Light Requirements For A String of Pearls Plant

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Theres no indoor plant as vibrant and easy to love than The String of Pearls (S Enecio Rowleyanus).

The sun-loving succulents thrive in bright light But how bright? Is it possible to overdo something good?

Strings of Pearls requires between six and eight hours of light every day. It will flourish when there is a little direct sunlight as well. Place them in a sunlit window and they will provide you with plenty of pearls that are round and plump.

Which kind of lighting source does the String of Pearls need?

String of Pearls String of Pearls is a desert plant. Its natural habitat is desert areas in South Africa, where it creates dense mats on the surface.

It is an indoor plant that it is able to train in baskets, however it requires the same type of sunlight exposure that it gets in its native habitat.

To determine the most suitable location to place the String of Pearls, you must consider the amount of direct sunlight it requires and how much light is directed entering your home, as well as how the light is actually bright.

Lets look at how these elements are working!

Exposure to Sunlight

The String of Pearls adores bright lighting. Like most succulents, is able to make the most of the light that is too bright to other plants in indoor settings.

Its a great option for your houses areas which could be dominated by more delicate species.

The majority of succulents can benefit from just a few hours of direct sunlight , too.

Although the String of Pearls is likely to perform well in bright, constant light however, it can be able to benefit from one or two hours of direct sunlight too.

In the end, its very well-adapted to make the most of that sunlight, and unlike many plants, it wont be affected by just a few hours of sunbaking.

The Direction of the Sun

All sunlight is not created to be the same. The dawn light is the most gentle, while the noon light is the most harsh.

In reality this implies that we should take into consideration the shape of a window, or the direction in which it is facing.

A window that faces east will get the suns first light in the morning, but only a few hours later and will receive direct sunlight later in the afternoon, but not too early.

South-facing windows get the most constant levels of light in the majority of growing environments.

They are the most coveted of indoor plants, and are a great place to plant the String of Pearls. It is essential be sure to keep it hydrated more frequently the more sunlight it receives.

The Intensity of Light

Light loses some of its power when it travels through curtains, windows, as well as other obstacles.

In a room that has large windows facing south, the light that is closest towards the windows will always be most powerful and the light further away from that window is the most dimmer.

Be sure that you have your String of Pearls is close to a source of light. It likes light that is bright and thrives close to the window.

I like hanging my Pearls directly from a curtain rod, so that they absorb the dawn sunlight.

Does String of Pearls resemble Sun Or Shade?

The String of Pearls has a variety of modifications that make it a desert savage, well-suited to the harsh sunshine.

The leaves are flat and round. are designed to store the most water possible and prevent the loss of water through dehydration.

If you take a closer look to the String of Pearls, youll see a line that runs through the middle of each leaf.

The tiny hole in the leafs outer layer called an epithelial window, permits light to penetrate deeply within the leaf, and penetrate all the green tissue.

Botanists are still trying to figure out how exactly that window functions, the general consensus suggests that it offers the leaf the greatest chance to utilize the light to photosynthesis, without losing its water-saving form.

Its not a surprise, its not surprising its no surprise that String of Pearls thrives in bright sunlight. If it is shaded, it will go through, but wont thrive.

Place this succulent in a brightly illuminated space, with frequent direct sunlight to ensure it has the greatest chance to shine.

Where Should You Place a String of Pearls?

When putting up the String of Pearls, consider the size of your windows as well as the direction they face.

I make sure that I be sure to check the hands and shade offered by trees or buildings outside, and at couple of times during the day too.

A window facing west with a large tree in the vicinity will not reveal the secrets until in the evening, therefore make the time to examine the light levels during the entire day.

There are a variety of methods for the determination of levels of light.

The most popular are candle for feet (FC) that are the levels of light produced by a candle that is ideal on the foots surface. Heres a list of the most common lighting levels at home.

Signs That Your String of Pearls Isn’t Getting Enough Light

Lets look at the different ways that you can determine whether the string of Pearls is having trouble.

Leggy Growth

When we say that a plants can be described as leggy, we mean that the growth of the plant is concentrated within its stems. For the case of a String of Pearls, this signifies that your treasure contains more strings than pearls!

The long trailing vines and the thin leaves suggest that your plant needs more illumination. Its in pain and is trying to move its body toward any light source it can locate.

Leaning Towards Light Sources

Like legginess, this is a sign of the String of Pearls reaching for what it needs. Your strings from your String of Pearls will be focused on one part of your plant, and will be twisted toward the light source in this instance.

This suggests that your issue isnt as serious as a plant that has only pearls and strings, it could indicate that you need more light in your space.

String of Pearls Turn White

When your String of Pearls is beginning to look like its name Its a sign you require more illumination. A plant that is pale is an unsteady plant that is able to conserve its resources.

The pigment that leaves are green chlorophyll is costly to make, while the white String of Pearls helps to conserve energy.

No New Growth

In total darkness, no plant will develop. The string of Pearls that has stopped growing is starving to death. It needs light to create energy, as well as the sugars it needs to live.

It is able to last for a brief period by storing up reserves in its fleshy, plump, however, those reserves will diminish. The plants will die when it does not get exposed light.

