How to Prune a Peace Lily

Peace Lilies don’t only bring peace and aesthetics to your home They are ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners. Pruning a peace lily will allow you to unlock the full potential of your plant.

What is the best time to cut back the peace lily in my garden? By regularly pruning your peace lily you can anticipate more growth, a longer life span and an beautiful appearance of the plant. Pruning regularly can also reduce the likelihood of pests living within the leaves and bring disease to your home.

The leaves of your peace lily may change shades of yellow, green and brown. The colors reveal a lot about the plant’s health and wellbeing. Here is a comprehensive guide to pruning your peace lily properly.

Peace Lily Lifespan

The more healthy a plant is the longer it will last, however certain plants have biological clocks. They typically last for 3 to 5 years, however certain owners have reported that their plants live for more than 20 years.

You’ll know the time when your plant’s lifespan is over as the leaves begin falling and dying, even when the plant is stocked with everything it requires. In this moment, it’s time to leave your plant and begin contemplating your next addition.

White Peace Lily

Trimming Lilies How to Prune a Peace Lily Flower

Peace lilies are famous for their bracts of white. Many people believe that they’re the flowers, however, it’s actually modified leaves, also known as spathes. The spathe is surrounded by a tiny flower cluster in the middle.

The leaves that are white are believed to resemble the white flag of surrender which is why the plant’s name. The leaves undergo an natural cycle, changing colors and then end up dying.

Pruning your peace lily can stimulate new flowers or encourage new shoots to sprout. It all depends on how you cut it. The removal of the flowers that have died at the bottom of the stem creates space the new growth of stems develop and create a larger and more leafy plant.

If you take the flowers that have died the plant will use its energy developing seeds, and the stem will turn brown. However, deadheading the flower that has died causes the plant to concentrate its energy on reblooming. This gives your plant an additional, visually pleasing spathe.

Beware of peace lilies, as they can be toxic to cats and aren’t the most suitable option for cat owners. Instead, take a look at these cats-friendly home plants.

Peace Lily Green Flowers

The moment the plant flowers the flowers and spathes are white. The peace lily flowers turn green, and then begins to droop it is normal. The change occurs at the close of the flower’s life cycle. It’s totally natural and indicates that the flower lived up to its fullest extent.

Peace Lily Care Brown Flowers

Are you wondering what to do when the peace Lily blooms and turns brown? After the flowers have bloomed the lily’s stalk and flower will become dried and dark. The peace lily’s dark brown flowers indicate that the time has come to an end.

If you let the flowers of the peace lily brown, the plant will not be impacted negatively. The brown stem will disappear.

The brown stems, leaves and flowers can degrade the appearance of your plant. It is possible to remove them to reveal their beauty. Although Peace Lilies don’t have a maximum number of stems cutting back the stems will give space for new shoots to grow.

Trimming Peace Lily Deadheading

Pruning is a crucial stage in the process of maintenance. The majority of flowers and plants shed their beauty and draw when they fade away. Deadheading is a method to trim the peace lily.

Deadheading is a term in gardening that refers to the removal of dead or faded blooms from the plants. This method can be performed on the upper part of the plant or near the bottom.

Before you begin cutting your lily, ensure that you disinfect the cutting tools before each cut. Infection prevents the spread of disease from one stem to the next.

The first step in deadheading is to identify all of the dead flowers. Then, you can just cut or pinch off the brown flowers on high up on the stem right beneath the base of the flower. Repeat this process for the remaining flowers on the flower.

This garden chore might seem difficult, but it’s worthwhile. You can also deadhead your lily by cutting the lily completely. Cut only a few inches off to the top and cut off the flowers that have died.

Make sure you look for any new buds that could be hiding in the foliage. If you spot new buds, cut them the top of them and you’ll soon be able to see them blossom.

It is also possible to deadhead flowering plants at the base on the plant. This eliminates brown flowers and foliage and creates a neater plant. Cutting off the stem at the bottom provides more room, allowing for new growth to the plant’s base.

When Should I Cut Back my Peace Lily?

What is the best time to cut back your flowers? The ideal time to begin the process of deadheading is in late spring, when a few blooms are beginning to fade. At this point trimming your plant needs to be performed every couple of days. The practice of making pruning a regular component of your care for your plants will result in an abundant, lush and gorgeous flowering lily.

Should I Cut the Yellow Leaves Off of My Peace Lily?

Most commonly, peace lilies come with long dark green stems, dark green leaves and oval leaves. However, sometimes, your peace lily may change color to yellow. The entire plant will change color or the leaves develop brown or yellow tips.

The yellowing can be due to the amount of the plant is receiving in its water. It could mean that your lily is receiving excessive or insufficient water.

Another reason why your plant’s color is changing could be due to a mineral build-up. Because peace lilies are commonly used as in the indoor garden, they typically only make use of tap water to nourish the plants. However, the mineral calcium is present in this water, and the accumulation can cause your plant’s roots to suffocate.

It is possible to trim these damaged leaves by using the method described earlier. However, the issue will continue happening if you don’t address the root.

To get rid of brown tips and yellow leaves to treat brown tips and yellow leaves, flush your peace lily out using bottled water. This hack lets the minerals contained in bottled water to flush away the calcium and other crystals that can choke.

Then, continue to water your plant in the same way however, only using pure water. It is possible to purchase an encapsulated showerhead to prevent the build-up of minerals from hard and soft water, to ensure that you don’t have to purchase bottles of water to feed your plant.

Final thoughts regarding the pruning of a Peace Lily

Pruning your peace lily not just important to the appearance of your plant , but is also a satisfying gardening task. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your meticulously maintained plants blossom into stunning bouquets. With this guide to how-to you’ll be the most happy peace lily in the world.

However, when your leaves change color, just take a bottle of water and you’ll know what to do! Now that you know how to trim the peace lily, what do you plan to learn next? Pruning the ZZ Plant?



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