Indoor Plants

Why Are My Peony Leaves Curling?

Peonies generally are low-maintenance plants that are simple to take care of. The curling of peony leaves is most common problem you could encounter. While

Temperature Tolerance in Philodendron

Philodendron likes warm and humid climate and cannot endure extreme temperatures. This means that your plant could be damaged irreparably if exposed to cold winds

Why is My Wandering Jew Plant Leggy?

It’s a bit of a sting to see your normally thick and sprawling walking jew (Zebrina tradescantia) become sluggish. The result is that your plant

Is My Birds Nest Fern Dying?

The fern that is known as the bird’s nest can be a stunning house plant, bringing an exotic greenery to your living space if you

How to Save My Pothos From Root Rot

The majority of houseplants, including pothos, have the potential to quickly get root rot. Root Rot is a disease of plants that is characterized in

How to Save Your Overwatered Peperomia

Overwatering is a frequent problem for Peperomia. Peperomia houseplant. It is depressing to see a gorgeous Peperomia which is limp and discolored. The drooping leaves,

Do Leaves On Aloe Vera Grow Back?

As an owner of aloe plants I’ve had to take off certain leaves at times. They may be regenerated in certain situations however, not always.

Are ZZ Plants Toxic to Cats?

From beautiful leaf patterns to easy maintenance requirements and the capability to purify the air, ZZ plants are a must. ZZ plant is an absolute

Why Is My Jade Plant Turning Purple?

The name “Jade plant” implies bright, jewel-colored foliage. If you notice that your Jade plant changes between purple and green, then you could be worried!

What to Do With A Root Bound Pothos

Pothos is a tropical plant that are fast growing however their pots aren’t. Devil’s ivy isn’t a fan of being tied to its roots. Today,

Bonsai Trees Poisonous to Cats?

Bonsai trees can add beauty and aesthetics to any space. When choosing your beautiful tree, keep in mind that some bonsai trees can be harmful

Root Rot in Deffenbachia

Root rot is by far the most frequent issue I’ve come across in my dieffenbachias. It’s also the likely to cause death to your cane’s

Why Is My Coleus Wilting?

Rare plants boast a leaf that is as striking as the Coleus. It’s hard to imagine them other than their bold bright colors that range

Why is My Begonia Leggy?

The begonia’s striking leaves, which are symmetrical, make it the focal point of any collection. But what happens if your begonia’s more of a stem

Why is My Caladium Drooping?

A Caladium that is falling down is an eerie appearance. But, the indoor star’s colorful, vibrantly colored leaves should be in full bloom in their

How To Fertilize My Dracaena Marginata

In this article I’ll show you how to properly fertilize Dracaena Marginata plants. Dracaena marginata plants have very low nutritional requirements, but they generally need

Have I Underwatered My Jade Plant?

Jade plants are tough and beautiful, however it is possible to encounter some issues with them, especially in the area of watering. In this article,

Why is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaning Over?

Fiddle leaf figs, commonly called Ficus Lyrata tend to lean to the other side because of inadequate irrigation, lack of light, and the insufficient fertilizer.

Pothos Varieties And How to Care For Them

Pothos maintenance is easy. The beautiful green plants are one of the most simple home plants to cultivate. To keep these gorgeous hearts-shaped, trailing plants

Why Do My Succulents Change Color?

A succulent’s the color or tone that is out of the norm draws our interest. The hue of succulents is, certainly, among the more attractive

Root Rot in Calathea

I have to admit that I am an avid calathea lover. I’ve been awestruck by these beautiful beauty for a long time and nothing can

How Fast Does a Pothos Grow?

If the conditions are right Pothos can grow quickly under the right conditions. They are tropical plants and their rate of growth is the highest

How Often Should I Water My Croton?

The process of watering your croton is difficult to master, especially when you’re the first time. I tried to water my croton on an exact

Why Is My Alocasia Dripping Water?

Why is my Alocasia plant dripping? A Alocasia plant that drips water indicates it is absorbing more water than it needs. This process, also known

How to Fix ZZ Plant Problems

The ZZ plant’s issues vary from root rot to wrinkled stems and white areas, soft stems, the yellowing of leaves and tips that are brown

Why Are My Peperomia Leaves Curling?

You bought a peperomia plant because everyone has told that they were easy to cultivate. They don’t require a lot of lighting, they don’t require

Where Should I Put A Pothos?

Pothos is a low-maintenance plant which is why it is ideal for beginners in gardening. Pothos can be planted at the most popular places because

How to Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pruning the fiddle leaf fig is essential to ensure that your plant is well-nourished and flourishing. Although it might appear to be a daunting job,

Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves Curling?

Peace Lilies are a stunning feature for any room! They feature gorgeous evergreen leaves as well as beautiful white blooms. They require little for survival

Why Are My Begonia Leaves Curling?

You’ll surely are awed by the way that your Begonia is able to brighten your space by its vibrant, green leaves and vibrant flowers. If

Calathea Beauty Star Care Guide

True to its common title, Beauty Star is one of the most striking beautiful, stylish, and striking leaves in the Genus Calathea. Their distinctive leaves

Is Spider Plant Toxic to Pets?

The spider plant, sometimes referred to by the name of ribbon plants, is a safe plant for your home pets. It isn’t harmful to dogs,

How to Use LECA Balls (Clay Pebbles)

Are you unsure of how to utilize ball LECA? The answer is dependent on whether they are employed in garden at home aquaponic, semi-hydroponic or

How to Care For Philodendron Lemon Lime

Philodendron domesticum cultivar Lemon Lime is a cascading vine that is famous for its stunning lemon-colored leaves and its golden green color. It is easy

How to Care For Alocasia Plant

The majestic alocasia is known for its stunning verdure and is a stunning home plant. It has broad leaves as well as a perennial, making

Why Are Avocado Leaves Drying Up?

The avocado is a huge plant in its native environment and does not like living in a space. But, many people who love indoor tropical

Why is my Spider Plant Dying?

The spider plant ( Chlorophytum comosum) may occasionally experience health issues. In severe cases, it could appear as if your plants is dying. In this

How to Save Your Overwatered Lithops

Lithops are succulents that like being kept dry and not overwatered. They have a bluish appearance because of their ability to store water. Lithops that

Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying?

The succulent may appear unwell due to a variety of reasons. It is crucial to identify and resolve the issue promptly to make sure that

Root Rot In Dracaena Marginata

If you’ve noticed that you can see that the roots of the Dracaena marginata tree isn’t looking well, you might be wondering what is causing

Are Pothos Toxic To Pets?

The care of house plants is an increasingly popular pastime for a growing number of people. It doesn’t matter if it’s succulents pothos, plants that

Why Is My Pothos Drooping So Much?

Pothos is a difficult plant to cultivate in non-native habitats due to their invading nature. In nature, the pothos adjusts to their environment and thrives

Do Indoor Plants Attract Bugs?

Indoor plants can bring fresh life into an otherwise boring space within your home. They are an excellent way to add the color of a

Can I Put A Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

Ficus Lyrata also known as fiddle-leaf figs originate from the forests of Africa. With their massive dark green leaves they add a tropical feel to

How to Care For Pink Syngonium

Arrowheads are one of the most sought-after houseplants around the world. One of my top characteristics is its ease of maintenance. The indoor plant is

Can I Save My Sunburnt Anthurium?

As a parent of plants I’m always concerned about providing my plants with adequate light, particularly the ones that thrive in hot climates like Anthuriums.

Why is My Haworthia Turning Brown?

Although Haworthia is a robust plant, it is susceptible to becoming sick. The appearance of brown Haworthia isn’t uncommon, particularly if it is neglected or