How To Grow Pothos In Water

Pothos that you grow in water is much easier than cultivating the plants in soil. It is necessary to select an appropriate Pothos plant and cut some of the cuttings, and then use a glass container and fill it up with water that has been filtered or water in which the chlorine has gone out. Finally, add some fertilizer into the water and then add the cuttings.

The cultivation of plants in water is becoming increasingly well-known as people realize the potential for water propagation.

I chose to plant the Pothos plants in the waters due to the fact that soil can be messy and it’s difficult to keep track of watering them frequently. The best part is that you don’t require a lot of additional equipment.

How To Grow A Pothos In Water – Pothos Water Propatagion

The concept of cultivating any plant without soil may seem strange to many people, however water propagation is an original method of cultivating plants with little effort.

Here’s the essential details you require to develop the pothos in the water.

Why Would You Want To Grow A Pothos In Water?

There are many reasons you should consider growing your pothos in water , for instance:

  • There is no need to purchase specific potting soil for growing your pothos in.
  • There is no need for planter boxes since you’ll begin to water right away.
  • There will be no dirt that gets in your home.
  • It’s a method to save neglected plants.
  • Plants can thrive for a longer time.

plant hanging in water

Benefits Of Growing Pothos In Water

There are many advantages to propagating your pothos by water. The process is not just beneficial to the plant , but also to you and your timetable.

Here are a few advantages of cultivating your Pothos inside your water

You Can Grow The Cuttings In Water

It’s a way to put the trimmings of your plants to good use. If you trim the pothos plant, especially when it’s overgrown, you may want to keep the cut pieces rather than throwing them to the trash. They are great for propagation plants.

You Can Revive A Neglected Pothos

If you’ve got an old pothos that appears a little worse than it should and you’ve tried everything to repair it then you may consider trying the process of water propagation.

You should keep as many stems as you can, and in the next few years you will be able to grow a pothos plant.

You Can Save Money In The Long Run

You’ll save money in the long run because pothos water propagation does not require the use of special pots or potting soil to be planted in.

There is no need for special equipment, and you don’t have to change the soil if there is a problem.

You Can Keep One Plant Alive For Longer

If you are knowledgeable about propagation, it will aid in keeping a plant in good health for a longer period of time than soil. This can save your money over the long term. It’s a long-term method to take care of the pothos plants.

They Make Great Gifts

Consider giving them to friends and family members when you’re cutting back the pothos plant and don’t want to save the trimmed pieces. They are easy to maintain with the right instructions and can make wonderful gifts.

How Long Does A Pothos Plant Take To Propagate In Water?

Pothos plants can take up to 4-6 weeks for growth when properly cared for. It is possible to speed up the growth by using a heating mat, if required. It is also necessary to alter the temperature of your water each couple of days to ensure the most effective results.

How Do You Water Pothos In Water?

If you own an aquatic plant that is pothos and you don’t water it, however it is necessary to change the water that the plant is growing in every two weeks to ensure that your pothos plant is well-nourished and flourishing.

How To Propagate Pothos in Water

You can also check out my detailed guide to Pothos propagation here.

Pothos Propagation in Water Step-By-Step Guide

It can be a bit daunting to grow a pothos plant in water however, if you follow this step-by-step procedure it will become much less daunting and you’ll find that your pothos is flourishing.

What You Will Need

Before you begin the propagation of the pothos plants in the water you will need the following items you’ll need to start:

  • You’ll need a strong pothos plant
  • Garden shears that are sterile sharp scissors, scalpel
  • A mason jar or a small glass bowl
  • Fertilizer that is able to work by promoting water flow
  • Fill the container with enough water to cover your container (tap water contains chlorine, so leave the water out in the sun for at least several days prior to when you begin, which allows the chlorine evaporate and leave you with an untainted water source to grow)

Step 1

It is important to decide on the container or jar you’d like to place your pothos cuttings in. It is best to begin with a glass jar that is clear to monitor the growth of the pothos roots without damaging the plant in any way.

Step 2

It is essential to clean the shears, scissors, or scalpel, as well as the container you’ll be using. This is an essential step as you do not want to spread pathogens that could cause the plant to die later.

Step 3

Before trimming back the pothos plant in order to collect the trimmings, you must verify that the plant you are planning for use has the health. If the plant is small or unfit will not last when you cut the healthy trimmings.

