General Plant Care

Is Wood Ash Good For Roses?

Bonfires are an excellent method of disposing of branches and woody materials in your garden or yard. The ash that is ash produced can be

Why Is My Hydrangea Drooping?

The reason why your hydrangea is falling down is due to the soil is dry or the hydrangea is exposed to too much sunlight or

How to Revive Dying Petunias Properly

Petunias are delicate annual flowers that do not like cold or frosty temperatures. They fade in winter. Petunias that are dying and wilting typically caused

Why Is My Snake Plant Turning Black?

Snake plants turn black because of root rot when there is too much moisture around the roots caused by overwatering, slow draining soils, or pots

Do My Roses Like Acidic Soil?

Roses thrive on slightly acidic soils. They can absorb the nutrients that they need to thrive, and they produce beautiful displays of flowers. You can

Why Your Bougainvillea is Dying

The most common reasons for dying bougainvillea are overwatering, boggy soil, cold weather, and not enough sun. Bougainvilleas can be killed by frost, but they

Why is My Japanese Maple Dying?

Japanese maples (also called Acers) ‘ Acer palmatum are small trees that thrive in well-draining soil that is rich with organic material, with a little

Can My Roses Grow in Partial Shade?

Roses can tolerate a little shade, but they require at minimum six hours of direct sunlight to flourish, or even more. Certain species are more

Why Are My Roses Not Blooming?

The reason that roses aren’t blooming are usually due to excessive nitrogen fertilizer. The excess nitrogen encourages growth of the foliage but at the expense

Will Lavender Grow in Clay Soils?

The lavender plant will not thrive when it is planted directly in clay soil. Clay soil is prone to retaining excessive water, which can cause

How to Stop Rosemary Drying Out

The growth of rosemary is very good in pots because of the favorable drainage conditions. If however, your rosemary in a pot has begun to

Why Lavenders Don’t Need Feeding

Lavenders don’t require any extra fertilization or feeding because they’re used to living in soils that are sandy and have low fertility soils of the

Why Do Hydrangea Leaves Turn Brown?

Hydrangeas are famous because of their ability to resist diseases and insects. However, many aspects can cause problems with the health of plants. It is

How to Make Rosemary Grow Bigger?

Rosemary is an Mediterranean species that is specifically adjusted to specific soil and climate conditions of its natural environment. The reason why that your rosemary

Why is Your Orchid Dying?

The reason orchids die usually is due to overwatering or because they were planted in the incorrect medium for potting. The overwatering of potting medias

How to Plant Lavender Provence

Lavender “Provence” ( Lavandula x intermedia) is an intermixed lavender that has an intense, sweet scent and lots of flowers. It is cold-hardy (tolerates the

How to Revive a Dying Calathea

The reason for a dying calathea usually is due to the fact that the soil is dry in the area around the roots ball because

How to Water Poinsettias Properly

Poinsettias require the top inches of the soil to dry between watering sessions. Make sure to give them a good soak so that the water

Why is My Cosmos Not Flowering?

Cosmos do not bloom if they are in too much shade, in consistently boggy soil, or with too much nitrogen fertilizer. Cosmos need well-draining soil

Why Is Jasmine Not Flowering?

Jasmine’s inability to flower is often due to drought stress, too many nitrogen in the soil, or improper pruning. The growth that Jasmine flowers are

Why Is My Basil Plant Leggy?

Basil plants become leggy as a result due to the excessive quantities of fertilizer, not enough sunlight, and absence of regular pruning. Basil requires plenty

How to Save a Dying Hydrangea

The reason for dying hydrangea usually is due to the soil being too dry or the hydrangea has been placed exposed to too much direct

5 Reasons Lavenders are Easy to Grow

They are low-maintenance plants that thrive with poor care. If you’re a novice gardener or would like to cut down on time by planting plants

When Is Best To Fertilize Roses?

In general , roses are tough plants that can withstand any kind of weather, however they’re heavy eaters, and consequently a proper fertilization program when

Why is My Calibrachoa Dying?

Calibrachoa (also called “Million Bells”) is an annual flowering plant that is a perennial that grows in warm climates, but considered an annual plant in

Why is my Lavender Turning Black?

The two main reasons for lavenders turning black are fungal or frost damage. pathogens like Fusarium Verticillium or wilt. The lavenders may turn dark at

Best Pots to Grow Aloe Vera In

The most effective pots for aloe vera are terracotta and ceramic pots that are about 2 inches larger than what the plant is. The size

Why is My Orchid Not Blooming?

The reason orchids aren’t blooming is usually due to the fact that temperatures are too high in the evening. The orchids need the temperature in

Why is Dill Plant Dying?

The reason why a dying dill plant is typically due to the fact that dill is dying quickly after it has bolted, when the flower

Why are My Strawberry Plants Dying?

The reason for strawberries dying are due to a nutritional deficiency in the soil or frost damage, drought stress or crown rot caused by inadequate

How To Water Rosemary Properly

The rosemary is a drought-resistant plant that needs that the soil dry out slightly between watering sessions to prevent root decay. Give rosemary a good

How Often to Water Your Herbs

The annual plants should be watered as frequently as is necessary to ensure that the soil remains dry but not overly saturated, typically each 3-7

How to Treat Root Rot in Hydrangea

Who doesn’t like the Hydrangea with its fun flower pom-poms? However, this plant may not be happy if it’s surrounded by root decay! If your

Why is Black Prince Succulent Dying?

A dying black prince succulent is often caused by too much moisture around its roots due to overwatering or damp soils. This causes the leaves

Why Won’t My Hydrangea Flower?

All varieties of hydrangeas will flower as early as the beginning of Spring or mid-Summer through to the end of Summer, with each bloom lasting

Why Is My Thyme Plant Drooping?

Thyme plants lose their vigor or die due to the soil being too humid around the roots due to excessive watering or slow draining soils,

Why Your Rosemary Is Drooping

The rose is a drought-tolerant plant, so the reason that the rosemary’s drooping appears to be likely to be a sign of stress caused by

How to Save Your Drooping Aloe Vera

The reason for a drooping aloe plant is usually because of a lack of sunlight. Aloe plants require direct sunlight. Aloe vera plants need direct

Why is my Lavender Turning Gray?

The color of lavender can change because due to frost injury or because of a fungal infection due to over-watering and slow drainage of soils.

How To Revive Your Dying Thyme Plant

Thyme plants are low-maintenance perennial plants that are indigenous to the Mediterranean region of Europe and are adaptable to the changing environment of the Mediterranean.

Why Is My Lavender Turning Brown?

What causes lavender to turn brown? The reason that lavenders change color is due to the fungal disease known as root rot. Root root causes

How Do I Revive My Dying Cactus?

The reason for a dying Cactus is often too much water around its roots due to slow draining soil and overwatering. Cactus species require that

Why is My Agapanthus Not Flowering?

Agapanthus (also called ‘ Lily of the Nile as well as ‘ African Lily‘) is a flowering herbaceous perennial that will flower in the summer

How You Should Be Watering Roses

If you have roses that are planted in a fertile soil that has been amended with lots of organic matter, you should water your roses

Why Is My Rosemary Turning Black?

The reason that rosemary leaves change color is due to fungal diseases that are caused by moist soil around the roots or by high humidity.