Indoor Plants

Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves Curling?

Peace Lilies are a stunning feature for any room! They feature gorgeous evergreen leaves as well as beautiful white blooms. They require little for survival

Why Are My Peony Leaves Curling?

Peonies generally are low-maintenance plants that are simple to take care of. The curling of peony leaves is most common problem you could encounter. While

Do Ferns Like Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds can be a wonderful supplement to the gardening tools as an organic fertilizer, soil enhancer and to deter pests. But, just like humans

How To Train Pothos to Climb

The glossy foliage with variegated leaves and the trailing vines of Pothos ( Epipremnum aureum) are beautiful however they are unable to climb on their

How Often Do I Water Pothos?

It is considered to be one of the most sought-after gardening plants for beginners Pothos is a simple plant to care for. It doesn’t need

Save An Overwatered Pothos

Overwatering is a common issue in indoor plants , including pothos. It’s a type of stress that is primarily affecting the roots. In particular, potted

What Causes Brown Spots on A Snake Plant?

Pests, fungal diseases, and insufficient watering are the main reasons for brown patches on plants. Frequent fertilizer application frost, extreme sunlight exposure can exacerbate the

Why Are My Croton Leaves Turning Yellow?

Croton ( Cidiaeum variegatum)are beautiful colorful-leaved plants which give your home an exotic look. Originating from the humid climates in Southeast Asia and Oceania, the

Why Is My Coleus Wilting?

Rare plants boast a leaf that is as striking as the Coleus. It’s hard to imagine them other than their bold bright colors that range

Is Cactus Soil Good for Monstera?

What is the ideal potting medium to use for this fierce tropical Monstera? They are awe-inspiring in the hot weather and require a well-drained soil.

Is My Birds Nest Fern Dying?

The fern that is known as the bird’s nest can be a stunning house plant, bringing an exotic greenery to your living space if you

Why is My Peperomia Drooping?

The most frequent issue that you’ll encounter when caring for peperomia is leaf drooping that can be caused by a variety of overlapping issues that

Is My African Violet Dying?

African violet leaves are incredibly short-lived that is less than one year. After that, the older African violet leaves begin to lose their color, become

Why is My Haworthia Turning Brown?

Although Haworthia is a robust plant, it is susceptible to becoming sick. The appearance of brown Haworthia isn’t uncommon, particularly if it is neglected or

How to Fix Brown Spots on Peperomia

Everyone doesn’t want to see the appearance of brown marks on their beautiful natural green Peperomia plant. The brown spots could represent your Peperomia plant’s

Root Rot in Calathea

I have to admit that I am an avid calathea lover. I’ve been awestruck by these beautiful beauty for a long time and nothing can

Should My Snake Plant Be Crispy?

The main reason for dry leaves on snake plants is the absence of irrigation or exposure to sun. Although the plant is able to endure

Have I Overwatered My Spider Plant?

Mistakes happen. If you’re unfortunate enough to overwater the spider plants, they’ll need to contend with yellow leaves, brown spots as well as stunted growth

Root Rot in Bird of Paradise

Root rot is among the most common illnesses that affect birds of paradise. Bird of Paradise. In contrast to most issues with houseplants that show

What Causes Brown Tips in Monstera?

Monstera also known as Monstera, also known as the “Swiss Cheese” plant is famous for its huge glossy leaves that have a distinctive design, but

Can Hoya Grow In Water?

The cultivation of hoya (also called wax flower) within water can be an easy and rewarding method of growing easy-care plants. The sparkling glass is

Is My Snake Plant Dying?

If you have an Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is one of the most tough houseplants available. With such a robust and tolerant plant, it’s easy

Why Are Leaves Curling on Satin Pothos?

Satin pothos, also known as Scindapsus Pictus is a stunning display in any setting thanks to the dark-green leaves paired with silver-colored markings. As a

Why Is My Pothos Drooping So Much?

Pothos is a difficult plant to cultivate in non-native habitats due to their invading nature. In nature, the pothos adjusts to their environment and thrives

Is Cactus Soil Good for Orchids?

Orchids are low maintenance types of houseplant , despite their reputation as being hard to cultivate. They will flourish in your care so long as

Have I Underwatered My Cactus?

The idea that cacti require only a little or not have water is extremely harmful and has resulted in many Cacti plants dying. Like all

Do ZZ Plants Need Fertilizer?

ZZ plants are gorgeous indoor plants that don’t require a lot of attention. However, as an avid plant-lover myself I would like to give the

Signs Of An Overwatered Aloe Plant

The problem of overwatering an aloe plant is one of the most frequent problems you’ll encounter when you plant one. Overwatering is one of the

Why Is My Jade Plant Turning Purple?

The name “Jade plant” implies bright, jewel-colored foliage. If you notice that your Jade plant changes between purple and green, then you could be worried!

Will Money Plant Grow in Water?

It is possible to ask whether you should plant money plants in the soil or in the water medium. It is important to know the

Use Cinnamon as Rooting Hormone

Cinnamon offers a myriad of benefits for plants, such as its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is possible to use cinnamon to grow and

Do Snake Plants Like Humidity?

Snake plants are extremely well-known due to the fact that they are easy to care for and are difficult to eradicate. They require sunlight and

Why Are Monstera Leaves Turning Brown?

It’s heartbreaking to observe your beautiful leaves turning brown, however you can find solutions. I’ll guide you through every possible cause of this issue, and

What Causes Etiolation in Cactus?

Cacti generally require a large amount of bright light in order to flourish. For plants to thrive in a dark room, it is extremely difficult

Does Jade Plant Have Aerial Roots?

This question is frequently asked by Jade Plant owners. The good thing is that it isn’t something to be concerned about, and is usually simple

Can I Fix a Broken Jade Plant?

Jade plants break easily, particularly when the stems and roots become more tender or weak. Since I’ve had the experience of repairing my damaged jade

What Is Farina in Succulents?

This article will go over the meaning of farina. This white dust which surrounds your succulents can give the succulents an odd blue or gray

Why Are My Begonia Leaves Curling?

You’ll surely are awed by the way that your Begonia is able to brighten your space by its vibrant, green leaves and vibrant flowers. If