Where Should I Put A Pothos?

Pothos is a low-maintenance plant which is why it is ideal for beginners in gardening. Pothos can be planted at the most popular places because they are tolerant of various environments.

But, it is not advisable to neglect their needs because it may harm them. Proper placement is essential for the longevity and health of the Pothos.

It is possible to place the Pothos close to bathrooms, windows offices, even inside your room! They are great in the central areas of your home, however they thrive in moderate lighting, but they will be unable to thrive in bright sunlight. They can be planted in soil or water.

Factors That Will Determine Where You Should Place Your Pothos

Before you decide on the best location to put your Pothos You will have examine certain aspects that could affect it all!

There are some important aspects that must be considered. Let’s look at them:


While you are able to cultivate your Pothos whether indoors or outdoors it is important to ensure that they are receiving the right lighting conditions.

Your Pothos thrives in less lighting conditions. However, for those who want to see a higher growth, it is necessary to expose the plant to bright conditions.

Avoid areas that receive direct sunlight as it can harm their health. Pothos can be kept in a plants in any place, such as on a shelf, next to windows, or even next to the lamp, ensuring that there is an intense light source with moderate intensity.

It is possible to reduce light’s intensity by covering nearby windows with curtains or you can place your Pothos just a few feet from any lighting sources and protect your Pothos from damage that could occur.

If you decide for keeping your Pothos outside, you can place it under a cover and ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Simply put, protecting your Pothos from sunlight’s scorching rays is the most important thing to do to your Pothos to keep it well.

But the Pothos will require enough sunlightin order to maintain their leaf pattern and variegation. If you observe any light spots on the leaves, brown spots or signs of sunburn You will have to relocate the Pothos out of the bright sunlight.

Sunlight Glow Through Window


Pothos can withstand a variety of temperatures, but they will expand to the maximum extent at temperatures between 65 and 85°F. If you keep them at these levels, you’re unlikely to have any issues related to temperature.

When you place the Pothos within their brand new location or place, make sure to be aware of the temperature conditions surrounding them. If the climate you live in is colder and typically falls to below 30°F the condition of your Pothos is likely to suffer.

It is necessary to relocate them close to an electric heater or stove to increase the temperature levels. But, it’s essential to keep the plants at a safe distance so that their leaves don’t get burned due to the temperature.

When you subject your pothos to cold temperatures for prolonged periodsof time, it will begin to show signs of stress. If this occurs it is possible to alter the position of the pothos in accordance with the climate and temperature to ensure that it stays at the optimal temperatures.

The most effective way to keep the temperature high is exposed to sunlight for a short period of time.


Pothos plants are extremely attracted to humidity. They thrive in areas with high levels of moisture. It is recommended to maintain the humidity between 60 and 99 percent in the area you would like to put your Pothos.

While the Pothos is a tough plant that can withstand zones with low levels of humidity It’s not necessary to worry when you’re having trouble maintaining high levels of humidity within the atmosphere. Your Pothos is still healthy and flourish!

If you’re searching for a method to keep humidity in check You can put your Pothos over an aquarium and let the roots to expand to the bottom of the water.

You may also buy an humidifier to help support your humidity level, and you can spray the inside of your Pothos every couple of days.

If you’re a huge lover of plants You can put Pothos together with other plants that are high in moisture, and they’ll do the work for you!


The pothos plant can grow effectively in ordinary pots that drain well. They can tolerate the soil’s pH and thrive in a variety of environments, from the acidic and neutral.


The pothos plant you have isn’t a large feeder.

But, be aware that there are hardly any nutrients in the most easily available pots, which is why you should provide your Pothos each month or every other month with any kind of fertilizer for your houseplants to boost the amount of nutrients they get.


Typically, a plant like the Pothos would like to see its soil completely dry between irrigations. The roots can rot when you keep the Pothos in moist soil for prolonged periods.

When you’re Pothos has black spots on its leaves or if it suddenly falls over, it’s an indication that the soil was kept damp over a long period of time.

Your Pothos will inform you when it is time to be hydrated. If it begins to appear unsteady and swollen, it requires water.

But, don’t just wait for your pothos’s leaves to drop or shrink up before you soak them in water. If they have dry or brown edges, this means it was not hydrated enough in the past.

Putting Your Pothos Near Windows

If you’re looking to put your Pothos close to windows, there are a variety of choices. If you place your Pothos properly in windows or close to windows will allow it to get the sunlight it requires to flourish.

Below is a listing of east, north, south and west-facing windows, and what they are able to do for the longevity for your Pothos:

Placing A Pothos In North-Facing Windows

If you put the Pothos in front of windows facing north or doorways, the pothos will not get much sunlight.

Pothos can be safely hung Pothos up on or close to windows facing north without worrying about the risk of sunburn concerns.

