Indoor Plants

How Do I Revive My Dying Cactus?

The reason for a dying Cactus is often too much water around its roots due to slow draining soil and overwatering. Cactus species require that

How to Care For Philodendron Lemon Lime

Philodendron domesticum cultivar Lemon Lime is a cascading vine that is famous for its stunning lemon-colored leaves and its golden green color. It is easy

How To Grow Red Emerald Philodendron

The Red Emerald Philodendron (Erubescens) is a truly stunning feat of beauty. With its long deep dark green stems and rich red leaves, this plant

How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig

How to pot your favorite house plant is an easy process and the ideal method to enjoy a beautiful spring day. Examine your fiddle leaf

Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are an extremely beneficial ingredient to include in your plant due to their nutritional value and their soil-aerating and moisture-holding characteristics. When you’re

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Safe for Cats?

Fiddle Leaf Fig can be poisonous to cats, however, when you take the proper measures and precautions, this doesn’t mean they can’t live together. For

Signs That A Pothos is Dying

Although the plant is known as a tough plant, it is not without its challenges. We often have to fight to keep it alive. In

Are ZZ Plants Toxic to Cats?

From beautiful leaf patterns to easy maintenance requirements and the capability to purify the air, ZZ plants are a must. ZZ plant is an absolute

How to Care for a ZZ Plant

It is the ZZ plant, also known as Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, has become a well-loved houseplant that can be that is found in a

Where To Place A Fiddle Leaf Fig

The installation of a fiddle leaf fig tree inside your home is an easy task if you have the proper lighting conditions. Although these trees

How Much Light Does Monstera Need?

Make sure that your plant receives moderate amounts of sun to ensure its health and growth. Set the plant in an east-facing window. Ensure that

Root Rot in Philodendron Plants

The root rot problem is typical problem for philodendrons, however, if you take good treatment of the plant, and watch out for signs of infection

White Spots on a Fiddle Leaf Fig

It is a beautiful plant. Ficus Lyrata is a beautiful plant.  Check out this comprehensive guide that explains different fiddle leaf issues you may be

How Often Should You Water a Cactus?

This post will help you establish an appropriate watering schedule. It will also decrease the chance that your plant will be damaged, which can boost

Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying?

The succulent may appear unwell due to a variety of reasons. It is crucial to identify and resolve the issue promptly to make sure that

Why ZZ Plant is Not Growing Properly

ZZ maintenance is simple. The gorgeous plants need very minimal care. By knowing the best ways to maintain your ZZ plant healthy and healthy, you

How To Repot Your Pothos Plant

It is necessary to refill your Pothos regularly as it develops. Repotting is beneficial in replenishing the substrate, which allows space for roots to expand

Bonsai Trees Poisonous to Cats?

Bonsai trees can add beauty and aesthetics to any space. When choosing your beautiful tree, keep in mind that some bonsai trees can be harmful

How to Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pruning the fiddle leaf fig is essential to ensure that your plant is well-nourished and flourishing. Although it might appear to be a daunting job,

Should You Mist A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf fig is a plant that thrives and thrives in high humidity, however, misting them isn’t the most effective method to give them the

How to Fix Root Rot in ZZ Plants

Root rot can develop rapidly, and since it is asymptomatic beneath the surface of the soil, you might not be able to notice it until

How Much Light Does Pothos Need?

Pothos do need light to flourish however as they are very hardy. They will search for light with their stems and leaves if they do

How to Prune a Peace Lily

Pruning your peace lily not just important to the appearance of your plant , but is also a satisfying gardening task. There’s nothing more satisfying

How Often Should I Water A Spider Plant?

Although the spider plant is tolerant plant, however, they aren’t impossible to eradicate. It is important to ensure that you’re regularly watering your plant every

How Long Does a Watering Globe Last?

If you love to travel frequently, a watering sphere is a great solution. What better way to consider a watering sphere? They’re not expensive and

How To Tell If My Pothos Is Dying?

Pothos is scientifically referred to as the Epipremnum Aureum is a stunning plant that is the ideal partner for the busy or novice gardener. While

How Often to Water ZZ Plants

Due to its easy maintenance needs, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, widely called ZZ, also known as ZZ or zeezee plant is a popular houseplant. Additionally it is

Can Plants Grow Without Soil?

Like humans, plants require food in order to live. They can’t exist without soil, wouldn’t they? While soil is the primary source of nutrition plants

How to Care for Alocasia Polly

What is the best way to manage the care of an Alocasia Polly? Alocasia Polly is one of the most stunning tropical plant which has

Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf figs are fissy little creatures and being a mother to them is all about loving and being patient. When they’re content they’re among

Flowers on Snake Plant – What To Do?

Although it’s possible to see the snake-like plant flower is not a common event. The plant, which is often called mother-in-law’s tongue can go on

Why Is My Dracaena Leaning?

In this article, we examine the most frequent reasons the Dracaena tree is inclined to lean and possibilities of getting your tree to stand straight

How to Use LECA Balls (Clay Pebbles)

Are you unsure of how to utilize ball LECA? The answer is dependent on whether they are employed in garden at home aquaponic, semi-hydroponic or

Can Plants Get Too Much Light?

There’s a question many people are asking if there is an issue with excessive lighting to your plant? It’s a tough question to answer, with

How To Fix Your Leggy ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia which is also called ZZ plant is famous for its ability to become overweight. The main reason for the ZZ plant being prone

How to Fix ZZ Plant Problems

The ZZ plant’s issues vary from root rot to wrinkled stems and white areas, soft stems, the yellowing of leaves and tips that are brown

Can I Save a Dying Pothos?

If you’re suffering from the dying pothos There are methods to revive it to the life it once had. This includes trimming off dead leaves.

How to Propagate Pothos

If you take a look at an inventory of plant species for indoor use, the pothos will be among the top ones. The beautiful vines

Is A Cactus A Succulent?

The definition of a Cactus can be described as “any numerous of succulent, spiny, usually leafless plants of the family Cactaceae,” according to dictionary definitions.

Types of Dracaena Marginata

Are you a home owner who is planning to purchase a new indoor plant, then you must think about including Dracaena Marginata into your garden.

How to Repot an Alocasia Zebrina

You’ve taken great treatment of the Alocasia Zebrina, it’s been doing well, but it appears that the growth has been halted. The plants prefer to

Why Do Pothos Leaves Drip Water?

Pothos plants are recognized for their ability for their ability to “cry” or “sweat” when they are in humid conditions. But what exactly causes this

Do Air Plants Need Sun?

As with all living creatures, the air plant require sunlight to live. The amount of sun is contingent on the kind of air plant, but

Is Spider Plant Toxic to Pets?

The spider plant, sometimes referred to by the name of ribbon plants, is a safe plant for your home pets. It isn’t harmful to dogs,

Root Rot In Dracaena Marginata

If you’ve noticed that you can see that the roots of the Dracaena marginata tree isn’t looking well, you might be wondering what is causing

Pothos Varieties And How to Care For Them

Pothos maintenance is easy. The beautiful green plants are one of the most simple home plants to cultivate. To keep these gorgeous hearts-shaped, trailing plants

How to Save ZZ Plant From Root Rot

The majority of homeowners will at some time or another experience root rot, whether it’s an orchid or your favourite ZZ plant. If you spot