How Often Should I Water A Pothos Plant?

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Pothos is a Pothos plant is renowned for its robust and simple plant to cultivate. It should be watered at least every 7 to 14 days in the average.

Pothos is a Pothos plant is often referred to as the pothos ivy, or scientifically referred to as Epipremnum, is gaining popularity, particularly for novice plant owners.

To gain a better understanding of your pothoss watering routine It is always recommended to feel the moisture of the soil prior to giving your plant a dose of H2O. Knowing when you should water your pothos can make the difference between the brown pothos and the bright green plant.

Understanding Your Pothos Plants and Their Water Needs

Pothos plants are extremely communicate, and youll be able to tell very quickly if they havent been given enough light or water.

It is best not to water until you can see the upper 1 to 2 inches (2-5cm) of the soil is dry prior to watering or until the pothos starts to appear a little loose.

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How to Care for Pothos – Correct Watering

The pothos was given the namethe Devils Ivy because even when its not taken care of it can take months before it goes to seed.

Its long-lasting nature is among the main reasons people go for it. However, despite that the pothos you choose to purchase is not an plant and can die without water for long durations of time.

Be sure to evaluate the needs of your plants watering requirements upon receiving it. Although some plant owners and experts might suggest that the pothos requires watering every week , or even twice per week There are plenty of things to take into consideration when you want the Pothos to flourish and grow.

Find Your Perfect Pothos Watering Schedule

It is recommended to conduct the test with your finger before you decide to add water to your pothos. It is accomplished by digging your finger in the soil approximately an inch deep to test for the presence of moisture.

When the soil appears moist or damp, you dont have to water the pothos. When the soil appears dry and bone-dry the pothos is dehydrated and requires to be watered.

After youve watered your pothos and its damp, does that mean that you should wait for a few days before watering it again? Not necessarily.

The pothos may be more thirsty certain weeks than others. Therefore, its best to test your fingertip every couple of days to determine if it is essential to water.

Heres a basic code for figuring out your Pothos watering schedule:

  • Make sure you measure the soils moisture prior to applying water (wet or dry, bone-dry or moist)
  • Make sure that all root balls receive water
  • Get rid of any excess water to avoid the formation of standing water.


Do you need to spray misting the leaves of your Pothos plant? Could this be a replacement to water your plant? The short answer to these often asked questions is No. Pothos plants do not require misting.

Misting the plant with water wont ensure that it is adequately maintained or at the right humidity, and could increase the chance of pests infesting the plant.

How to Bottom Water Pothos Plants

It is important to understand how to properly water your pothos as excessive watering can cause root decay.

The pothos plant is able to bounce back after being underwatered, however its not as simple if its been over-saturated. Most of the time, bottom-watering the pothos is the most effective way to ensure that they are watered.

When you implement this method, the plant gets exactly the amount of water it requires. It takes longer to the plant with water in this manner, but the pothos will absorb enough water it requires and prevents the waste of water.

Bottom watering is simple to perform. Place your pothos in an area larger than the pot that you have placed in your pothos , or in your bathtub, and add water up to one inch or two inches (2-5cm).

If you notice that the surface of the soil in your pothos is wet, the soil has taken in all of the water it required.

Does watering One Differentiation of Pothos Different from the Other?

Fortunately, if you have any (or all) of the varieties of pothos, the method the water you use to your pothos will not differ from one kind to the next.

Its likely that the color that your pothos has is more variable in how much light it receives.

If you find that your pothoss once-clear colouring or marbling has started to fade or disappear completely, it could be because of a lack of light, and if so, water.

Does Water Quality Matter?

When you calculate your pothos plant schedule, you must consider this aspectwater quality.

The more pure the water you drink the better the pothos you will have. Distilled water, rainwater or filtering water are the most effective options for watering your plants.

Can I Keep my Pothos in Water Forever?

Pothos can flourish in water, provided that you create the proper conditions to allow it to thrive. Be sure that the water is replaced and replaced with fresh water each week.

You can also add the pothos with nutrients in the water, by adding liquid fertilizers to them. Make sure you clean the pot as well. If you notice that algae is beginning to grow it could impede the development of your pothos plant.

Watering Pothos: Overwatering and Underwatering

Theres a fine line that separates underwatering from excessively watering your Pothos plants. However, there are some problems that could arise from doing excessive amounts of either.

Here are some possible problems that could happen to your pothos plant when you are drowning or overwatering.


Overwatering could cause root rot, which could cause the death of the pothos. Slow growth, bugs and the growth of mould on the pothos as well as in the soil could be a indication of excessive watering.

An obvious sign to look out for that youre not adequately watering your plant is when your plants leaves begin to curly or turn wilting.


If you dont give your pothos the right amount of water, you risk the risk of getting the foliage to wilt and desert soil and leaves that are dry and browning.

In the event of overwatering or submerging your Pothos could impede the development in a variety of ways. If you dont have enough water, particularly over a long period of time the pothos could die.

The excessive amount of water in your pothos can make its leaves turn brown, mushy and even rotten. The best way to look after your pothos is by taking care of its roots. If the roots are dying then the pothos will be too.

Final Thoughts on Watering Your Pothos

If the conditions are good and you take proper care, the pothos plant can grow up to 10 feet long (3m). Monitoring soil moisture regularly and watering it accordingly is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your pothos is growing.

The timing of watering in accordance with the time of year can be beneficial too. Pothos plants generally require more water in summer than during winter.

Pothos is an excellent and vibrant accessory to your office or home. It requires no maintenance and watching the growth of a Pothos vine is an fascinating thing you can see.

Flexible and tough The pothos plant is tough and versatile. It can be trained or encouraged to grow horizontally on the mantelpiece, climb through a trellis, or even trail out through a hanging basket. In any case, it provides elegance, color and enhances the beauty of any space.

In essence, one of the benefits of being a parent of a pothos plant is that they dont have any qualms about watering times.

If you overwater even a bit or do not water your plants every now and then the pothos could lose one or two leaves, but it will come back.



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