Why Are My Philodendron Atom Leaves Yellow?

Philodendron Atom leaves might be ruffled, however, they don’t need to be ruffled if they begin to turn yellow. The solution is simple once you know what you need to do. But, you must determine the cause of the change in color first.

Below are some of the frequent reasons for the yellow Philodendron Atom leaf:

  • Overwatering
  • Too too much light
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Ageing naturally

Other reasons include drowning and the absence of humidity and light.

There are more than four89 Philodendron varieties. This article we’ll examine what could trigger the Philodendron Atom leaves to turn yellow, and what you can do to do to fix the issue. We will also address some frequently asked questions about Philodendron Atoms.

Common Causes for Yellow Philodendron Atom Leaves

Numerous elements and factors can influence the health of the leaves that your plants have. However, these are the most frequent causes for Philodendron leaf color changing to yellow:


Overwatering is among the main causes that cause the leaves of your Philodendron Atom to become squishy and yellow. The effects of overwatering can affect photosynthesis and hinder the roots from taking in oxygen.

The soil’s moisture also allows microorganisms and fungi the space to develop. They can adversely affect the health of your Philodendron Atom.

Too Much Light

Wild, Philodendron Atoms are plants that thrive under the shaded canopy in the forests. They don’t require lots of lighting. The Philodendron Atom best enjoys direct, bright light.

If you place the Philodendron Atom under direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn. The leaves will begin to turn yellow, before turning to brown before completely crisping. So, your window isn’t the ideal place to place your Philodendron.

You can also use blinds to limit the amount of sunlight gets to your plants.

Another option is to make use of frosty glass. It’s not necessary to convert the glass panes in your glass to frosty glass. It is possible to spray the glass using Rust-Oleum Frosted glass Spray Paint. It will dry in less than 10 minutes, and you can apply a fresh coat if your glass isn’t looking frosty enough.

sunlight through window on plants

Nutrient Deficiency

Chlorosis is the term used to describe the yellowing of leaves because of the absence of chlorophyll. It can be caused by a deficiency or nutrients present in your soil. Philodendron Atom.

Different nutrients have different roles to play in the health of your plant’s leaves. Iron plays an important part in keeping your plant’s leaves healthy. Other nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and zinc are vital to the growth of leaves on plants.

Different nutritional deficiency could affect the first time that leaves turn yellow:

  • Iron: The yellowing of iron begins in the leaf veins, and affects younger leaves first.
  • Magnesium: The yellowing can also occur between leaf veins, which affects older leaves. The yellowing begins in the middle of the leaf and moves to the outside.
  • Nitrogen The older leaves begin to turn yellow , before moving towards younger leaves.
  • The leaves of older age begin becoming yellow around their edges, while the middle of the leaf stays green. After a few weeks the edges of the yellow begin to change color.
  • In the case of sulfur, leaves change completely yellow. The deficiency begins in the youngest leaves.

The Aquatic Arts indoor Plant food is designed to keep the formation of brown spots as well as yellowing of your leaves.

Natural Aging

When the Philodendron Atom gets along in the years of age, the older leaves start to yellow and then fall off.

The process of aging can also be an element of the plant’s natural cycle of life. However, don’t assume that it’s due to age.

Check to see if there are other causes that could be similar to those mentioned in this article.

What To Do With Yellow Philodendron Atom Leaves

What do you do with the Philodendron leaves that are yellow? Let’s discover.

Can Yellow Leaves Turn Green Again?

The leaves of yellow can turn green once more if the yellowing is not extreme and is due to nutrient deficiencies. If that is the situation, it’s possible to get them back and turn back green when the problem is promptly addressed.

Even so, don’t get your hopes up. If the leaves of your plant change color, they’re likely to remain that way for a while.

Should You Remove Yellow Leaves?

It is best to remove leaves that are yellow if they can be easily removed from your plant. Do not try to tear the leaves off if they resist your gentle pull. It will result in stressing or hurting the plant.

If the leaves of yellow aren’t easily removed however you wish to eliminate the leaves for aesthetic reasons You can trim the leaves that are yellow close to the stem using the help with sharp knives.

You may also cut off the yellow portion in the case that the leaf is yellow in part.

Other Causes for Yellow Leaves


While overwatering is the most frequent cause of Philodendrons turning yellow It’s still possible to submerge your plant.

The leaves will typically turn brown and wrinkled if you don’t give the Philodendron Atom enough water. But, leaves that are older located in the outer part of the plant may be yellow, and then start falling off.

It is essential provide your Philodendron Atom a good watering in the event of this. The soil that is dry will not take in water immediately and it’s acceptable to allow a few inches of water to collect over the soil for a while. The water will gradually absorb into the soil.

After the soil has been watered, however, you can take out any excess water you need to. If you don’t, you’ll end up drowning your Philodendron when you’ve just provided it with a refreshing drink.

Lack of Light

Philodendron Atoms can be described as plants which thrive in bright, but indirect sunlight. It could also be the case that you haven’t provided your plant enough sun.

