How Deep Do the Roots on a Mint Plant Go?

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If youre thinking of cultivating mint, then like us probably need to ensure that you have everything in place. The most important thing to consider when cultivating any plant is to make certain that your root structure has sufficient space to grow.

Common mint species such as spearmint and peppermint have root systems that range from 2 to 24 inches (5-61 centimeters) in depth. There are more than 23 varieties of mint, and each one of their roots grow to various depths. An inch (30 centimeters) deep container is sufficient for mint to thrive.

Learn more about this and Ill explain how you can ensure that your mint is in the best position of not only surviving and thriving, but flourishing thanks to an enviable root system.

Planting Depth

When you plant any plant, its crucial to ensure that you plant it in the correct level.

If you plant too close to the surface, it could be sunk and then move into a position that is less favourable to develop.

Theres nothing as disappointing than watching your plants floating off! Another issue is putting mint plants in a way that is in a way that they are too in the ground.

If this happens it is possible that the plant will not be capable of reaching the surface before running out of energy stored in the seed and eventually dies underground.

Every species of mint has its own ideal planting depths, however the majority of mint plants should be planted around a quarter inch (0.6cm) below the soil. This will help to put plants in a spot that isnt overly excessively high, or low.

Mint Planting Measurements

Distance Between Plants

It is recommended to have at least twelve inches (30cm) of space between the plants in flower gardens.

The range extends up to an 18-24 inch (45-61 centimeters) in the distance between plants that are put in containers.

This will allow you to keep your plants in a separate area and allow them the space to develop properly!

Mint Root System

As weve seen, mint can reach levels of as much as 24 inches (61 centimeters). This implies mint has an insignificant root system when compared to other plants.

Its important to know that this does not mean that you should sit back and believe that mint is an easy plant to cultivate In fact, there is an additional aspect in the root structure that you need to take into consideration.

Mint plants root systems often expands easily and can even be considered to be invasive. While mint roots arent very deep, they do have the tendency to spread rapidly.

The roots of a mint plant (rhizomes) may extend away from the plant which brought it to existence.

Mint Root Depth Factors

This is why it is crucial to make sure that you control the growth of your mint.

In the FAQ, Ive listed below the best method to ensure that mint plants dont dominate your garden to the detriment of other plants.

There are many factors that can affect the development of your mint plant root.

If you suspect that your plants arent developing properly or that the root system isnt deep enough to allow the plants to develop properly, there are many things to consider to ensure that your plants are growing successfully.

Ill review each aspect below, and assist you to determine where you can improve.

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Mint Variety

At present, there are 23 recognized mint species and they grows to different lengths.

Spearmint grows between 12 to 39 inches (30-100 cm) tall, while wild Japanese peppermint can grow from 4 to 24 inches (10-60 cm) tall.

Mint plants with higher heights also are more likely to have deeper root systems that to provide support to the plant.

If you feel the plant you have isnt sufficiently tall, you need to ensure that youre planting the correct type of mint to meet your requirements.

While it might seem that certain mints arent like the other mints, there are many distinct species that can all develop to differing lengths.

Container Depth

It is suggested that you cultivate the mint inside a container that is at minimum twelve inches (30 cm) deep.

If you decide to plant the mint inside a pot that is smaller than 12 inches in depth, it could slow the growth of your mint.

If there are holes in the bottom of the container , the roots could try to emerge from the container, but their growth will remain stopped.

Soil Quality

The soil shouldnt be too basic or acidic (in terms of science, the soil should have a pH approximately 7).

The soil should be rich in organic matter and nutrients to nourish the mint and let it expand.

The micro-organisms in the soil will allow the mint to develop to its maximum potential.

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Container Width

If you wish to make the most from your plants,, you must plant the plants in a container that has at minimum 8 inches (20 centimeters) wide in order to maximize the benefits from your plants.

It is evident in the two previous sections that making sure your mint plant has enough room to expand is an important element of growing mint!

Soil Structure

Mint is most likely to flourish when it is planted in a well-groomed, moderately wet soil. The soil should have around a third of the its humus content.

It is also recommended to include one-third of the landscape for better drainage. Other elements like perlite and vermiculite could improve the soils drainage capacity.

This is a crucial aspect of selecting the correct soil because without it, water will start to accumulate within the soil around the plant.

A lack of water is usually connected with plants dying, however excessive water can cause the same problems. The plant that is waterlogged will not develop as well as one that is in a healthy soil.


Mint requires complete or partial sun for the majority of the time to develop. If you keep your mint in a pot kept away from sunlight, it might not develop like it does in more favorable conditions.

If the plant is installed in your home, you must ensure it is in a location that has ample sunlight.

Be sure to ensure that blinds arent in the way of allowing sunlight for the plants.


Does mint need deep soil?

Mint generally does not require need a lot of soil to thrive. Mint is best grown in containers that are at least 12 inches deep to provide enough space to the plants.

Are mint roots shallow?

Mint is a very low-rooted plant in comparison to other. This can be a good thing because it lets you make use of smaller pots for growing it and keep the larger ones for other plants.

Mint can grow to 24 inches, however a the depth of 12 inches is sufficient for mint to thrive in containers.

How much mint spread can you get?

Mint is an herb that is able to spread quickly and in large areas when it is given the appropriate conditions. Mint can spread to any distance provided the conditions are favorable for its growth . This is this reason, some think that the plant is to be invasive.

If youre growing mint, you must ensure that it doesnt interfere with your other plants.

How can I stop the spread of mint?

One method to stop the spread of mint is by planting it into pots. Another option is to put mint in a pot , and then put it in the flowerbed , with mint in it.

This way, mint roots are unable to extend beyond the pot, and its roots are kept within the pot.

What size of space is required for a mint plant?

If you plant in a pot, it must be at least 8 inches deep and inches wide to provide adequate room for mints to develop in a proper way.

How can I get my mint plant to grow?

Many people prefer the mint plant to grow large and bushy to alter their appearance or to create more mint leaves in a smaller space.

This can be beneficial to anyone who is working to make an intimate, comfortable space to have the greatest impact.

To grow the mint plant, the upper two to four leaves of the plant must be cut off with care. This will make the mint plant grow.

Can I put mint in the vicinity of other plants?

Mint is a resource competitor with all other plant it comes in contact with. Mint is also quite robust, and that is why it isnt recommended to put mint in the same area as other plants that you wish to keep. Another alternative to flowerbeds are containers.

What is the most efficient way to grow Mint?

In general, its an excellent idea to utilize the cuttings of the same mint to make an entirely new plant. The reason is that the cuttings will are more reliable than seeds in the majority of environments.

Another reason for this is the fact that a wide variety of varieties of mint could indicate that the wrong kind of mint could be planted, leaving you awestruck by the results!



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