Indoor Plants

Why Is My Monstera Turning Black?

Every gardener has at the very least had the experience of seeing their monstera turn into a black hue to varying degrees. There could be

Bird of Paradise Leaves Curling

The curled leaves of the bird of paradise indicate a problem, even though your plant seems to be performing very well. It is important to

Why is My Lucky Bamboo Turning Brown?

Although lucky bamboos are almost indestructible, they could get sick. The browning of lucky bamboo is not uncommon especially if it’s growing in water or

Why Is Monstera Leaf Not Opening?

The glossy, dark-green fenestrated leaves from Monstera can be used to bring some of the natural world to your living space. Based on how well

The Flowering Stages of A Peace Lily

To make the most the peace lily flower it is essential to encourage their beauty throughout the course of their lives. It’s surprising to learn

Examples of Exotic Indoor Plants

If you’re following this article, then you are probably passionate about indoor gardening. Every gardener dream of adding exotic indoor plants to their garden. Your

Can I Keep Plants in the Bathroom?

Indoor plants work well with tiles and faience, softening the cold bathroom’s interior. The lush greenery of plants that are near water creates the tranquil