How to Grow And Care For Philodendron Atom

The Philodendron Atom is a simple-to-care for small subtropical plant that has glossy, wavy leaves.

Philodendrons are available in various varieties and are a result of forests in Brazil as well as Paraguay. The name comes from Greek and comes from the word “phileo” which means love, and dendron, which means love. meaning tree.

Very like pothos The philodendron is a tough plant that can be found in bedrooms bathroom or any space that is shaded. If you’re a brand new plant-parent The atom is an ideal choice for your first plant.

This guide provides a thorough description of the proper take care of the philodendron houseplants and also how to fix the most common issues they face.

Philodendron Atom Care Tips

Atoms are among the easiest philodendron varieties to maintain which is why they are popular with novices. The requirements for this plant are easy and easy to take care of as you’ll learn in this guide to care in the following article.

Philodendron Atoms’ Light Requirements

Philodendrons thrive in indirect sunlight however direct sunlight can cause burning of the leaves of your atom. The plant shouldn’t be exposed to longer than 3 hours in direct sun.

fingers circling the sun

You’ll observe your plants in a deep shade of green when it’s in shaded places around your house.

Philodendron Atom Temperature Needs

Ideally, philodendron atoms enjoy room temperatures between 12deg – 29deg Celcius (55deg – 85deg Fahrenheit). In the daytime some heat is preferable, and at night, a cooler location within your home can help your plant flourish.

Pruning Your Philodendron Atom

Pruning helps the plant and its growth. Pruning your plants’ leaves is also a good method to shape your plant. However, it should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Pruning is safe all through the year, especially if your plant isn’t getting enough room or isn’t able to shed the leaves that are yellow before they grow.

Philodendron Atoms Fertilization

The most effective method of fertilizing your atom is to utilize an all-purpose liquid plant food. This is fantastic for the health of your plant and will help to accelerate the progress to maturity earlier.

In warmer months it is possible to feed your atom every month. In the winter months it is recommended to feed it once per 6 weeks.

Soil For Philodendron Atoms

The ideal soil for the philodendron atoms is one soil that can hold water easily. Other options include soil high in coconut fibres as well as flower soil.

Philodendron Atoms Humidity

Philodendron atoms are tropical plant and higher levels of humidity will cause your philo to grow beautiful and shiny leaves. They can tolerate low humidity, but when the air is too dry, you’ll begin to notice the plant’s deterioration.

Misting your plant is also a must. It should be considered when the plant is located in areas that are shaded near the home. A simple sign the plant’s not receiving enough humidity is the appearance of brown leaves.

Set up a pebble tray or humidifier next to your plant if the humidity in your home isn’t able to reach 60%-80 percent humidity.

Watering Philodendron Atoms

Philos like moist soil, but be aware of the huge distinction between muddy and moist. It is recommended to water your plants once a week during warmer months and every two weeks during colder seasons is plenty.

The roots aren’t fond of a lot of water, so ensure that your pot has adequate drainage.

Repotting Your Atom

If the roots of your plant appear to be poking out of drainage holes, it’s time to repotte your Atom.

Make sure you choose a larger pot than the one you used to have Remove your plant gently and then place it in the new pot, filling it with new soil. Then, water it.

Philodendron Atoms Propagation

The Philodendron vines are simple to propagate by cutting. Cut them to about 6-inches, then place it in a pot of water in order to grow roots.

Hormones for rooting could increase the odds of your plant’s growth however, it isn’t always required. When you notice more roots grow, plant it in the soil that is moist.

How To Water Your Philodendron Atoms?

In the winter months, your atom will shrink and require less nutrients than during summer months. Therefore, you won’t have for watering as frequently and may reduce fertilization rates too.

Make sure the plant is protected from extremely cold winds and ensure that the room is as moist as you can.

Common Philodendron Atom Problems

The atom is an simple plant that can add elegance to your home. However, to ensure it’s healthyand to help it in times of need there are some things to keep an eye out for.

Here are some of the most frequent issues that you’ll encounter in this plant.

Root Rot

One of the most significant plant weaknesses is root decay. It is caused by excessive watering or soil that isn’t capable of draining correctly.

The most effective way to determine whether your atom is experiencing this issue is to remove your atom from its pot and examining the root.

A healthy root should be dry and healthy, but when it’s rotting, it’ll become mushy and have an unpleasant smell after you remove it.

Another method to determine this is to look at the color of the leaves. If they appear yellow or brown it is important to check the roots. Root rot is a serious problem however if you spot it early enough, you might be in a position to save the plant.

An easy way to treat your plant is to wash your root, then remove the affected roots and then replant them in fresh soil. In the worst case is that you’ll need to grow your plant.

Dropping Leaves

Leaf loss could have a variety of reasons, but it is more likely to be due to the low level of humidity or cold temperatures or excessive direct sunlight.

They usually begin with leaves turning brown or yellow and if no attention is paid to them, they begin to fall.

Leaves Turning Yellow

If your leaves are turning yellow, it’s most likely to be due to excessive watering. If you don’t think it’s overwatering, the next thing to consider is that the soil isn’t in good condition or the pot isn’t draining the water properly. In either case, it should be a simple fix.

Brown Spots

The atoms of Philodendron often develop brown spots as a result of fungal infections. It can be caused by problems like excessive light or water.