Step 4

Cut your cuttings. The plants grow by using the nodes (little nubs that are located on the sides of the stem) So when you make your cuttings, make sure that every cutting has at minimum one node in the water, so that the roots will grow. Cut your stem with a 45-degree angle so that the plant grows with a new stem.

Step 5

It is important to place your cuttings in the container that is clear and then make sure to fill it with (chlorine-free) water. Add a few drops of any liquid fertilizer in the water, then place each cut into the container.

Step 6

If you notice that some of the leaves are submerged it is possible to remove them because there are only nodes that are in the water. Place the plant in a location that has enough sunlight and allow the pothos to develop its new roots.

Step 7

After 2 weeks, you will need replace the water. Set aside some tap water in an open container for a couple of days prior to the time you need changing the water in order to make sure that the chlorine has gone out.

Remove the cut pieces from the water, and then replace the water with the one you put aside.

Make sure to add some fertilizer to the water before you place the cut pieces back into the freshwater. If you notice that roots beginning to develop and are growing, you can place a cuttings in the same container. It will create a larger and more lush plant.

Make sure that the roots remain below the waterline, therefore, check the pothos on a regular basis and ensure that no roots are sticking out over the water.

How Long Does It Take A Pothos Plant To Root In Water?

It can take up to 18 days for the Pothos plant to begin rooting. It can take between 4 to 6 weeks for the plant to develop roots long enough to be able to plant or store in the water vase or jar you’re using.

Care After Propagating Pothos In Water

You’ve successfully propagated the Pothos plants and now you are wondering what next? Aftercare for a pothos cutting isn’t difficult but you must make sure that the water is replaced every two to three weeks. You should always add some drops of fertilizer liquid in the freshwater, then cut the leaves that are hanging in the water and ensure that the roots remain submerged.

How Do You Keep Your Pothos Alive In Water

If you take care of your pothos, you are able to maintain their health by following this simple guide:

  • Change the water every two weeks.
  • Make sure to use filtered water, or set aside enough water in reserve for a few days prior to changing the water.
  • Rember to apply some drops of liquid fertilizer each when you change the water.
  • Remove the leaves that are hanging in the water. You only need nodes and roots beneath the water.
  • Place the pictures in a location with sufficient lighting, and don’t move them around too frequently as it can strain the plant.
  • Reduce the plant’s size when it becomes too large to allow for healthy growth.

Are There Specific Fertilizers You Should Use For Your Pothos?

The majority of experts have a preferred fertilizer that they apply when propagating a pothos however, so long as it’s an organic fertilizer the pothos will remain healthy.

The liquid fertilizers perform better and distribute more evenly than the powder.

Freqently Asked Quuestions On Propagating Pothos In Water

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the propagation of pothos plants in water:

Can I Use Any Container To Propagate A Pothos Plant In Water?

It is possible to use every container, but bear in mind that some plastics may leach chemicals into water over time.

The best container to use to propagate water is a glass-clear container.

Can I Add More Than One Cutting In A Container At A Time?

It is possible however, it’s only once the sprouts have established themselves. The cuttings must be kept separated, so that the one doesn’t snatch all the nutrients, and the other ones die.

Once they’ve established after which you can place several cuttings in the same container and they’ll form an even larger and more vigorous plant.

Won’t The Roots Get Root Rot If They Are In Water All The Time?

Pothos plants may develop root rot when propagated in water

  • If the water isn’t cleaned frequently, the water will get dirty over time, and this will impact the plant.
  • There are some leaves in the water. Wet leaves will begin to rot and this can impact the entire plant, which can lead to root decay.
  • You should submerge the crown of a plant, the plant will begin to rot and will spread to the roots
  • If the cutting in the pothos isn’t getting enough light in the event that it isn’t getting enough illumination, the cutting roots will begin to rot.

Pothos Water Propagation Conclusion

It’s not as difficult as you think to propagate the pothos plant in water. It’s much easier this way than using soil. It is important to make sure that your soil is hydrated and has the proper amount of moisture.

The process of propagating water is much simpler when you not water your plants or move often.

With just a few trimmings of the pothos plant You can create a healthy plant or offer the newly propagated pothos cuttings to your family and friends.



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