How to Grow And Care For Philodendron Super Atom (Philodendron Selloum)

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If youre looking for an indoor plant that is simple to care for and grow and maintain, then a philodendron Super Atom is a good option. If you take care of the Thaumatophyllum Selloum well it will remain all year long. In this post Ill walk you through the entire process you must take to ensure that you take proper treatment of your Philodendron superatom.

Heres a guide to care to take care of your super-atom philodendron:

  1. Philodendron Super Atom Plant Watering Requirement
  2. Philodendron Super Atom Plant Soil Requirement
  3. Philodendron Super Atom Light Requirement
  4. Fertilizer
  5. Humidity
  6. Temperature
  7. Philodendron Super Atom Repotting
  8. Pruning
  9. Propagation
  10. Most Common Issues with Philodendron Super Atom
  11. Yellow or Brown Leaves
  12. Insufficient sunshine
  13. Pests: spider mites, mealybugs
  14. Many frequently asked questions regarding Philodendron Super Atom. People can also

As weve mentioned before the super atom of philodendron is a simple plant to manage and maintain. If you wish for the Philodendron superatom flourish and keep beautifying your home for a long time take care of it. This is a super atom philodendron or super atom philodendron care manual.

1. Philodendron Super Atom Plant Watering Requirement

The super atom of your philodendron will flourish in well-hydrated soil, that is soil that isnt too dry or too moist. It is recommended to water the plant every week during the summer seasons is the best way to ensure it is well-hydrated. If you water the plant every week make sure to do it in a thorough manner until the water drains through the drainage holes in on the base of the plant.

It is recommended to cut down on the frequency of watering during winter as the plant will hold more water due to the low levels of humidity. But, you should not allow your soil to dry out completely during winter. Water your plant at the least once per month.

The best way to water your super atom philodendron is in the vicinity of the pot and near the soil is ideal. Do not water from above as the plant is not able to take in the water in its leaves.

It is recommended to create an irrigation schedule in order to avoid drowning or overwatering your plants.

As we will see later in this article, excessive or inadequately the watering of your superatom could cause negative effects and even cause the death of the plant.

2. Philodendron Super Atom Plant Soil Requirement

Your Thaumatophyllum Super Atom requires nutrient-rich, well-drained soil to thrive. It is possible to use premium homeplant potting soil that has peat-moss, a drainage substance, to get the best results. Also, make sure that the soil you are using has an acidity of 7 or higher because super atoms thrive in these alkaline soils.

Philodendron close up

It is also important to ensure that the pot in which you cultivate your plant has drainage holes in the bottom. The holes are designed to drain excess water out of the soil, preventing it from logging up.

If your soil is flooded and the water is absorbed, it can result in root rot. Root rot could cause damage to or even kill your plant when it is not treated.

3. Philodendron Super Atom Light Requirement

The great thing regarding Philodendron Selloum Philodendron Selloum is that it can thrive in different lighting as illustrated below:

Bright Indirect Light

The plant thrives in indirect, bright sunlight. Place it in a spot which receives bright, but indirect sunlight. If you place it in a spot which is exposed to direct sunlight and direct sunlight, suns rays could cause burns to the leaves.

If leaves are burned due to excessive sunlight, they could change color, and eventually, the plant may end up dying.

There is a straightforward method to determine if the super-atom plant philodendron is receiving enough illumination. If you are able to read in the space where your plant is located during the day without having to turn on the lights and the light is perfect for your super Atom.

Well-Lit Shady Area

Your super atom could also flourish in a well-lit and shaded area such as an outdoor space or hallway. As long as it gets enough sunlight it will thrive no matter if the location is shaded or not.

If you put the super-atom philodendron inside an area with adequate lighting the leaves of the plant will change to a vibrant deep green.

Artificial Light

The interesting thing is to observe that the superatom philodendron is also responsive to artificial light.