The spots could be attributed to insects or poor humidity levels, root rot, or problems in your fertilization.

Spider Mites

The most frequent problem for all plants is spider mites. They are usually found on the plant’s axis, and on the leaves.

To identify them to identify them, spray the stems with water, and they’ll begin to appear. Mites will usually begin eating the plant and its leaves begin to change color, turning brown or yellow with holes in them.

Eliminate them with the help of dish soap and water mixture , and spray them away. If they’re hardheaded and remain, you can purchase an insecticide that is plant-friendly.

Philodendron Atom FAQs

Because philodendrons are widespread plants that a lot of owners have, there are a lot of questions regarding how to keep them alive and healthy.

Here are some common questions that people have before making the decision to purchase this gorgeous plant.

Is The Philderon Safe For Cats?

The leaves of a philodendron can pose an annoyance for cats. The leaves of the plant contain calcium oxalate crystals that when consumed, can cause irritation to the stomach, mouth, and the intestines.

If your cat chews on your leaf, they’ll begin to drool and display symptoms of abdominal discomforts.

The most simple treatment for your pet is to use chicken broth or tuna water however, not tuna oil. It assists in flushing out the crystals that build up in the mouth. The use of milk or yoghurt reduces the discomfort caused by the crystals.

If your cat keeps crying for more than a day then take it to an animal veterinarian. However, you can try to keep your pets away from the philodendron, you can set an object near the plant that will scare your cat away, such as an motion-activated aerosol container. Keep them high in a place where cats cannot reach.

What is the Philodendron Dormancy Period?

The dormancy of the plants is common and usually occurs by itself. The atom usually goes into dormancy at the close of summer or the early autumn.

If you’re thinking of turning the plant into a dormant one then you must place it in cooler, dark areas within your home.

If your plant is dormant, the growth of its foliage is reduced and could even decrease, but the roots will continue to expand and flourish.

In order to get your plant to end its dormancy phase to get it back into the sun, place it in indirect sunlight, give it a proper amount of water and then provide it with fertilizer to encourage and aid in the growth of new plants.

Are Philodendrons Poisonous?

The plants can be poisonous to humans, but not in a way that is harmful to. The leaves of philodendron contain calcium oxalate crystals which make the plant poisonous.

It is not a reason to deter anyone from purchasing an atom of philodendron as it is only possible to get sick if you consume the leaves.

If, by chance, you decide to eat these leaves, tongue, mouth, and throat could swelling as this plant could cause inflammation. Also, you may be nauseated and, in some instances, experience diarrhea.

Children can also experience similar issues If you have toddlers in your home, you might want to consider hanging the plants in areas that are difficult to reach in order to ensure safety.

What’s The Difference Between Philodendrons and Photos?

The plants are often looked at because they look very similar. The main difference is in the leaves.

Pothos’s stem has grooves and the leaves of the philodendron aren’t. Philodendron leaf atoms are regenerated with a leaf sheath that dries out and falls off in the end. The pictures do not contain these sheaths.

What Makes It Different To Other Philodendrons?

The Atom isn’t much different from its siblings and brothers. The main difference in the Atom is that it Atom is an unvining philodendron, and is considered to be a dwarf when compared with the other species.

It can grow up to 30 centimeters tall and 14 centimeters wide and the biggest philodendrons could reach 600 centimeters tall and 180 centimeters in width.

Philodendron Atom Facts

There are more than 900 philodendron varieties around the globe and all of them have incredible facts. Here are some interesting facts about philodendrons that are relevant for the Atom.

  1. Philodendrons of all kinds are classified into three main categories: Epiphytes, which are plants that can grow on other plants and do not harm the host plant, Hemiepiphytes which are plants that spend a portion of their lives in epiphytes terrestrial plants, which are those that are grown from the ground.
  1. Philodendrons come with two kinds of roots: aerial roots that are used to connect to host plants, and subterranean root which is utilized to extract minerals from soil.
  1. Philderons are a significant source of food for bats and monkeys in the wild.

Benefits To Owning a Philodendron Atom

Philodendron plants remove formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde is a poisonous gas that can be eliminated from the air NASA Clean Air Study showed that these are excellent plants for purifying the air, and their leaves are excellent to block dangerous EMF radio waves that are in the air.

Because pruning the philodendron is easy it is possible to cut and style it the way you like. Since it is an attractive piece of art it is possible to make the most of its design flexibility.

The color of the philodendron, which is deep green in its original form, is often associated to buoyancy and strongly connected to well-being. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a plant that will make them feel refreshed.

The misting of your philodendron helps to increase the humidity in the air. This helps to ward from skin dryness ailments and respiratory issues which are exacerbated by dryness.

The atom of philodendron can be found virtually everywhere. The plant will thrive in your bathroom, bedroom and living space All it requires is a place with adequate humidity and adequate shade.

Summary Of The Philodendron Atom

With little effort and care required, the philodendron atom can be an ideal plant to start with for those who want to begin your garden of their own. They require minimal maintenance and will provide you with natural beauty.

If you own an atom of philodendron or a different philodendrons, please don’t hesitate to contact me and share your experience. I’d like to hear any suggestions and tricks you’ve learned.



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