Flowers on Snake Plant – What To Do?

Although it’s possible to see the snake-like plant flower is not a common event. The plant, which is often called mother-in-law’s tongue can go on for decades without producing even a single flower. One day, from nowhere you’ll notice an elongated flower stalk as well as your plant blossoming.

If you’re thinking, do snake plants bloom? Yes!

Snake plants, also known as Sansevieria are commonly recognized for their striking appearance tough, durable, and almost impossible to destroy. However, what many don’t know is that this beautiful green plant can produce flowers.

In this article, we’ll provide everything you need to be aware of about snake plants flowers and ways you can make yours flower.

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What Does a Snake Plant Flower Look Like?

The flowers of snake plants are cream, green or white in hue. When the snake plant blooms they usually grow in clusters on the plant’s tall and upright spikes of flowers or stalks. The stalks can grow to 3 feet in height and are covered in hundreds of honeysuckle or similar flowers to lily.

When Do Snake Plants Bloom?

Snake plants flower only once per year, typically in the springtime. It is a rare event that lasts for several weeks. Although the plant is able to bloom all year round, it’s difficult to know when it will flower.

Snake Plant Purple Stripe Basket

Why Do Snake Plants Bloom?

Snake plants thrive with a small amount of neglect, and are believed to blossom when they are “mildly stressed”. This means that if these plants are left to themselves with no water and lots of sunlight, they grow and may eventually become root-bound. If this happens the plant will attempt to reproduce itself by releasing flowers.

However, this isn’t always the case, and it is not a ensure that your plant will flower. There are many reasons the snake plant could bloom and will be discussed in the next section.

Can Snake Plant Flowers Be Used in Flower Arrangements?

Although snake plant flowers are beautiful, they are not strong enough for use for arrangements for flowers. They are best placed on the stalks that they’ve bloomed.

How Long Do Snake Plant Flowers Last?

Snake plants bloom from 4 to 8 weeks, however the length of time they will last is not known.

Do Snake Plant Flowers Have a Fragrance?

Sansevieria flowers are characterized by a strong scent. The scent is distinctive and is different for each Sansevieria species.

The scent is particularly intense at night as they are a source of sweet, sticky nectar that appears as dew droplets on the stems of the plant. Blossoms usually close during the day , and then reopen at night.

Note: The sweet-smelling sticky nectar may cause a mess when it drips down the stem of the plant. To prevent this from happening, put some paper towels in the pot in the time of blooming.

Should I Cut the Flowers Off My Snake Plant?

There is no need to cut off the flowers from the snake plants. But, when they have died back it is recommended to cut the stalks of flowers off at the bottom. This can help the plant conserve energy and keep an appearance that is tidy.

Do Snake Plants Die After Flowering?

The snake plants can be described as monocarpic which means they won’t die after blooming. The flowers change into the orange fruit.

What Makes a Snake Plant Bloom?

Are you wondering what makes a snake flower bloom? In reality, the precise conditions needed for this plant to bloom are not known. Certain snake plants may not bloom even after decades of care and some may bloom each year despite the constant neglect. In reality paying them minimal attention could make them flourish.

Although snake plants thrive in lack of care, they might not bloom under certain circumstances. To ensure that your plant will bloom it is essential to make sure its essential requirements are met.

For advice on how to care for the snake plant, glance at the Snake Plant Care Guide. Here are a few factors that could be a factor in your Sansevieria flowering.


Snake plants don’t need to attain a minimum age to bloom. Even tiny, young flowers can bloom every year.

Although it is true that age can play a role in the more old-fashioned the plant becomes more likely it is of it flowering. Particularly mature plants that have optimal conditions for growth tend to produce more flowers.


Like all species of plants, snake plants require lighting to thrive. However, snake plants’ lighting requirements aren’t as stringent as those of other plants. They favor light that is bright and indirect light and are also tolerant of direct sunlight.

They can also thrive in conditions of low light and so putting them in a shaded area will not hinder their capacity to bloom.


The snake plant thrives in warmer temperatures since they are tropical plants . They originate from Africa as well as South Asia.

It’s not surprising that they’re not a fan of temperatures that are cold. Therefore, if you maintain temperatures in the range of 16oC (60oF) and 24oC (75oF) you’ll be most likely to getting flowers from the snake plants you have.


If you wish for your snake plant to thrive and possibly blossom, it is essential to make sure that its needs for water are fulfilled. Since the snake plant is a succulent they are able to keep water within their leaves and don’t require regular irrigation.

In reality, during winter months, it’s advised to give your plants an interval of two months between watering.

Make sure that you let the soil completely dry before you water it again. The plants don’t like to be overwatered as it can cause soil to become soggy, splitting leaves and even root decay.


Snake plants aren’t fussy in regards to soil. They are susceptible to root rot, and the soil that drains freely or a soilless potting mix is the best. We suggest making use of the mix of succulents and cactus.

Pot Condition

As mentioned previously snake plants thrive when they are not constantly stressed. Therefore it is recommended that your plant be pot-bound and a only a little water and enough lighting could lead to flowering.

Be aware that these conditions of overcrowding are not a ensure that the snake plant will grow flowers. There are many things that can cause the plant to flower such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Snake Plant Flower Benefits

The Sansevieria is a beautiful plant that has many advantages. From the beauty it brings to the room and the numerous health benefits it offers the plants are amazing. Here are a few advantages of snake plants as well as their unique, white flowers.

Absorbs Odors

The flowers of the snake plant possess a distinct scent. In certain countries, such as China and France it is utilized in perfumes. It is also advisable to place the plants in bathrooms or kitchen, or any other area that emits an unpleasant odor.

Abundant Oxygen Supplier

Every plant produces oxygen, however, Sansevieria is believed to be among the most oxygen-producing plants. They are able to absorb toxic substances and release oxygen to the surrounding environment. They are also among the few plants that release oxygen during the night.

Indoor and Outdoor Natural Air Purifier

Research suggests that air pollution is dangerous both indoors and outdoors. One of the most effective ways to decrease pollution in the air is to use snake plants.

They are able to absorb large quantities of carbon monoxide, and eliminate the air of harmful air pollutants and cancer-causing agents.

It’s Beautiful

This stunningly tall evergreen plant makes a wonderful feature for any space whether at the office or at home. It is long-lived as well as being the best durable ornamental plant, which means it can keep your home beautiful and healthy for many years to be. It is possible that you will be fortunate enough to see the flowers blossom.

It’s a Lucky Plant

Many believe it’s fortunate to have the snake plant in your office or home. Based on Feng Shui (a pseudoscientific practice that originated from the ancient China) These plants are believed to provide powerful protection and luck.

It’s also believed to protect homeowners from negative Chi and encourage eight virtues. These include prosperity, intelligence beauty, longevity and creativity and strength, as well as health and poetry.

Final Thoughts on Mother-in-Law-Plant Flowers

Snake plants make a stunning green accent to your house. They are tough, durable and nearly impossible to eradicate. This is why Snake plants are ideal for every plant lover, no matter if they are experienced or new to the world of plants. You now know the reasons behind the mother-in-law the meaning of tongue flowers.

Remember – If your snake plant isn’t blooming, it isn’t due to lack of sufficient care.

The plants might not bloom for a long time, even in ideal conditions. The owners of the plants are frequently surprised by the sight of an unfurling flowering stalk. If it happens, you’ll be looking forward to a wonderful experience!



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