How to Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig

This exotic Fiddle Leaf Fig is among the most sought-after indoor plants. The dark green, fan-shaped leaves instantly make any room more appealing.

Although it is true that the Fiddle Leaf Fig is beautiful but it is an unruly plant that needs lots of attention. One method to keep the Ficus Lyrata in tip-top condition is to trim the plant.

What are the reasons to prune your fiddle leaf fiddle leaf fig? The pruning of your fiddle leaf fig can aid in promoting the health of your plants. Pruning takes away dead or dying leaves and branches, which allows space for new growth and wards off pests. Additionally, it helps to maintain fiddle-leaf fig tree’s naturally shaped shape as well as healthy growth.

If you’ve never owned an ornamental plant that requires trimming it may seem a bit daunting. This is why this guide was created to help you understand how you can cut the Fiddle leaf Fig.

Benefits Of Fiddle Leaf Fig Pruning

Pruning can have many benefits to Fiddle Leaf Fig maintenance. The main benefit is maintaining the health of the plant and also maintaining its shape and size.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Health

Pruning is often about cutting back damaged or sick leaves. The removal of these leaves will make it simpler for your plant develop and thrive.

fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Size

It is important to keep in mind that indoors the plants are in a different setting from their natural environment. If the conditions are favorable the Fiddle Leaf Fig plants will quickly develop into trees and bushes that are too large for the majority of.

Pruning them will help ensure that the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree manageable and also make it smaller and more durable.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Shape

The plants tend to grow towards the sun, which could make them unbalanced. The rotation of the plant and trimming leaves can aid in the imbalance.

The excessive growth may result in Fiddle Leaf Figs leaves’ to get overcrowded. If this occurs the leaves are not getting enough airflow, and they can also be pushed against one another. This could negatively affect the health of your plant.

How to Prune Fiddle Leaf Fig – Best Time to Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig

The plant owner can take out leaves that are dead or brown throughout the all through the year. When pruning is required it is recommended to prune once a year during springtime or before the beginning of the summer.

This time of year is the best time to plant because it is growing rapidly. Therefore, trimming its leaves will not harm the health of your Fiddle leaf Fig. It will instead stimulate new growth and encourage branches.

The Best Way to Prune Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata are known to release a sticky sap after being cut. The sap could damage flooring and may cause irritation to the skin. To avoid this it is recommended to lay a sheet of old fabric down and then grab a moist cloth prior to trimming

As with everything else in life, you require the proper tools to accomplish the task. When you are pruning the Fiddle Leaf Fig it is important to ensure that you have a sharp pair pruning shears. They will allow you to cut clean, neat cuts, and also prevent the stems from getting crushed.

When you use the pruning shears you should clean them using soap and water. This is a way to get rid of any germs that cause disease and could be a threat to the Fiddle Leaf.

A Step by Step Guide How to Prune Fiddle Leaf Figs

Pruning the Fiddle Leaf Fig very simple once you understand how to go about it. When you adhere to this advice and follow the steps, you’ll be able to be able to keep the Ficus Lyrata looking good in the blink of an eye.

Step 1 Decide on the Shape

The method you use to trim the shape of your Fiddle leaf Fig will be based on your personal preferences as well as its size. The shape is largely related to the decision of whether to cut your Fiddle Leaf fig to form an elm or a bush.

Before proceeding to the next step, keep your eyes on the fact that you should not take away more than 10 percent of the leaves. This is due to the fact that cutting off excessively leaves can have a an adverse effect on the plant’s capacity to grow.

Step 2 How to Shape & Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

If you are looking for small Fiddle Leaf Figs that you wish to keep, you’ll have to cut off the growth tips. It is a bud made of delicate, soft leaves that are located on high on the stem.

It is done by just pinching the growth tip between your fingers, then taking off. This will not just stop the plant’s growth upwards but will also encourage the growth of branches.

The notching of Fiddle leaf Figs is another method to encourage branching and give them a an appearance that is more bushy. To accomplish this, you’ll need to make a small cut over your Nodes at the height you prefer on the stem of the plant. It is also possible to do this with the canes of the Ficus Lyrata.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig’s new growth will grow below the notches you’ve made. The result will be more bushy foliage.

Step 3 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Pruning & Shaping

If you notice that your Ficus Lyrata has grown taller it is also possible to remove some leaves to make it appear more like a smaller tree.

For this, you’ll need to cut off the older leaves along the bottom area of the trunk or stem. This will leave only some healthy foliage behind.

When the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree expands, you’ll need to think about changing the soil to ensure that the roots can have more space to expand.

Step 4 Take Away Dead or Sick Leaves

First, you’ll need to identify and eliminate dead or sick leaves. If you notice that your fiddle leaf figs ‘ leaves are beginning to turn brown You may need to get rid of them, however, keep an eye on any further developments.

Step 5 Begin Fiddle Leaf Fig Pruning

After you’ve identified the leaves you want to get rid of It’s time to begin cutting. Make sure you use an edgy and clean pruners.

It is recommended to cut less than 1.5cm (half an inch) from the trunk, stem, or branch. This is suggested as it can prevent the spread of infection throughout the plant.

Pro tip: Save the healthful Fiddle leaf Fig cuttings and put them in water glasses. This is called the process of propagation and can result in the cuttings forming new root systems within one or two months. You’ve got yourself an adorable little Fiddle Leaf Fig plant.

Step 6 What to do After Ficus Lyrata Pruning

It is important to ensure that your plant receives ample indirect sunlight following pruning. Fertiliser can also supply the plant with nutrition that aid in promoting Fiddle Leaf Figs new growth.

After pruning you will observe new branches and leaves beginning to grow in the areas where you cut.

Final Thoughts on How to Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pruning the fiddle leaf fig is essential to ensure that your plant is well-nourished and flourishing. Although it might appear to be a daunting job but it’s actually very easy when you know what to do.

After you’ve read this guide and you’ll soon be trimming the Fiddle Leaf Figure like a professional.



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