If this happens the first reaction of your Philodendron is for its leaves to become darker and more bright. Beware, however. In the event that you Philodendron Atom doesn’t get enough sunlight to last for a long time it will begin to become yellow and pale.

Lack of Humidity

Philodendrons are content when their surroundings are at or above 55% humidity. They’ll shine in the event that humidity is at 60% or over.

Heating and air conditioners can make the air dry, so be aware of this.

If the humidity isn’t high sufficient for the Philodendron Atom, the leaves’ edges begin to change color. After a few days the entire leaf will turn yellow.

To make sure the Philodendron Atom is in a adequate amount of humidity You can mist your plant. However, this method of humidification isn’t without its drawbacks, as it provides the bacteria with a moist environment.

Another option to mist is to use an humidifying tray. The easiest DIY solution is to make the tray yourself by placing stones on the tray. Sprinkle some water over it, then place your plant pot over the stones.

The humidifying tray on Amazon.com comes with a sturdy tray which makes it tough and protects tables from scratches 9GreenBox Bonsai Humidity Drip Tray.

The most efficient way to make sure that your Philodendron is placed in a humid area is to put it in a space that is more humid, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Rootbound Condition

The roots of your plant may expand to the point that they can become too tightly packed into the pot.

If this occurs it could be challenging for your roots to absorb nutrients, water, and oxygen, causing the leaves of your plant turn yellow.

The best option is to trim some of the roots, particularly if you would like to keep the plants in the same container, or one that is the same size.

It is also possible to repot your plant in a larger pot to allow the roots more space to develop.

Amazon.com sells the plastic planter from Homenote with five sizes per package. You can choose the one that is perfect to your plants. Also, you’ll have a larger pot in the event that you need to change the pot.

Transplant Shock

In a way, if you decide to plant a new one due to its leaves turning yellow and you want to stress it, you could cause further stress, making more leaves yellow.

The most important option is to to keep it as healthy as you can as it adjusts to its new home.

Don’t overwater or underwater. Make sure to fertilize your soil and make sure that your plant receives the correct amount of sunlight that it requires.

It will recover when it’s adjusted.

A thing to remember is not to put soil over the root ball of the plant when you plant it again. The addition of soil on top the root ball will increase the chance that you’ll overwater your plant, causing the leaves yellow.

Watering Your Philodendron

It is important to be aware of when and how you should replenish the Philendon Atom.

When Should I Water My Philodendron Atom?

It is recommended to keep the Philodendron Atom around 1-2 times every week, and only when the soil is not moist. It is true that you must maintain the plant’s health by keeping it healthy, but excessive water can cause it to die.

To determine whether the soil isn’t dry, place your finger into the first 1 to 2 inches of soil. If you see it dry, it’s time to give the Philodendron Atom.

After you have watered your Philodendron, it’s important to allow the soil to dry before you are able to water it once more.

The Proper Way To Water Your Philodendron

Don’t pour so much water into your pot, that it dries over the ground. The only thing you have to keep is the roots ball damp. If you have a planter plate in the pot, make sure that the pot isn’t sitting in a pool of excess water.

Do not water your Philodendron Atom at to the very top. The plant isn’t able to absorb water through its leaves.

Instead, sprinkle or spray water directly onto the soil.

How To Propagate Philodendron Atom

It is possible to grow the Philodendron Atom by cuttings. Use a pair of garden snips or a sharp knife to cut around 3 inches (8-16 cm) of the stem. Then, you can plant it in a cup filled with moist soil or right in the water, until the roots extend a few inches.


Is Philodendron Atom Rare?

Philodendron Atom Philodendron Atom is a rare subtropical plant. Although it’s one of more rare varieties of Philodendrons, its toughness makes it ideal for those who are new to gardening. Philodendron Atoms do not require a lot of water or light.

While this plant doesn’t produce any flowers the shiny and ruffled leaves are an attractive and distinctive look for indoor plants.

How Can You Properly Care for Your Philodendron Atom?

To provide your Philodendron Atom proper treatment, it is essential to properly water them, give them adequate but indirect lighting and ensure the proper humidity levels.

Here are the most important points to be aware of when taking care of the Philodendron Atom

  • Watering: Only water it 1-2 times per week in the event that the top one or two inches of the soil is dry.
  • Conditions for lighting: Bright, however indirect lighting. Direct sunlight can burn leaves.
  • Humidity: Maintain it between 50% to 65% humidity to keep your plant healthy. It can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen. Make use of a humidity tray or a DIY tray to maintain the humidity.
  • Temperature The Philodendrons are plants that are subtropical which means they like warmer temperatures. Maintain it between 70-80 degF (21 degC to 26 degrees Celsius) and avoid placing your plant too close to air conditioners.

What Do Yellow Leaves on My Philodendron Atom Mean?

Yellow leaves can indicate that something is not right. The yellow color may be caused by overwatering, inadequate lighting conditions, or even deficiency in nutrient levels.



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