String of Pearls Drying Up

If your watered and well maintained String of Pearls begins to shrink Its a sign the end is coming for your poor plant. It indicates how the leaf is dying and are beginning to die.

Soil Not Drying Out for Weeks

The water added to potted plants is lost the two main ways: the use of plants and through evaporation. Both require light and the heat it creates.

When youre String of Pearls sits in waterlogged soil for weeks at a stretch regardless of how little water you provide it, it is telling me that you should relocate your plant.

Since your plant isnt photosynthesis, it needs very only a little water and the soil is unable to dry by itself.

How to Provide More Light

Luckily, the lack of light is an easy issue to resolve. In the event that youre String of Pearls is indicating that it needs more light, just relocate it to a more bright spot!

Be patient when you move the Pearls to a brighter spot. Every plant adapts to its lighting levels, so putting the plants in an unlit area after years in shade could strain the plants.

Its similar to leaving the theater to the sun shining brightly Its quite an experience!

A few days later I typically shift my plants into a light zone that is halfway between the old and the new.

This will prevent the String of Pearls from becoming overwhelmed by its new surroundings.

Best Location for String of Pearls

Ive always been a fan of hanging baskets with String of Pearls plants draped just in front of south-facing windows.

This is a good, solid light of the highest quality that is not too intense but warm and welcoming.

If you dont have south-facing windows, consider other locations that are well-lit.

A window facing either direction can work in the event that it is bright during the daytime.

Whatever the angle regardless of the angle, ensure that regardless of the angle, make sure your String of Pearls gets a couple of hours of direct sunlight every day.

In dim lighting Ive often relocated my Pearls outdoors during warmer times.

Theyll be content to sit on a stoop in the south or hang out on the eaves of an outdoor porch, if theyre protected from the scorching midday sun.

Get a Grow Light & Put Plants Wherever You Like!

Naturally, of course you could always go for the chase and let the sun shine on your plant!

Grow lights are a great alternative because they let you place your string of pearls wherever youd like.

They are quite appealing home elements in their own right and also provide an excellent, constant amount of light that is suited to the growth of plants.

Theyre an effective method to make sure that your radiant String of Pearls gets enough illumination to flourish.

To make the perfect String of Pearls Choose a grow light that has a broad spectrum and has an adjustable timer. (Check for the most current prices at Amazon right here)

Broad-spectrum is closest to the direct sunlight that succulents all enjoy. the timer lets you determine how much sunlight your succulent receives and at what time.

Signs That Your String of Pearls Is Getting Too Much Light

Of course, there could be too many good things! Even plants that love light may be exposed to too much light, and even though lighting can be one factor, the heat is a different thing altogether.

Be on the lookout for these issues especially in newly moved plants. It is possible to decrease the amount of light for a few days to allow them to adjust.

Scorched String of Pearls

Dark patches with a appear crisp or cracked indicate the fact that your String of Pearls is overheating in bright sunlight. The plant is sunburned.

Its also likely that the plant came in the hot surface of glass, and has been burned.

String of Pearls Shriveling

If your glowing String of Pearls is shriveling It is an indication that its been overheated and stressed! Each pearl is a tiny amount of water.

A dehydrated String of Pearls has either utilized the liquid to chill itself, or is running out of water due to over-photosynthesis. Its time for an ice break!

It will not only need to be moved to an area that is cooler and more shaded area It will also require regular irrigation.

String of Pearls Pale

If you are stressed When you are stressed, the String of Pearls will try to save its resources. The light Pearl can mean that it has been overloaded.

Like the String of Pearls that are struggling in the shade This plant requires an appropriate home.

Brown Spots or Pale and Translucent Spots Developing on the Leaves

The young brown or pale leaves with unclear patches that are irregular are the result of a plant performing its best in harsh conditions.

The String of Pearls is still growing and producing new leaves, but not enough for those leaves to be healthy.

Yellowing and Thickening of New Growth

Another defense strategy is growing thicker indicates the fact that your String of Pearls is doing all it can to shield itself from extreme radiation and heat.

The thicker growth is more resistant to extreme temperatures and hot sun than light growth However, while your plant can survive with these protections, it wont thrive.

String of Pearls Turning Purple

The purple pearls may be worth it to jewelers, but for your succulent, its a different reaction to stress.

The purple color is due to anthocyanins the pigment in purple that serves as an anti-sunscreen, absorbing light while also protecting your leaves of the String of Pearls.

Many people find a purple String of Pearls quite attractive and will deliberately emphasize theirs to alter the hue of their pearls.

If yours is just starts to turn purple and then turns red without explanation it might be worthwhile to check the levels of light before any damage is caused. Ive written more on purple Pearls here.

What to Do if My String of Pearls is Getting Too Much Light?

This is another issue that is simple to fix. Move your plant to a position that is less exposed.

Id also recommend giving your ailing Pearls an extensive watering and when youre in the growth season, a small amount of dilute succulent fertilizer (Check for the most current prices at Amazon right here) to aid in repairing any damages.

The string of Pearls is made to withstand the demands of desert life with its constantly changing and harsh conditions.

After youve set the plants lighting levels, it shouldnt take long before its producing enticing string of green pearls that you can take pleasure in.



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