General Plant Care

Why are My Yucca Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yucca leaves become yellow in the course of stress caused by over the amount of watering and excessive water around your roots. Yuccas are drought-resistant

Why is My Fern Turning Brown?

The most frequent reasons why fern leaves turn brown is due to the low humidity and underwatering. Ferns like 40% humidity, whereas in indoors, the

How to Water Orchids Properly

Water orchids are watered once every seven days during the summer and spring and once every 10-14 days during Autumn and Winter. Water orchids require

How to Water Snake Plants Properly

Snake plants have evolved to withstand drought and therefore, water them with plenty of water and let the soil dry out completely before watering it

Why is My Orchid Not Blooming?

The reason orchids aren’t blooming is usually due to the fact that temperatures are too high in the evening. The orchids need the temperature in

Why Is My Lavender Turning Brown?

What causes lavender to turn brown? The reason that lavenders change color is due to the fungal disease known as root rot. Root root causes

When Is Best To Fertilize Roses?

In general , roses are tough plants that can withstand any kind of weather, however they’re heavy eaters, and consequently a proper fertilization program when

Why Does A Succulent Turn Gray?

If your succulent’s leaves have begun to turn gray, it is due to excessive moisture surrounding the succulent’s roots because of excessive irrigation or slow

Why Are Rose Leaves Turning Yellow?

The rose leaves turn yellow due to excessive fertilizer, nutrient insufficient soil drought stress, over-saturated soil, insufficient sunlight or due to fungal diseases. Rose leaves

What Soil Types do Lavenders Like?

Lavenders are indigenous to Mediterranean countries. In order to grow lavender successfully, you need to recreate the soil conditions in the region. Lavenders thrive in

How to Care For Zebra Succulents

The zebra succulents should be watered once every two weeks. They should be placed in indirect, bright sunlight with temperatures between 55degF and 80degF. Zebra

Why Does Sage Wilt?

Sage plants with drooping or wilting could be due to over-watering or fungal diseases excessive fertilizer use or insufficient watering. Sage is a drought-resistant plant

Why Are My Roses Not Blooming?

The reason that roses aren’t blooming are usually due to excessive nitrogen fertilizer. The excess nitrogen encourages growth of the foliage but at the expense

How to Water Poinsettias Properly

Poinsettias require the top inches of the soil to dry between watering sessions. Make sure to give them a good soak so that the water

Why Lavenders Don’t Need Feeding

Lavenders don’t require any extra fertilization or feeding because they’re used to living in soils that are sandy and have low fertility soils of the

Why is my Lavender Dying?

Lavenders are tough, durable plant species that flourish in the Mediterranean area in full sun and well-drained sandy soil that is moderate to low in

Does Lavender Come Back?

The perennial lavender is sub shrub that does return after winter and can last for many years if given the proper care, and in the

Will Lavender Grow in Acidic Soil?

Lavender can be found in moderately acidic soils starting at pH 6.5 however they prefer to be in alkaline soils that range from pH 8.

How to Revive a Wilting Orchid

The most common cause of orchids dying is due to overwatering and/or the medium for potting being too compacted and holds excessive water. Orchids require

Why Won’t Rosemary Flower?

The reason that rosemary isn’t blooming is usually due to the excessive nitrogen fertilizer that promotes growth of the foliage, but at the expense of

Why Is My Mint Plant Wilting?

Mint plants are tough perennial plants which thrive on moist soil and plenty of sunlight. But they can be susceptible to die if the soil

How Often Do I Water Succulents?

In general, you should you should water your succulents every two weeks. Succulents are drought-resistant plants that require soil to dry out between watering sessions.

Which Lavender Is The Easiest to Grow?

English lavenders are among the most easy to cultivate and include varieties like “Hidcote” and “Munstead.” They are considered to be the easiest and most

Which Lavender Is The Hardiest?

English lavenders are the most durable of all species of lavenders as they are able to withstand snow in winter, and drought during summer, withstand

Why Is My Basil Plant Wilting?

The most frequent reason why basil is wilting is due to dry soil. Basil requires moist, porous soil, and regular watering during hot weather to

Why is My Lavender Plant Wilting?

