Pothos Temperature Range Tolerance

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Pothos is an indoor star, flourishing across a broad range of temperatures due to its toughness and flexibility.

The climbers who are fast-growing like temperatures that range from 70-90degF (21-32degC) that mimic the tropical climate they enjoy.

But, what happens if temperatures drop below the freezing point? Do cold snaps affect the people who live there? What happens if there is an extreme heatwave?

Pothos thrive in warmer climates. If they have enough water and humidity, the species can survive in temperatures that exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38degC). However, Pothos are not frost-tolerant and can be killed if exposed to temperatures that are below freezing.

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Pothos?

Pothos is a native vine in the forests that are rainy in French Polynesia, where they thrive in the humid climate.

Theyre truly island lovers who are attuned to the suns warmth and the cool nights of starry night like a tiger.

It is essential to keep the temperature between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit to allow the growth of your pet. Therefore, maintaining a steady and comfortable temperature is crucial.

In general, cold temperatures and humidity levels can be detrimental to all kinds of Pothos.

For instance, a drop in temperature around 62degF (17degC) results in things starting to die and wither as the growth slows down and then ceases completely. (Source: University of Florida)

What Temperature Should Pothos Be In?

Pothos thrives in temperatures that range between 70 and 90 degree Fahrenheit (21 up to 32 Celsius) and in humidity to at least 50 percent.

Theyll be fine at temperatures of up to 100degF (38degC) If you provide ample water to maintain a high humidity.

If they are given the proper conditions and attention they will thrive in conditions that are far beyond their normal levels.

For the best outcomes, ensure they are kept humid and warm. Pothos are famous for their speedy and vigorous growth of new shoots and leaves The slowing of growth will be apparent.

Put a thermometer in the pothoss to measure the temperature if you are unsure.

Its an excellent method to monitor your environments changing, since numerous digital models also monitor humidity. (Check for prices at Amazon right here)

Signs Your Pothos Has Been Exposed to The Wrong Temperature

Leaves Drooping

The droopy leaves indicate it is possible that Pothos is not hydrated. This is more prevalent in hot climates, however the root system can also reduce the absorption of moisture in cooler temperatures.

If the roots fail to supply water, the leaves begin to wilt. But, a variety of factors could trigger your Pothos to drop. Learn more about the condition in this article.

However, poor temperatures should be elevated to the top of your list when you notice a sudden shift in the local weather

pothos in pot next to frog

Blackened Leaves

Leaves that are badly damaged by frostbite, turn into black. Temperature drops cause cells to freeze and then expand in size.

The leaf tissue gets ripped off and cells end up dying before turning black. Its difficult for a plant to be saved which is injured by the frost.

Leaves Curling

In addition to low temperatures A curled leaf signifies high temperatures. It signifies a stressed Pothos trying to remain at peace.

This method minimizes leafs surface area and helps the leaf retain water and keep an internal temperature that is cool.

Dry Leaf Edges

Low temperatures and low humidity can result in leaf dehydration. This can be seen in the dryness of leaf edges.

It is not difficult for air to dry out in the summer because the cool air stores moisture in a poor way.

Cold and heat have no impact on the indoor plants, however the lower humidity that comes with central heating and air conditioning could harm them in the long run.

Root systems can also reduce their performance and perform less efficiently when they are stressed by heat as discussed in the previous article. If the issue isnt treated, the leaf will begin to dry starting at the tip and moving outwards.


Its difficult to miss sunscald on the Pothos as the leaf change gray or brown due to exposure to excessive light.

Lights that are low in intensity is perfect to Jade Pothos and Marble Pothos While bright light is perfect to Marble Pothos as well as Snow Queens.

Even the tough Golden Pothos will burn if it is exposed to too much under direct sun.

The reason for this is that sunlights powerful ultraviolet radiation damages plant tissues and leaves, causing them to ignite.

Can the Pothos endure winter outside?

It is possible to eradicate Pothos by letting it sit outside in cold temperatures during the winter. The majority of the United States is too cold to allow Pothos to flourish outdoors in winter.

If youre lucky enough to reside on your home on the Hawaiian islands or the Florida Keys islands home, you may want to think about it. Its an end-of-the-line for everyone else.

If temperatures during the day fall lower than 70degF (21degC) Bring your Pothos inside immediately.

The plant will be damaged plant when the temperature falls below a certain level. But it is important to note that the Pothos is not required to be exposed to sub-zero temperatures to be affected.

The danger of placing them on a sunny but cold porch is too much for them. On the contrary, theyll be perfectly content to spend the winter months inside.

Can Pothos Take Frost?

Pothos arent frost-resistant. Their lush leaves and slim vines were crafted to thrive in humid and tropical rainforest conditions.

Although they are able to withstand heat waves and prolonged periods of severe storms and heavy rain with the utmost ease, frost can cause death.

It is important to be aware that certain indoor settings could be dangerously cold for Pothos in winter.

A Pothos cant be able to survive in closed spaces during holidays or weekends, like schools and offices.

Inaccessible corners may also get cold enough to harm your Pothos.

Additionally cooling air can build up in basements and other badly ventilated spaces and pose a risk to your plant.

Be aware of the areas around windows that could be cooler. In winter, windows can become extremely cold and leaves that rest on it may be frozen to the ground.

How Do You Take Care of Pothos During Winter?

  • Maintain a 70-90degF (21-32degC) for the Pothos.
  • Beware of the cold corner, drafts, and windows that are frosted.
  • Keep the proper humidity and hydration levels.
  • Be on the lookout to look for indicators of stress, like curly leaves or slow growth rates.
  • Only water when the growing medium has been dehydrated.


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