But, if you decide to expose it to just artificial light. In that situation, its best for it to be exposed to artificial light for about 10 hours each day. Because this plant thrives in artificial light it is suitable for office and home spaces.

4. Fertilizer

The super atom of your Philodendron doesnt require a lot of food as its an extremely hardy plant. Therefore, if you fertilize your plant often throughout the year, itll be perfectly fine. For instance, you can fertilize your super atom every eight weeks in the warm months of summer and spring since the plant is most active during these seasons and therefore requires fertilizer.

Additionally it is recommended to feed your plant once every eight weeks during winter since the plant does not see much growth during this time of year.

The most suitable food source for your super-atom Philodendron is a balanced liquid fertilizer. A fertilizer that contains magnesium calcium, calcium, phosphorus nitrogen, and potassium is perfect to this particular plant. These micronutrients allow the superatom to grow strong and healthy.

When you adhere to the manufacturers guidelines with care Your plant will stay robust and healthy all through the year, and see new growth.

5. Humidity

As we mentioned previously the super atom is an undertropical plant which means it prefers a humid climate. To keep its vibrant green leaves, the plant needs a humidity of 50%..

In the summer months the humidity levels inside your office or home quickly reach this level.

But, during cold months, humidity levels are less that 50%. This can adversely affect the plant. In the winter seasons, it is possible to take these things to boost the levels of humidity:

  • Utilize a humidifier: You can boost the level of humidity in your home by using the humidifier. If you do this you will experience a higher humidity during the winter months. The super atom philodendron has a higher humidity, and as a result it thrives.
  • The misting of the plants: This occurs when you spray your plant with water using a sprayer or spray bottle. It can temporarily increase the level of humidity around your homeplant. To get the best results, mist the sides and the top of the leaves during the early morning or in the late afternoon.
  • Place the plant in the bathroom. Your bathroom is home to high levels of humidity even during the winter months due to the hot water that flows through it. It is possible to put your super atom inside the bathroom in cold weather to enjoy the greater humidity levels within the bath.
  • Set your plant in a dish filled with pebbles. Since the pot in which you keep your super atom is equipped with drainage holes, put the plant on top of a tray, so that any excess water will be able to settle on the tray, instead of falling into the floor. It is possible to place a lot of pebbles in the tray. as the water that is left over is evaporated from the plant pebbles, the humidity levels within the plant increase.

6. Temperature

The super atom of philodendron is a subtropical plant and, as such, prefers an environment that is warm. However, excessive heat could hinder the absorption of moisture of the plant. This could cause the leaves to dry out.

Therefore, it is recommended to maintain your plant at normal temperatures in the room, ranging from 21 and 28 degrees Celsius (69.8 degF to 82.4 degF).

Additionally, temperatures that are below 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 degF) are not the best for the super atom philodendron you have chosen to grow; the cold could cause a scathing effect on the leaves. So, it is recommended to place the plant in the house whenever temperatures outside drop.

Additionally, you must be sure to avoid placing your plant near heaters or air conditioners since these devices produce extremely hot and dry air. This air could affect your plant, and it could be stressed, burnt, or damaged.

7. Philodendron Super Atom Repotting

The super atom of philodendron is a plant that grows slowly and doesnt require regular repotting.

Sometimes, you might observe that the plants roots have engulfed the bottom of the container or are protruding through the drainage holes. If this occurs it is time to replace the philodendron super atom.

It is recommended to plant your super atom again after 2 years, however it is recommended to examine your plant at the close of each growing season to determine if the roots are healthy.

Repotting your super atom philodendron is essential as it allows the roots breathing room and, as a result the plant flourishes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you spot your philodendron super atom:

  • Make sure you use a pot that is slightly bigger when repotting the super-atom in your garden, opt for a pot that is that is a couple of inches larger than the one you had previously. Since this plant is growing slowly it will take a while until the roots fill up with the fresh pot.
  • Select the right pot The ideal pot to repot the superatom in is clay, ceramic or the terracotta pot. The ingredients inside these pots permit an air circulation in the soil, and allow your plant to thrive.
  • Choose a pot that has drainage holes. When selecting the pot to repot the super-atom in, opt for one that has drainage holes in the bottom. The holes allow the excess water to drain away from the plant, thereby preventing the water from accumulating, which could cause root rot.

