is bright and has ample warmth. It is best to keep your container clear from direct light.

Step Six

We’ll need to wait a bit longer for now! Examine the humidity and moisture levels daily in the Medium and be careful not to disturb the leaf.

Growing Medium should be adequately hydrated. In order to keep the surface of the growing Medium damp but not soggy spray it with the spray bottle when required.

Since you don’t want the water to get too deep within the medium, take caution when cutting to prevent the water from rising to the top.

New roots typically require between three and six weeks to grow on the Pearl. There are however, more resources to help develop those roots on larger Pearls So, you could discover that it can take up to two months for your smaller Pearls to begin growing.

Keep an eye out for sprouting new growth on the Pearl stem’s top. If you’re lucky, you’ll find tiny roots sprouting from the cut point as it sinks into soil.

It is recommended to gently push the Pearl without feeling any movement. This indicates that the roots are growing and it’s time to place your baby in the first pot that is grown up.

Step Seven

It is crucial to choose the correct pot. Pots that are less than one inch wide and as small as they can be are the best for one leaf. There is a risk of excessively watering your tender plant when you give the plant too much room.

The new String of Pearls will look amazing in a terracotta container. Porous terracotta is able to draw water out of the soil places that your plants aren’t able to reach. This makes it an effective defense against root decay caused by excessive watering.

The bottom two-thirds of the pot with the potting soil.

Remove the roots and the rest of your Pearl using the help of a spoon. Place a teaspoonful of the mix in the pot, and add more as needed.

After your Pearl is settled, take it for a drink and place it in a bright area of the environment that is growing so that it can be able to enjoy the experience.

After the soil’s top layer is dry, you can make sure to water it, using rainwater or tap water that has been filtered.

Rooting Single String of Pearl In Water

It is also possible to use water to create a single string of pearls that grow roots. Be careful not to drown the entire pearl as this will cause it to rot.

To drown the point of the pearl I put it in the cap of a bottle that was filled with water. Fortunately I was able to root the pearl’s leaf.

string of pearls plant by window

Optimum Conditions for Propagating From A Single Pearls


A bright, indirect light source is vital to String of Pearls plants’ healthy development. However, sunlight that is direct can be far too intense for the plant’s parent to appreciate when it is time to propagate.

It is recommended to use an filtered light source. Don’t place your miniature greenhouse under direct sun. The tiny Pearl may die of overheating when the temperature in it rises.

Sometimes, I’ll employ a white napkin to protect my plants against direct sun by holding it lightly on surface of my pot.

You could also make use of a thin piece paper or a small strip of cloth. The roots don’t require much light to start!


To care for String of Pearls plants, the use of a Cacti Blend that drains freely is vital. The excess watering of succulents can cause them to turn brown This is particularly applicable to your baby Pearl.

It is recommended to use commercially-produced cactus mixes particularly when you add more perlite to it. (Check for costs at Amazon right here) The mix will hold enough water to allow for root growth without the danger of watering too much and rotting.


A brand new String of Pearl propagation requires constant, gentle moisture. When you use too much water, the leaves will begin to rot. If the water supply is not sufficient the roots won’t develop.

This is why I suggest creating a greenhouse for the single Pearl in a container that is sealed. This method makes managing the water levels of a small new plant much easier.

A container that is sealed will prevent the medium that is growing from drying out by capturing the water that evaporates as humidity. Additionally, there’s ample time for you to unzip the container to let fresh air enter once a day.

The most effective method to water the tiny Pearl is to mist it with water. There is no chance of drowning the roots which are beginning to develop.

The water is kept at its surface, which is where it’s needed most. However, watering too deeply in the medium can encourage the development of fungi as well as other pathogens that could harm the new plant.


Strings made up of Pearls prefers to stay warm. They prefer to grow in temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-26degC) The more stable you maintain your new Pearls the quicker they’ll root.

A container that is closed will hold the heat better than one that is open and will also hold the necessary water to grow. This makes it the ideal device to harness the potential of propagation in your home.

Additionally, they want to be warm while they grow, as do the rest of us babies. This is yet another advantage to DIY greenhouses.



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