Indoor Plants

How to Care For Sansevieria Francisii

A sturdy, hardy plant with air purifying characteristics, sansevieria francisii are one of the most enjoyable plants that you can cultivate. Also called a snake

Why Does Hoya Have Brown Spots?

Hoyas are a non-toxic plant which produce beautiful flower clusters and stunning vines brimming with waxy leaves. But, despite their beauty and simplicity, Hoyas are

Rare Varieties of Syngonium

Syngonium Syngonium, one of the South American native plant, has seen a rise in its usage in office landscaping as well as indoor gardens in

Calathea Beauty Star Care Guide

True to its common title, Beauty Star is one of the most striking beautiful, stylish, and striking leaves in the Genus Calathea. Their distinctive leaves

Why Are My Anthurium Leaves Curling?

When your anthurium’s leaves curl, you may be experiencing an issue of stress. I’ll walk your through some of the frequent causes , and a

What to Do With A Root Bound Pothos

Pothos is a tropical plant that are fast growing however their pots aren’t. Devil’s ivy isn’t a fan of being tied to its roots. Today,

How to Fix Root Rot in A Money Tree

Money Trees are low-maintenance plants, however it’s quite common to see people overwater them. The excess watering of your plant could cause root rot, which

How Often Should I Water My Croton?

The process of watering your croton is difficult to master, especially when you’re the first time. I tried to water my croton on an exact

How Often Do I Water My ZZ Plant?

Contrary to its title, the ZZ plant isn’t completely distinctive to be seen as a part of your homeplants. Actually, due to its tolerant nature

Why Are There Black Spots on Mint?

Who doesn’t like the relaxing smell and appearance of a fresh mint? This is why it’s so frustrating and painful to see dark spots appear

Does Monstera Like Humidity?

Monsteras are well-known for their huge leaves that have attractive splits and holes. It was previously used as an a great addition to garden beds

Why Is My Philodendron Dying?

It’s possible to be a bit worried when you discover that your philodendron has become suffering and is dying. Don’t be worried – I’ll assist

White Spots on Monstera

A healthy monstera will be a lush green and free of blemishes foliage. If you do notice the presence of white marks on your beasta,

Why Is Aloe Vera Plant Turning Pink?

Aloe Vera is typically an attractive and stunning plant, but it can be alarming when you discover that there’s something off with yours. If you’re

How To Save Overwatered ZZ Plant

The excessive amount of watering is all that could be considered to pose a real danger to the robust ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). A strong

How to Save Your Overwatered Peperomia

Overwatering is a frequent problem for Peperomia. Peperomia houseplant. It is depressing to see a gorgeous Peperomia which is limp and discolored. The drooping leaves,

What Is The Best Soil For Peace Lily?

In the natural world, peace lilies are planted in the open air within tropical environments. However, the majority of us, who don’t live in tropical

How to Care For Syngonium Variegata

Syngonium variegates are an eternal classic that will never go out of fashion! With its light and white green stems and leaves the plant is

Why Are Mint Leaves Turning Purple?

Mint plants are often associated with freshness. The leaves are wonderful to incorporate into a range of dishes that are delicious and also in delicious

How to Fix A Root Bound Monstera

The expansive leaves of Monstera is a tropical treat for anyone who has a home. What do you think of the roots? Do these tropicals

Propagation of Philodendron Selloum

The Philodendron soldoumis among the easiest tropical houseplants that can be propagated in water and soil. They can grow large enough that trimming the stems

Why are My Snake Plant Leaves Bending?

If this is you, then you love your snake plant’s low-maintenance and straight appearance. However, it’s a succulent that has no stem. The beautiful plant’s

How to Get Rid of Mold on Plant Soil

The most common cause of mold on soils for plants is caused by excessive humidity. If you experience this issue then you must immediately take

Why Are My Azalea Leaves Dropping?

Azalea is an attractive plant due to its attractive appearance. Gardeners who live indoors tend to grow it to create a beautiful flowering plant. The

Why are there Spikes on My Peperomia?

If you are looking for small plants when it comes to small plants, the Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia Obtusifolia) is a great option. This particular

Brown Spots on Alocasia Leaves

Alocasia is also known as the elephant ear , is an exotic plant with gorgeous huge leaves and stems that resemble zebras. Because it is

Why is My Aloe Vera Dying?

Aloe vera is a succulent, and, like many dense-leaved water-retentive plants they are generally robust and durable. However, that doesn’t mean they’re resistant to bullets,

How To Make My Croton Bushier

The choice of a colored plant with a jewel tone like the croton is logical when you’re looking for an even more bushier and densely

Pothos Temperature Range Tolerance

Pothos is an indoor star, flourishing across a broad range of temperatures due to its toughness and flexibility. The climbers who are fast-growing like temperatures

Overwatered Monstera – How to Save It

A tropical plant that thrives in anhumid environment, Monstera (lat. Monstera delicious) is a fan of lots of water. But, excessive watering could have devastating

How Do I Treat Brown Spots on My Pothos?

Pothos is an ornamental tropical vine that is cultivated primarily to enhance the beauty of its leaves. Unfortunately fungal and bacterial infections can be detrimental

How to Save Your Overwatered Lithops

Lithops are succulents that like being kept dry and not overwatered. They have a bluish appearance because of their ability to store water. Lithops that

Causes of Coffee Plant Leaves Curling

When you plant your coffee, the last thing you want is that they will be unhealthful; curly leaves aren’t a fun discovery, particularly when you

Why Are My Alocasia Leaves Curling?

Alocasia plant is famous for its huge, shiny leaves. Because the care of Alocasia is a bit difficult maintaining its health isn’t an easy job.

Chinese Evergreen Leaves Curling

Chinese Evergreen is native to the tropical forests of Asia. This allows it to flourish in light indirect. It’s always a shock when your home

How To Fix Peace Lily Root Rot

The root rot disease is widespread illness that affects houseplants and is mostly caused by excessive watering and creates the ideal conditions for fungus infestations.

Why is My Lucky Bamboo Turning Brown?

Although lucky bamboos are almost indestructible, they could get sick. The browning of lucky bamboo is not uncommon especially if it’s growing in water or

Why Is Monstera Leaf Not Opening?

The glossy, dark-green fenestrated leaves from Monstera can be used to bring some of the natural world to your living space. Based on how well

Why Is My Monstera Turning Black?

Every gardener has at the very least had the experience of seeing their monstera turn into a black hue to varying degrees. There could be