A Guide To Spacing Lavender Grosso

Lavender “Grosso” ( Lavandula x intermedia) is extremely adaptable plant that has the hardy characteristics of lavenders like the English lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia) and the longer blooming season of a Portuguese lavender ( Lavandula latifolia).

Lavender ‘Grosso’ is one of the more extensive lavender variety that can grow as high as 46inches (116 cm) across as well as 32 inches (80 centimeters) wide when the conditions are optimal and requires a large space to thrive at the best.

The more humid the climate, the more airflow and space it is recommended to give lavender “Grosso” to reduce the chance of contracting fungal diseases.

It is important to note the fact that lavender “Grosso” does not necessarily grow to its maximum size in all gardens as it is dependent on the growing conditions, climate , and the best practices for maintenance. Check out my article on the best ways to take care of lavender “Grosso”.

Continue reading to find out how to place lavender ‘Grosso’ according to the specific conditions of your garden…

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’

In terms of lavender “Grosso” is a bigger version at its full size, and , therefore, must be spread out more than smaller varieties like ‘ Hidcote‘ or ‘ Munstead‘.

Lavenders can thrive in open spaces without the need to fight with other plants for airflow or light on the breezy coastline in the Mediterranean.

In conditions that are similar to the Mediterranean that have a high temperatures full sun, frequent rain, mild winters and the ideal conditions for growing, like sandy soils that drain well, the lavender can grow somewhat larger than in cooler climates that have less sunlight.

So the spacing of your lavender ‘Grosso’ ought to be in line with the climate you live in.

Spacing lavender ‘Grosso’:

  • In climates that are temperate (such such as Washington, Oregon or the UK) with shorter growing seasons. Plant lavender ‘Grosso’ about 2 feet apart.
  • For hot and humid climates (California, Spain, Italy) which are like the Mediterranean Space the lavender ‘Grosso’ about a couple of feet from each other.
  • The more humid and typical the climate, the more you need to space lavender ‘Grosso about 3 feet from each other. This can help improve the flow of air, which will prevent fungal diseases..

The majority of lavenders do not prefer humid climates since they have well-adapted to the Mediterranean climate that prevail in Southern European regions with full sun, dry conditions and frequent rain.

lavender in the sunlight

In the event that your area is somewhat humid, then you can place the plant in an wide area of your garden that is as free of other plants as you can and think about planting the ‘Grosso’ plant in raised beds or pots instead of in the ground to increase airflow to the foliage.

The typical length of Lavender “Grosso” is 3-4 feet of space due to:

  • This lets the plant expand to its maximum size before it reaches maturity, without obscuring other lavenders that are planted around it. The more sun-light that the lavender ‘Grosso’ gets, the greater number of blooms and more intense the scent (lavender “Grosso” is extremely valued for its scent and is commercially grown).
  • To ensure that each lavender plant has enough room for their root system to grow in the soil and gain access to the water and nutrients it needs without the need to be competitive with other plants.
  • In order to allow for a breeze to ensure that the leaves remain dry. If you plant lavenders in too small an area, or close to other plants, can result in an environment that is more humid, which can increases the chance of fungal diseases.

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’ Hedges

Lavender ‘Grosso’ grows extremely well as a beautiful plant in gardens of all kinds because of its hardiness to cold and heat resistance and drought tolerance . It can create a continuous collection of flowers that are purple in the summer.

“Grosso” also grows to a large width, so making a hedge requires smaller plants than other lesser-known lavenders.

If your environment is similar to the Mediterranean climate (blazing sunshine, intense temperatures and frequent rain) The larger “Grosso” will flourish in colder climates, like those in the UK or Oregon the lavenders tend to be smaller because of the shorter growing seasons and fewer hours of sunlight.

This will determine the distance you have to place ‘Grosso’ in the space when you plant your hedge.

In cooler climates, grow lavender ‘grosso’ about 20 ” apart. This is 20 inches between each plant, and than 20 inches away from the farther reaches of the lavender.

This will make sure that the lavender grows into a single, continuous hedge but it still allows the roots system enough space to grow. If you plant too close, it will cause each plant to be affected in terms of the quantity of blooms as well as the overall health of each plant.

In warmer climates like the Mediterranean with plenty of sunshine and dry weather, you can plant every lavender plant 2 feet apart so that the lavender grows into a sturdy and attractive hedge.

In just two years, the hedge will be blending into an assemblage of sweet-smelling flowers and foliage.

(To find out more, read my piece on space of hedges for lavender).

Spacing “Grosso” in containers and pots, as well as raised beds

Similar guidelines are applicable to the spacing of lavender ‘Grosso’ pots and raised beds placed in garden boarders, with 3 to 4 inches of room in full sun , which is ideal for growth and flowers.

But you could plant your garden without difficulty or placing pots closer to each other because the drainage and airflow in pots are more favorable than garden boards, therefore fugal diseases aren’t as serious a risk.

Take into consideration that the 2-3 feet distance also include the distance between walls, fences and other structures in addition to plants. make sure that if the pot is located in an area that there is a breeze or full sun instead of the quiet air that can increase the possibility of fungal diseases.

Key Takeaways

  • Plant lavender ‘Grosso’ 2-3 feet apart. This will ensure that each plant gets sufficient light, enough space for roots, and access to the water and nutrients.
  • Lavenders are the largest in conditions similar to their home region of Mediterranean and can shrink slightly in colder climates because of the shorter duration of the growing season.
  • Space “Grosso” around three feet in climates that are humid to improve the flow of air and to prevent fugal illnesses.
  • “Grosso” thrives in containers and pots because of the potential for airflow and favorable drainage conditions.
  • Place ‘Grosso’ two feet to 20 inches apart in the case of planting hedges. Plant the lavenders closer to each other in colder climates with less intense sunlight and farther away in dry and hot climates that have the right conditions to allow for the difference in size.


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