8. Pruning

As we mentioned previously the super atom of philodendron is a small plant, so it is not required to trim it as frequently as larger houseplants. But, you might need to take off older, discolored or dead leaves every once in every once in a while. It is also possible to trim your plants regularly to enhance its appearance.

When you are pruning your super atom, take a look at it closely to determine whether it needs to be pruned. When you are pruning the superatom you have, you must wear gloves for gardening to safeguard your hands. Make use of sharp and clean kitchen scissors to trim off the old leaves; Sharp scissors create a neat cut.

If you have to take out the leaves from your yard, slice them off prior to the leaf nodes in order to stimulate the growth of new leaves. You can also pinch the leaves over the nodes of your leaf, instead of cutting them with cutting tools.

9. Propagation

If you are looking to create another super atom of philodendron You can grow it by two methods: cuttings or seeds. Here is a description of both methods:

Propagation of Super Atom Philodendron Using Seeds

The process of creating a super atom with seeds may be more difficult than other methods. The reason for this is because seeds can take between four to eight weeks to develop.

If you choose to reproduce a super atom Philodendron by seeds, it is possible to buy seeds from reputable home plant seeds suppliers.

Follow the instructions for growing on the packet with care because they can differ from one seed company to another.

It is recommended to place three or two seeds in each pot, so that at least one develops. The seeds should be spread out within the container to allow the roots ample space to grow. When the seedlings are mature to be transplanted, you can transfer to the superatom.

Propagation Using Cuttings

It is also possible to propagate the plant by cuttings taken from the superatom of an already existing Philodendron. If you choose to reproduce with cuttings, this is the way to do:

  • The super atom should be hydrated a day prior to taking the cutting. This will ensure that the cutting remains hydrated, and is capable of absorbing nutrients and not be affected by transplant shock, which can negatively affect the plant.
  • Make sure you use a clean knife to cut the stem and make sure that you cut a stem that has leaves and a few nodules. The leaves that are cut aid the plant absorb chlorophyll to ensure rapid as well as healthy growth.
  • Place the cutting in a small pot. Be sure to make sure to use a moist, high-quality pots for houseplants.
  • Put your pot into a sunny spot. Make sure it is away from sunlights direct radiation.

If you cut right, you can expect to see growth emerge in the superatom you have propagated within 2 to 4 weeks.

10. Common Problems With Philodendron Super Atom

As with any plant the super atom of your philodendron may have issues if you dont take care of it in a proper manner.

Monitoring the plants health for problems that may arise is a great method to ensure its health. Here are some of the most frequent problems with the super atom:

Yellow or Brown Leaves

There are times when you might observe brown or yellow leaves on your super atom Philodendron. If a few leaves are brown or yellow There is no reason to be concerned. Leaves alter color as they age. If this is the situation, you should remove the stained leaves to ensure that new green leaves can take their place.

If, however, the majority of leaves on your philodendron super atom are brown or yellow it could indicate an issue that is underlying. The causes that can cause brown or yellow leaflets on the superatom are:


The overwatering of your superatom is one of the reasons for the leafs yellowing. If you are able to overwater your plant the soil gets soaked and the roots are unable to get enough oxygen to function properly. If this happens the leaves of your superatom begin turning yellow.

If you notice that some leaves on your super-atom philodendron are changing color, its recommended to take them off and dispose of them.

In this way the plant will no longer appear unattractive, and you allow new leaves to develop.

Also, do not water your plant till the first 2 inches of the soil are dry. You can check this by putting your finger into the soil. Then, you should create an annual watering schedule for the week and adhere to it so the super-atom philodendron will thrive once more.