If the conditions are right they can be hardy low-maintenance plants that bloom for a long time and give off an intense scent. There are

Why is Dill Plant Dying?

The reason why a dying dill plant is typically due to the fact that dill is dying quickly after it has bolted, when the flower

How to Revive a Dying Calathea

The reason for a dying calathea usually is due to the fact that the soil is dry in the area around the roots ball because

How to Make Rosemary Grow Bigger?

Rosemary is an Mediterranean species that is specifically adjusted to specific soil and climate conditions of its natural environment. The reason why that your rosemary

How to Care For Lavender Grosso

Lavender Grosso ( Lavandula x intermedia) is among the most adaptable lavender hybrids that has merged the hardy characteristics of English lavender with the long

How to Grow Hostas Under Pine Trees

Hostas are shade-loving plants which can thrive under pine trees, provided organic matter is added to the soil prior to planting. Hostas growing under pine

Can My Roses Grow in Partial Shade?

Roses can tolerate a little shade, but they require at minimum six hours of direct sunlight to flourish, or even more. Certain species are more

Why Your Herbs Are Drooping

The reason for the herbs to droop is due to overwatering or extreme heat, or excessive fertilizer. Mediterranean plants like rosemary and lavender droop as

How to Revive Dying Petunias Properly

Petunias are delicate annual flowers that do not like cold or frosty temperatures. They fade in winter. Petunias that are dying and wilting typically caused

How Much Water Does Rosemary Need?

The rosemary is a drought-resistant plant that needs that the soil dry out slightly between watering sessions to prevent root decay. Give rosemary a good

5 Reasons Lavenders are Easy to Grow

They are low-maintenance plants that thrive with poor care. If you’re a novice gardener or would like to cut down on time by planting plants

Why does Christmas Cactus Wilt?

The reason why a plant is wiping Christmas Cactus is because of the water being too shallow, or it is not properly hydrated or humidity

Why is My Lavender So Woody?

Lavenders get increasingly woody as the plant grows. If you don’t prune your lavender each year, the speed of when the Lavenders become woody will

Why is Your Orchid Dying?

The reason orchids die usually is due to overwatering or because they were planted in the incorrect medium for potting. The overwatering of potting medias

How You Should Be Watering Roses

If you have roses that are planted in a fertile soil that has been amended with lots of organic matter, you should water your roses

Do Hostas like Coffee Grounds?

Hostas can benefit from the use of the coffee ground used as mulch due to their high nitrogen content However, you must make use of

Reasons Why Lavenders Turn Yellow

What causes Lavender plants change color? The most frequent causes that lavender leaves turn yellow is due to excessive nitrogen levels in the soil, or

Tips for Keeping Rose Plants Indoors

The care and maintenance of indoor roses is easy however there are some most effective practices to adhere to for a healthy and beautiful rose,

Can Lavender Grow in The Shade?

The most frequently asked concerns for gardeners who are just beginning their journey is whether any kind of lavender can thrive in shaded conditions. Lavenders

Why Your Azalea Is Turning Yellow

Do you notice your Azalea leaves becoming yellow but you are unable to figure out the reason? Similar with my Azalea plant, and it took

How Far Apart to Plant your Hostas

The space between hostas is determined by the distribution of the particular species as they can differ dramatically in size, with miniscule and huge cultivars

Why is My Clematis Not Blooming?

Clematis is a perennial that is hardy climbing vine that comes in a variety of cultivars that typically bloom in the latter half of Spring

Why Is My Rosemary Turning Black?

The reason that rosemary leaves change color is due to fungal diseases that are caused by moist soil around the roots or by high humidity.

How Do I Revive a Dying Yucca Plant?

The reason a yucca plant dies is typically due to overwatering and inadequate drainage, which causes the leaves to die and change color to yellow.

How Do I Revive a Dying Snake Plant?

The reason for a declining snake plant can be usually slow draining and overwatering soils that cause leaves to change from yellow to brown, and

Why is My Thyme Plant Turning Brown?

The reason that thyme plants change color is due to fungal diseases caused by excessive water surrounding the root. Thyme is an Mediterranean plant that

Can My Lavender Survive the Winter?

English lavender varieties are tough and can be grown in the winter months and withstand frost. However, Spanish, French and Italian lavenders don’t tolerate frost