Indoor Plants

Can I Put A Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

Ficus Lyrata also known as fiddle-leaf figs originate from the forests of Africa. With their massive dark green leaves they add a tropical feel to

Guide To Watering ZZ Plants

Have you purchased an ZZ plant and would like to learn what to do with it? Do not worry I’m here to assist you with

ZZ Plant Winter Care For Beginners

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia also known as ZZ plant are tough low-maintenance plants that can last for all of the year. However, they do require a little

Am I Overwatering My Plants?

The excessive watering of your plants could cause them to become sick if you do not notice the signs and take care to address the

Can My Pothos Grow in Water?

Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) is the perfect plant to consider when beginning your collection of plants. They’re easy to maintain and will grow in both soil

How to Care For Euphorbia Japonica

Euphorbia japonica can be described as an intriguing and sought-after dwarf cacti plant. The plant is a hybrid that was bred from two species native

Why is my Fern Drying Out?

The ferns (Nephrolepis) can be described as an old superior class of plants. They thrive in humid forests, ponds and wetlands. The spores and bush

Signs My ZZ Plant Is Dying

It is Zanzibar jewel is known as a houseplant that is easy to care for and they thrive in the lack of attention! But, these

How To Grow Pothos In Water

Pothos that you grow in water is much easier than cultivating the plants in soil. It is necessary to select an appropriate Pothos plant and

Why Is My ZZ Plant Turning Brown?

While ZZ plants are extremely resilient however, they can show signs of trouble by forming brown spots on their stems or leaves. It could be

Tips for Watering A Rubber Plant

While they are easy to cultivate however, rubber plants are very picky when it comes to their watering needs. They’re likely to shed leaves if

Why Does My Monstera Have Small Leaves?

Monstera plants in certain conditions may create smaller leaflets. This is a frequent problem. However, don’t worry about it because this issue is fixable. From

How to Treat Diseases in Succulents

A fungal infection that can affect your succulents could be fatal. Unfortunately, not many people know about this danger. Succulents are only recently utilized to

How to Care for Figus Elastica Tineke

If you’re looking for a plant to use to add a touch of elegance or an impact it’s impossible to be without Ficus elastica‘Tineke’. It’s

Examples of Blue House Plants

Imagine a world in which the oceans are filled with purple algae, and forests are swaying in blue-colored leaves. Of course we’re not talking about

Alocasia Portodora Plant Care Guide

Alocasia Portodora, also known as the upright elephant’s ear plant, is one to be amazed at thanks to its vibrant leaves, veins, and overall inviting

Why Is My Aloe Vera Plant Dark Green?

Aloe vera is among the most sought-after houseplants across the globe. Its unique appearance, and beneficial properties make this plant distinct among other plants for

What Causes Fittonia Leaves to Curl?

The people who love Fittonia are drawn by its attractive and beautiful foliage that is covered in vein-like patterns. A tropical type of plant belonging

Are There Drought Tolerant Lavenders?

There are a variety of varieties and species of lavender. The choice of a lavender variety that is suitable is crucial because lavender hates humidity

Why Has My Cactus Turned Purple?

A cactus that is purple can be caused by a variety of factors. Certain cactus will naturally turn purple, however it could be an indication

Best Types of Blue Leaf Hostas

Hostas are a staple within the heart of both amateur floral designers as well as professionals who design landscapes. Hostas come in a variety of

Why Are Avocado Leaves Drying Up?

The avocado is a huge plant in its native environment and does not like living in a space. But, many people who love indoor tropical

Sun Stress in Hoya Plant

The transformation of a hoya’s leaf from a glossy green to stunning blushes of burgundy or pink is an unforgettable experience. It is important to

Can I Save My Sunburnt Anthurium?

As a parent of plants I’m always concerned about providing my plants with adequate light, particularly the ones that thrive in hot climates like Anthuriums.

Why is my Spider Plant Dying?

The spider plant ( Chlorophytum comosum) may occasionally experience health issues. In severe cases, it could appear as if your plants is dying. In this

Why is My Begonia Leggy?

The begonia’s striking leaves, which are symmetrical, make it the focal point of any collection. But what happens if your begonia’s more of a stem

Why Do Pothos Grow Aerial Roots?

There are a few large green aerial roots with a brown color that sprouted from the nodes that are on the pothos stems. You’re likely

Which Bugs Eat Spider Plants?

Spider plants are an excellent option if you are looking for an easy-care, low-maintenance houseplant. Aphids, mealybugs and scale spider mites, whiteflies can be a

Root Rot in a Rubber Plant

If your rubber plant is suffering from severely rotten roots It’s nearly impossible to salvage it. The owners are scared by the possibility that their

Common Diseases in Hosta Plants

The hosta is a stunning ornamental plant. Giving a lush touch to your garden is as easy as placing the hosta plant. The disease is

Should My Polka Dot Plant Be Flowering?

The Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) is most well-known for its beautiful freckled leaves, but what is it do you think of its flowers? Sometimes,

Why is My Wandering Jew Plant Leggy?

It’s a bit of a sting to see your normally thick and sprawling walking jew (Zebrina tradescantia) become sluggish. The result is that your plant

Why Is My Peperomia Dying?

If you have peperomia is the case, then you’ve been blessed with one of the toughest and easiest houseplants. However, this plant can occasionally be

Why Is My Pilea Turning Yellow?

Pileas are great plants to start with for those who are new or lacking the ability to succeed. Their lush greenery fills your house with

How to Care for Snow Queen Pothos

The varieties of pothos snow queen is one of the most well-known indoor plant to keep in your home. The dazzling heart-shaped leaves of this

Why Is Monstera Plant Popular?

In recent months, Monstera plants have been everywhere on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. The tall, tropical plant is also known by the name of

Is My Rubber Plant Dying?

Because of its leathery leaves and air-cleaning properties Rubber plants are known to be considered houseplants. But, they are also recognized for their sensitivity to

Temperature Tolerance in Philodendron

Philodendron likes warm and humid climate and cannot endure extreme temperatures. This means that your plant could be damaged irreparably if exposed to cold winds

How to Care For Pink Syngonium

Arrowheads are one of the most sought-after houseplants around the world. One of my top characteristics is its ease of maintenance. The indoor plant is

Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves Curling?

Peace Lilies are a stunning feature for any room! They feature gorgeous evergreen leaves as well as beautiful white blooms. They require little for survival