Super atom philodendrons that are underwatered is one of the main causes for the browning of leaves. The term underwatering means that you are watering your plant in a way that is too light or you are not watering it for prolonged periods of time.

If that is the case take the brown leaves off to let new growth of the leaves to give your plant a fresh start.

Make sure to water your plant well until the water drains through your drainage holes. Then, you can keep the plant watered every week, then your super-atom will grow new leaves slowly. If you adhere to the regular routine of watering every week the plant will flourish.

Not Enough Sunlight

As we mentioned previously Super atom philodendrons are able to thrive in shaded areas and even under artificial lighting. However, avoid denying your plant sufficient light. If you look at the super atom of your philodendron closely you will be able to tell if its getting enough sun or not.

If the super atom isnt getting sufficient sunlight, stems will grow long and leggy, with a few inches between leaves.

The plant may also appear like it has been weakened and the leaves will appear small and have the appearance of a pale green or yellow hue. If you notice these warning signs on your plant, you should act fast to keep it alive.

It is recommended to put the super-atoms in a sunny spot that has indirect light. Be sure to rotate the pot frequently if there is only one source of light so that the entire plant are able to receive enough illumination.

Pests – Spider Mites and Mealybugs

The super atom of your philodendron is susceptible to pests just like other houseplants. Here are the most frequent pests that could attack the super atom Philodendron.

Spider Mites

If you see tiny, round, red or black-colored insects on the bottom of leaves, it is an indication that spider mites are present.

Spider mites feed on sap of the plant and if you dont react promptly, the leaves of the plant will begin to droop and curl and the plant may eventually end up dying. It is possible to use a home plant insecticide to eliminate the mites.


Mealybugs are a pest that suckers the sap from your super-atom philodendron as well as others, leaving the leaves wilted and discolored. If left untreated they could end up damaging the plant.

It is possible to shower your plant in water to flush off the mealybugs. And If they remain then apply insecticidal soap on the leaves.

11. Frequently Asked Questions About Philodendron Super Atom on People Also Ask

If you are planning to develop an atom of philodendron or have already started to grow one. If so you may have a lot of questions regarding the plant.

Below are a few most frequently asked questions regarding the superatom of philodendron and the solutions:

What Makes the Philodendron Super Atom Different From Other Philodendrons?

The super atom of the philodendron differs from other species of philodendron because it is an extremely small plant. It can grow to up to thirty centimeters in width and fifty centimeters in length.

As a comparison, other species can reach up to 180 centimeters in width and 600 centimeters tall.

Additionally the super atom expands extremely slowly when compared to other species of philodendron.

Should I Use Tap Water to Water My Super Atom Philodendron?

It is not recommended to make use of tap water for watering the super-atom philodendron due to the fact that tap water is typically cold and could impact the plant. Tap water also contains fluoride, which could adversely affect the plant.

If you are watering your super atom regularly with chilled tap water, edges of the plant may change color over time.

If you need to fill your super atom philodendron with tap water, place the water into a container for 24 hours prior to making use of it. After 24 hours the tap water inside the pot will reach room temperature, which means that the fluoride in it will disintegrate. This water is therefore safe to be used on your plant.

Alternately, you can make use of rainwater or distilled water to provide water to your super atom philodendron. Whatever you choose, be aware of the water youre providing your plants.


The super atom of philodendron is among the most sought-after houseplants due to its naturally beautiful and simple to care for.

The plant that has lobe-shaped shiny green, wavy, and glossy leaves is compact and remains tiny even as it grows. Super Atom, therefore, enhances your space without taking over, and is perfect for your home or patio as well as your office.

As long as you offer the right care and appropriate growth conditions for your super atom of philodendron and it is healthy, it will grow beyond what you can imagine. A super atom that is well-cared for has an extended lifespan, and can enhance and cleanse the air within your space for many years.



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