How to Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig and Other Indoor Plant Leaves

Fiddle leaf figs can be maintained in three methods: dusting, showering, or the process of hosing. The method you choose to use is contingent on the amount of time you’d like to devote to it, and also how large the plant is.

This article will help you discover some suggestions to clean and shine the gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Fig plant leaves.

There are also some bizarre tips to get the most shine out of leaves. First we’ll discuss the importance of having clean leaves.

What’s Good About a Clean Leaf?

Clean leaves aren’t only about attractiveness. It’s crucial for the overall health of a plant that the leaves are in good condition, particularly indoors which can be an unnatural habitat for plants when you consider it.

Leaves are utilized by plants to help in absorbing sunlight’s energy. This aids in photosynthesis. If leaves are damaged or dirty they can block the process from happening efficiently.

It doesn’t mean that the normal amount of dust everywhere will kill plants. However, without the benefits of natural elements like rain and wind dirt can build up on plants. In time, this can hinder plants “breath of life”.

Indoor plant near window

How to Dust Plants

Cleaning leaves leaves of a beautiful fiddle fig leaf isn’t difficult. However, you can go a step beyond using a dust cloth.

One of the most secure methods to wash the leaves is to use water and a clean cloth. It is possible to spray the leaves using the help of a spray bottle and then use an incredibly soft, damp cloth to clean them.

You can also use an already dampened cloth, but without the spray.

It’s best to use water that is plain in the event that you’re trying to treat your plant for certain ailments such as the fiddle fig disease as well as pests.

Certain owners prefer to use an emollient solution of standard dishwashing soap as well as warm (not warm) water. Be aware that certain substances, like soap, can cause clogging in your plant with time, too.

If you are unsure about the water quality in your area (whether it is treated heavily or hard water) you can make use of distillate water.

You could also fill the container with water and then leave it for a night. This can help settle some of the chemicals.

Tips: Take care not to harm the plant when you work with it. Cleaning the leaves this way can pose the risk of handling too much leaves and breaking them.

It could be time-consuming when you spray and clean every leaf. Be aware that you’ll also have to clean the undersides of the leaves. If you are willing to spend some time with your plant, that’s fantastic!

Shower Your Shiny Leaf Tree

It might sound strange it may sound, but one of the most effective ways to keep the fiddle leaf plant fresh is to bathe it. Like humans the plant could get a great shower.

Like humans unlike a human, plants do not take pleasure in hot water. Therefore, ensure that your water temperature is chilled, or at the very least around the temperature of room.

It is also important to ensure that you place your plant outside in the shower for a while to let it drip for a few minutes. In addition, it could be very heavy because of the water within the soil.

While you can move plants using the help of a water hose, you’ll need be able to shift the plants around within the bathroom to make sure that all leaves are watered. If you want using a soft towel to remove any water that is left on the leaves.

One thing to remember: a shower is not recommended in the case of water softeners. Softeners for water use salt, which can harm the plant.

Use a Hose to Water Down Your Fig Leaf

If you are able to relocate the Fiddle Leaf Plant outdoors for a few hours take it out and put an aeration setting to the garden hose.

The plant will get a thorough rinse, then let the plant outside for a couple of hours to allow it to dry completely. Be careful not to place the plant in direct sunlight which is hot, or overly long.

It’s like the effect of a rainy day, which is normal for plants out in nature. It is also a as part of your plant’s watering routine, since the soil will be saturated during the process.

Be aware that fiddle leaf figs can grow extremely big. If you think this is your preferred method, but you are concerned that your plant is too big to transport think about a platform with wheels to hold your plant’s container.

How to Make Plant Leaves Shine – More Tips

Apart from dusting, hosing, or spraying your fig leaf fiddle There are other methods that owners can do to increase the shine of their leaves. A common suggestion is formulated for the plant leaves shine.

A high-quality polish for leaves can help protect you from insects like spider mites and mealybugs, as well as even a few fungi.

It’s not essential in any way, but should you decide to test it, make sure you choose a trusted brand and research the benefits and dosages.

Neem oil is another well-known supplement that the owners suggest. It’s a powerful insecticide, too however, it can have a lingering smell that lasts for a brief time.

Mayo on Plant Leaves

Here’s a suggestion for shiny leaves that appears to be a bit out from left field. The most interesting aspect of this idea is that it appears to have been traced back to a reliable source – The Reader’s Digest from some time back.

So far as we can tell, this appears to be working. The secret sauce – literally – is mayonnaise.

Note that this isn’t an endorsement. However, mayonnaise of any kind is believed to provide leaves similar to those of the fiddle fig plant an attractive sparkle. It’s believed to be an old-fashioned professional growers trick.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and Milk

Another of these techniques is to make the solution of water and milk. It is possible to apply the solution and the mayo using paper towels or a cloth.

It will create an stunning shine on the leaf that lasts for a few days, or even weeks.

It’s recommended that to apply this technique after having cleaned your hands in one of the methods mentioned earlier. In the end who doesn’t love applying a cream after showering?

Another tip for leaves that shine can be mineral oils. This is a method which is only recommended to highly experienced cultivators. It is only required every year.

But, it’s not an easy alternative because mineral oil in combination with direct sunlight in certain situations can cause irreparable damage.

Conditions to Ensure Glossy Leaves

Here are two additional ideas on how to make the leaves of plants shine:

First, make sure to keep the plant away from any the devices that regulate temperature, such as radiators, air conditioners, and heaters. It should also be kept away from windows and doors where drafts could cause harm to the plant.

If you live in dry conditions, you can bring some humidity into the air by using the use of a Peb br tray or humidifier for your room.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Fiddle Fig Leaves

This is the complete guide on how to keep plant leaves shiny and clean. You can tell that washing the fig leaves of your fiddle isn’t difficult to do. It is essential to keep them clean so that your plant is healthy.

The plant you choose to grow can be unique to look at – much more than simply the fig leaves. Pick the method that feels suitable for your needs and take pleasure in the dazzling radiance of your fig leaf’s sparkle for many the years to be.



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