General Plant Care

Stop Slugs Eating Your Hostas in Pots

The snails as well as the slugs can be a gardener’s enemy because they love eating their delicious leaves and create their distinctive holes when

How to Save a Dying Hydrangea

The reason for dying hydrangea usually is due to the soil being too dry or the hydrangea has been placed exposed to too much direct

How Do I Revive a Dying Basil Plant?

The reason that basil leaves are becoming brown, wilting, and dying is due to dry soil caused by the sun’s rays, excessive winds, high temperatures

Why Is My Aloe Plant Dying?

The reason behind dying aloe plants is usually over-watering and slow drainage of soil that causes the leaves to turn brown or yellow , giving

Why is My Agapanthus Not Flowering?

Agapanthus (also called ‘ Lily of the Nile as well as ‘ African Lily‘) is a flowering herbaceous perennial that will flower in the summer

How Often to Water Basil Plants

Basil is a plant that does not have an established woody structure that can help it grow and so depends on a continuous supply of

Why are My Strawberry Plants Dying?

The reason for strawberries dying are due to a nutritional deficiency in the soil or frost damage, drought stress or crown rot caused by inadequate

Does Wet Soil Affect Rose Growth?

Roses won’t thrive on soils that are constantly boggy and wet. The soil that is wet will cause rot to the rose’s roots. The soil

How to Water Aloe Plants Properly

Aloe vera are drought-resistant plants that should be watered after they are in a soil that have dried completely. Typically , watering aloe vera one

Why is My Japanese Maple Dying?

Japanese maples (also called Acers) ‘ Acer palmatum are small trees that thrive in well-draining soil that is rich with organic material, with a little

Why Your Rosemary Is Dying

The rosemary is an Mediterranean plant which thrives under full sun, on well draining sandy soil, and requires a lot of water. The reason that

How to Water Your Lavender in Hot Weather

Lavenders are drought-resistant plants that thrive in dry and hot countries bordering the Mediterranean like Italy France as well as Spain and are well-suited to

Will Hostas Grow in Clay Soil?

Hostas are able to thrive in clay soils with moderate levels if the area of planting is fertilized with organic matter to 12 inches in

Reasons Why Your Azalea is Not Growing

The most frequent reasons why azaleas aren’t growing are: Azaleas require rich soil. Poor soils for nutrients (such ones with sandy soils) might not contain

Why Your Bougainvillea Is Losing Its Leaves

Bougainvilleas shed their leaves because of low temperatures, lack in sunlight, shock from transplants or as a result of stress caused by overwatering. Bougainvilleas are

Why Your Hydrangea Is Not Blooming

Pruning in the wrong time of the year and winter damage to flower buds are the most frequent causes of hydrangeas not blooming. The flower

Why Your Rosemary Is Drooping

The rose is a drought-tolerant plant, so the reason that the rosemary’s drooping appears to be likely to be a sign of stress caused by

Why Your Lantana Is Not Blooming

The reason why lantana isn’t blooming is typically because the fact that it is in a shaded area or there is too much water around

How to Water Jade Plants Properly

Jade plants can endure drought conditions and require the soil to dry out between watering sessions. Jade plants should be watered approximately every 14 days,

Why Is My Hydrangea Drooping?

The reason why your hydrangea is falling down is due to the soil is dry or the hydrangea is exposed to too much sunlight or

How to Revive Your Dying Air Plant

The reason for a declining air plant typically due to rot caused by water accumulating within the top of the plants. Air plants must dry

Why is My Honeysuckle Dying?

The reason why a honeysuckle is dying honeysuckle is typically due to the soil being too dry or deficient in nutrients. Honeysuckle needs a consistently

Why Your Hebe Is Not Flowering

The main reason for a hebe that is not flowering is due to pruning improperly. If hebes are cut back too much or in the

Best Lavender Plants To Use For Hedges

English lavender varieties like “Munstead,” Hidcote and Vera among others’ are the most suitable choices for lavender hedges since they are cold-hardy, drought and heat-resistant

How to Revive Your Dying Orchid

The reason orchids die is due to overwatering slow draining soils, and the absence of oxygen around the roots. Orchids need the top of the

How Often to Water Your Herbs

The annual plants should be watered as frequently as is necessary to ensure that the soil remains dry but not overly saturated, typically each 3-7

Why Your Parsley is Drooping

Parsley that is drooping can be a result of intense drought, heat, poor drainage, absence of regular pruning, excessive fertilizer or parsley may wilt as

How To Revive Your Dying Thyme Plant

Thyme plants are low-maintenance perennial plants that are indigenous to the Mediterranean region of Europe and are adaptable to the changing environment of the Mediterranean.

Why Your Basil Is Flowering

Basil produces white or purple flowers in the summer, provided it is not cut back. After the basil flowers have bloomed, the flowers and leaves

How to Revive Your Dying Croton Plant

The reason why a croton dies croton can be due to excessive watering, under watering or transplant shock, or cold temperatures. Crotons are tropical plants

Why Are My Sweet Peas Not Blooming?

The reason that your sweet peas haven’t bloomed usually is due to a the absence of sunlight or high temperatures, or even excessive fertilizer. Sweet

Is Wood Ash Good For Roses?

Bonfires are an excellent method of disposing of branches and woody materials in your garden or yard. The ash that is ash produced can be