Should You Mist A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

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Fiddle leaf fig is a plant that thrives and thrives in high humidity, however, misting them isnt the most effective method to give them the nutrients they require. In addition to providing short-term benefits, frequent misting can open the door to insects and diseases.

Additionally, it could alter the beautys vibrant appearance. The fiddle leaves falling leaves of the fig tree, and the browning leaves. These are a few reasons not to mist your garden.

There are many healthy options, like a humidifier pebble tray and growing the number of plants around you.

Utilize the information above, and youll be on the way to developing an enlightened approach to fiddle leaf figs!

Why Mist a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

The fig plant with fiddle leaves, scientifically referred to as ficus lyrata, is able to absorb an enormous amount of moisture in the natural habitat.

It is a very popular indoor plant that requires humidity to the same level as it is crucial for its fiddle leaf increase.

The ideal indoor humidity for the plant should be between 35 percent and the range of 65%. You can determine by using a humidistat.

Additionally, if the plant is subjected to low humidity, it could be affected by a variety of issues. This includes your fiddle leaf leaves falling and turning brown and acquiring various ailments.

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To help avoid the problems, many owners of this vibrant plant opt to spray their babies with mist.

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What Are the Best Alternatives to Misting Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Once youve learned the dangers of misting, its time to find out how to keep your fiddle leaf fig plants at the right humidity. There are a variety of options that fiddle leaf fig lovers recommend, and can be beneficial for you as well.

Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers are among plant owners top plant-related tools, and for a good reason.

In contrast to misting, humidifiers keep your plants fresh for as long as theyre in use. Its not only a way of temporarily protecting your baby from becoming dry.

They improve the amount of airflow within your plants, essentially like their natural environment - but without the danger of diseases. Should this be your top option, you can buy humidifiers and put it just a few feet from your infant.

Use a Pebble Tray

Pebble trays are a great alternative for fiddle leaf fig care for humidity. In contrast to humidifiers, you could easily build your own.

To create one, locate the appropriate bowl or tray that is larger than the pot your plant in and fill it up with water as well as pebbles. Then, put the fiddle leaf fig in your tray, and watch the magic take place.

Humidity is produced by the transpiration of water upwards. this process is safe for your plant. If youre looking to stay clear of regular and dirty pebbles, you can create ambiance by using these beautiful smooth pebbles.

Add More Plants

Sure, the addition of additional plants to your house is an excellent method to keep your leaf figs moist. It isnt necessary to transform your home into a jungle however, adding a little lush greenery is an excellent option.

If plants breathe, they increase the humidity wherever they are, which is great for fiddle leaf figs indoor health. Make sure you purchase easy-to-use tropical plants like the snake plant and spider plants, dragon trees, and so on.

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Set your plants within a few feet of each other so that infections and pests arent easily transmitted. Be sure to check them regularly and apply fungicides, pesticides, and bactericides if you find any problems.

Why Avoid Misting Fiddle Leaf Fig if Possible

When spraying the fiddle leaf fig tree is popular, but here are some reasons not to do the same.

Misting Can Be Ineffective

Misting is effective for plants, just as coffee does for us. Its an instantaneous gain that aids.

Similar to how caffeine gives an energy boost in the morning but is lost at midday, misting can do similar things to plants.

If you missed it, the fiddle leaf fig you are misting would experience increased humidity for a brief period of time. After the mist session after the mist session, the fiddle-leaf fig tree leaves are back to dry until the next procedure. This happens more frequently in winter, as humidity levels decrease.

This can increase the chance of harming your plant since the mist is more than is necessary.

Encourages Fiddle Leaf Fig Diseases and Pests

In addition to the immediate benefits misting the fiddle leaf houseplant with figs can also bring fiddle leaf fig diseases as well as pests.

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This is the case with the bacterial infection of fiddle leaf figs and fungal diseases of the ficus lyrata which can gradually end the life of the plant. If the disease was only affected by a few leaves misting can spread to healthy leaves.

In addition to making the plant dead In addition, diseases like anthracnose can render the figs fiddle leaf visually unattractive. The fungal and bacterial diseases can show up in the form of brown spots or tips on the leaves.

For spider mites, pests, mealybugs scales, spider mites, and other annoying bugs, they are all welcome when you spray more than is necessary.

The stagnant water that is accumulating on your leaves can be a breeding place for their invasion. Additionally, the water you use to mist your leaves can move them from leaf to leaf.

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