How Far Should LED Grow Lights Be From Plants?

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Grow lights are extremely beneficial for cultivating plants in your home. However, youll have to keep track of the amount of light your plants are getting and also the space between the plant and the grow lights as the plant expands.

How Wattage of LEDs Determines Distance From a Plant

Lights with lower wattage (200-399) are recommended to be between 12 and 20 inches away from the plant. As the wattage rises (400-599) its distance will increase to 20-27 inches, and the same for other lights, based on how powerful the power is.

Are My Lights Too Distant From My Plant? 

When your lights for growing are placed too close to your plant, it may begin to exhibit indications and signs that suggest that this is the case.

Anything less than 12 inches is not close enough to the plant. Its important to watch your plant carefully to ensure its receiving enough light every day.

If you notice that your plants are dying, your leaves appear dull or dry or appear like theyve been burned, and youre unable to move the grow lights farther away.

Light next to pot plants

Edges and tips that are brown on leaves could suggest that the source of light is located too near to your plant and creating damage. It is necessary to alter the lighting according to any signs your plant displays.

If the grow lights are too close to the plants, your leaves could appear scalding or bleached and may have a light yellow tint.

However, it is crucial to understand that the proper lighting of the LED changes with every stage of growth, and youll need to be able to alter the brightness as the plant develops.

The general rule is that seedlings require the lowest intensity and distance from the light source. When they are in the vegetative stage, you should move the LEDs closer to the plants.

In the final stage, you require the most intense light. This is merely an approximate guideline, and youll have to follow the guidelines given by the grow lights manufacturer for the most effective outcomes.

It is also important to ensure that youre paying attention to the other aspects of the care your plant receives and also to ensure that there arent any other issues that could affect the health of your plant and its development.

This means that you must ensure that your plant receives the correct amount of fertilizer and water and that its not suffering from diseases or insects.

How Far LED Grow Lights Should Be From Succulents  

The right distance to choose isnt easy when you are trying to grow succulents using grow lights. If you are too close, the heat produced by the bulbs could cause your succulent to burn.

If its too far away, it isnt enough light that your plant can develop correctly.

In general, the LED lights you use are best placed between 18 and 24 inches away from your plant. But in the case of the cultivation of larger succulents, you may reduce the distance accordingly.

The most important thing is to watch your succulents closely to determine how well its coping with the growing lights.

It is possible to alter the distance you are using along, based on the growth of your plants and how the plant responds to the lights.

Every plant isnt likely to react the same way. Therefore, it is important to monitor your succulents to make sure they are as healthy as they can be.

Its also crucial to note that you should not allow the succulents to sit in a single angle of the lighting source. In addition, it is important to ensure that youre rotating your plants every week so that every side receives the same amount of sunlight.

Can you burn Plants With a Grow Light?  

Yes, Grow Lights can trigger burning leaves and photobleaching If youre not careful. But, it depends on the plant as well as the power of the lights.

The proper quantity of sunlight is absolutely essential to plant growth and development as well as its survival. Grow lights are an excellent alternative to make the growing process more efficient. However, they could also be detrimental to plants when they are not utilized properly.

For lights with 200-399 watts, Do not put them more than 12 inches away from your plant, or you could be at risk of burning your plant. Keeping the lights at the right distance from your plants allows them to absorb the light they require without damaging or burning the plant.

You may be asking, what is the minimum distance to make your lights useless? This will also depend on the wattage you use, however, when youre using 200-399 watt lighting, your plant will not benefit if the lighting is greater than 20 inches from it.

In addition, the length of time the plants are under the grow light is crucial to set the right amount of light. It is recommended to aim for 14-16 hours of sunlight every day, allowing your plants to sleep overnight.

However, this is a guideline only, and you may need to alter this based on the type of plant youre cultivating, and the particular grow light manufacturer recommends.

If youre concerned that your plant will be burned by using the lights you use for your garden, I recommend investing in the use of LED lighting or light-emitting diode bulbs. LED lights emit a small amount of heat, which decreases the chance of burning your plants.



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