Indoor Plants

Does Jade Plant Have Aerial Roots?

This question is frequently asked by Jade Plant owners. The good thing is that it isn’t something to be concerned about, and is usually simple

Can I Fix a Broken Jade Plant?

Jade plants break easily, particularly when the stems and roots become more tender or weak. Since I’ve had the experience of repairing my damaged jade

What Is Farina in Succulents?

This article will go over the meaning of farina. This white dust which surrounds your succulents can give the succulents an odd blue or gray

Why Are My Begonia Leaves Curling?

You’ll surely are awed by the way that your Begonia is able to brighten your space by its vibrant, green leaves and vibrant flowers. If

Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds?

When you are taking care of your pothos you’re probably contemplating other ways to keep it healthier and more productive. You may have heard of

Are Pebbles Good For My Soil?

The ability to have pebbles in your possession is a great practice for any plant-loving parent. I often utilize polished pebbles, rocks and stones in

How to Plant Aloe Pups Without Roots

Root rot, illness, or physical injury could result in Aloe Vera pups to lose their roots and require immediate attention and assistance. There is still

Why Do Pothos Leaves Turn Black?

Because of its relatively simple growth needs Pothos is a very popular option. However, there are some problems that could occur, resulting in pothos leaves

Why Do Peace Lily Leaves Turn Black?

Peace Lily ( Spatiphyllum) is a favorite for those who love ornamental plants. However, the difficulties of creating and maintaining the right conditions for the

How to Avoid Sunburned Succulents

Succulents love sunlight however excessive exposure to sunlight can be harmful. The excessive lighting can cause burns to succulents that may leave permanent scars or

Why Is My ZZ Plant Turning Brown?

Browning is a sign to ZZ Plant telling you that there’s something wrong with them. To assist them, you need to determine the reason for

Why Did My Aloe Leaves Turn Yellow?

It’s a devastating experience to watch your aloe plant turning yellow. It could occur to any aloe vera plant. Aloe leaves turn yellow due to

How to Fix Black Spots on A Cactus

One of the most well-known house plants that is a popular choice for indoors are the Cactus. Apart from being distinctive in its appearance, this

Why is My Cactus Turning Pink?

Cactus is known for its being an extremely hardy, easy-care and long-lasting succulent. But, it can also be a difficult day when you notice that

Root Rot in Pilea

The most frequent and risky issues you’ll encounter while taking care of your plants is root decay. It’s a sneaky illness that devours the Pilea’s

Root Rot in Deffenbachia

Root rot is by far the most frequent issue I’ve come across in my dieffenbachias. It’s also the likely to cause death to your cane’s

Why Do Succulent Roots Dry Out?

Dry-out roots can be a glaring issue that can affect succulents. It’s always shocking when your gorgeous Esherveria or delicate Haworthia end up dying or

Why Do My Succulents Change Color?

A succulent’s the color or tone that is out of the norm draws our interest. The hue of succulents is, certainly, among the more attractive

How to Fix A Leggy Pothos

What do you do If you notice that your Pothos is all vines and no leaves? Pothos are reliable cultivators and thrive in all conditions.

Why Is My Avocado Tree Leggy?

Wild, Avocado tree height can reach 6 feet (2 meters) before branching off of the stem. They also get plenty of sunlight. Avocado trees are

Is My Polka Dot Plant Dying?

Polka dots (hypoestes) can be described as a relatively robust indoor plant, however it could die in the blue. It is prone to sunburn, cold

Why do Schefflera Leaves Curl?

Are you noticing your Schefflera leaves curving? There are a variety of reasons why your leaves are beginning to appear dry or changing color, as

What Makes Calathea Droop?

Everyone doesn’t want to watch their Calatheas fade from sparkling and beautiful to sadness and droopy. It is important to apply a delicate touch to

Will Lucky Bamboo Grow in Water?

Have you ever thought whether bamboo that is lucky enough to grow can thrive within water bodies, then you’re certainly not all alone. Bamboo that

Is Humidity Good for Orchids?

Orchids are among the most popular the tropical flowers that everyone can cultivate. Although they are gorgeous, they can be difficult to keep happy. This

How to Care For Pendula Yucca

It is the Yucca plant is admired because of its beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. It is well-adapted to life and working conditions. However, to

Best Way To Propagate Syngonium Albo

The most attractive features of Syngonium is its speed of propagation. It doesn’t matter what type of plant you have and it’s simple to transform

Why Is My Pothos Not Growing?

Pothos is well-known for its robust, tolerant houseplants that can withstand all abuse. There are occasions, however there are times when Pothos will sit like

Root Rot in Anthurium

The velvety appearance of the anthurium and heart-shaped leaves will make you feel awestruck. In the beginning, you’ll have to create the perfect conditions for

Why Is My Amaryllis Not Growing?

Nothing says spring more than bright, bold bulbs that burst out in a flurry of seasonal hue – but what happens do you do if

Why Does Alocasia Polly Turn Yellow?

Alocasia Polly Alocasia Polly is a hybrid plant that has a mysterious parent to the Alocasia. The Polly is very high maintenance and, frankly, quite

Why Have Dieffenbachia Leaves Turned Brown?

Dieffenbachias (Dumb canes) are a popular houseplant due to their colorful, multi-colored foliage. Although dieffenbachia is simple to maintain and quite flexible, the leaves can

Why is My Peperomia Turning Yellow?

The appearance of yellowing leaves is one of the first indications that your plant is stressed. they could indicate an issue that is more serious

How Do You Pinch Basil?

Basil is a spicy herbaceous plant that has a lovely aroma. It is used in many recipes from Italian and Slavic food. The scent from

Why Is My Cactus Getting Squishy?

Cacti have lived in urban apartments for quite a while. They are also a part of the winter gardens in offices and commercial spaces. It’s

Light Requirements for A Poinsettia

Giving your poinsettia the proper amount of sunlight every day will allow it to flourish and stay gorgeous. It can become sunburned and grow leggy,

How to Save Your Overwatered Petunias

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to revive your petunia if you’ve overwatered it. Petunias are often neglected when they are considered indoor

How to Repot Mint

Mint is a plant that grows quickly which can quickly spread. Due to the rapid growth of their roots that are shallow and the rhizomes,

Why Are My Peperomia Leaves Dropping?

It is difficult to watch your peperomia wilt or shed its leaves. Peperomia is a tiny, low-maintenance indoor plant with stunning foliage. The leaves, just

Bird of Paradise How to Trim or Prune

The process of pruning Bird of Paradise correctly is essential for their long-term health and wellbeing. Through this process, you ensure proper growth, and even

Why Are My Coffee Plant Leaves Dropping?

Congratulations for finally having the bean you’ve dreamed of! I’m sure you’re thrilled to harvest your first cup. You’ve probably learned everything you could about

Why Are My Gardenia Leaves Curling?

Gardenias are beautiful shrubs that have lush, waxy leaves, and fragrant flowers. It is a bit depressing to observe your Gardenia leaves curled up. In

Why Are My Peperomia Leaves Curling?

You bought a peperomia plant because everyone has told that they were easy to cultivate. They don’t require a lot of lighting, they don’t require

How Do I Fix A Leggy Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is prized because of its unique habit of growing straight upwards with sturdy foliage that grows closer to each other. The prevention of