Placing A Pothos In East-Facing Windows

Place the Pothos in a location close to an east-facing window would be the most optimal location.

The Pothos will get straight sunlight during the daytime. This is a good thing for your Pothos because the sun’s rays are usually soft and won’t burn the plant.

This will ensure that your Pothos receives direct, bright sunlight all day long.

Placing A Pothos In South-Facing Windows

In general, windows facing south receive constant sunshine. If you plan to put your Pothos near or in windows facing south direct sunlight in the daytime will cause much more harm than it will be beneficial.

If you prefer, you could place your Pothos just a few feet away from your window to ensure that your Pothos is not receiving any constant and direct sunlight. Your Pothos will still receive plenty of light and can help it flourish!

Placing A Pothos In West-Facing Windows

Windows facing west receive the most powerful sunlight during afternoons. This is why it is not recommended to put your Pothos in windows facing west. Of course, you can put your Pothos slightly away from the windows.

Putting Your Pothos In Your Bedroom

With its long and deep heart-shaped leaves and white flowers It’s an absolute winner, even without mentioning its amazing air purifying abilities.

Pothos plants are an excellent accessory to your bedroom since it is tolerant of the dim light.

It’s also a popular indoor plant due to its low maintenance demands. It is possible to place the Pothos inside your room, with a dim lighting and use water to the plant only when it’s required. It is also possible to apply fertilizer for your Pothos and keep the plant in your room, since it doesn’t create unpleasant odors.

Because your Pothos can tolerate light levels that are low and will be happy with sunlight filtered through windows that don’t get too cold.

Make sure to give your Pothos water when the soil is completely dry to the touch, and do not let it become wet or soiled.

Blades that are disinfected can be used as well as scissors for cutting off any edges of brown leaf or tips that are result of excessive dryness or heat.

Use an air sprayer, or a damp towel to clean the leaves of your Pothos every couple of months to boost the amount of moisture. This can also help ensure that the foliage of your Pothos tidy!

Putting Your Pothos In Your Office

If you’re considering expanding your Pothos at work this could be a great idea! The sun’s rays are the ideal balance for the growth and blooms. However, you can also use artificial lighting to allow your Pothos to flourish.

In reality, low-light foliage plants, like your Pothos can do quite easily in offices with no windows provided there is enough artificial lighting.

Pothos are more than capable of surviving in the absence of natural sunlight so it is supplied by synthetic light sources, such as fluorescent bulbs or LED light sources.

Putting Your Pothos In Your Bathroom

Because your Pothos prefers low to moderate, direct light sources, this could be the perfect plant to place on the counter in your bathroom or on a shelf!

While Pothos do not necessarily require the additional humidity, it’s the perfect choice for bathrooms due to its ability to withstand of less light levels and intermittent watering.

They’re also hardy plants, which makes them easy to take care of and are able to withstand some challenges. They also develop quickly and love to hang and trail. This makes it an ideal plant to hang from the rod of your curtains!

The most exciting thing is that the presence of the Pothos shower can lower the amount of toxic substances that are in your air. Pothos plants pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and substitute it for oxygen they also remove the air from its toxins as well.

You’ll be able to breathe more easily, and the air that you breathe will be a tiny bit more clean! One of the most obvious and important benefits of having a pothos your bathroom is how beautiful it will appear!

If you’re one of the gardeners who are unable to maintain the pots in good health for prolonged periods You might be able to achieve success by placing your Pothos in your bathroom.

Because Pothos require water and thrive in humid conditions the bathroom is among the most ideal places for them to be kept. The conditions will help your Pothos flourish even if you’ve neglected to water it over a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where To Put A Pothos

What Happens When Placing Pothos In Low Light?

If you put your Pothos in an area that has inadequate light it is possible that they lose their variegation, or the growth of their plants could be slowed.

Only the green portions of the leaves will generate energy for the plant, which is why it needs to be able to receive enough sunlight.

The right amount of light will give the energy needed by your Pothos and will ensure that they grow The leaves will appear to be more green. If you don’t move the Pothos to a new location they will suffer from health, and your Pothos could even die.

Should My Pothos Be In Soil Or Water?

The reason for the popularity of Pothos is because they can be grown in the soil or in water. It is possible to take cuttings from the pothos mother plant and then root them in water.

The issue is that once the cuttings begin to grow in one medium for growth and they have an issue switching to a different. If you’ve begun cultivating your pothos plant in the soil it may struggle to grow if it’s transferred to waters.

The same is true the other way around. If you plant the pothos plant in the soil, it could be killed if it must grow for a long period in water.

How Can I Ensure Optimal Light For My Pothos?

The ideal light source for your Pothos is between 12-14 hours of direct, but bright lighting every day.

This will allow for optimal growth. If you have placed the Pothos outside it is recommended to restrict the exposure to sunlight direct to only 3 to 4 hours per day.

To ensure optimal lighting conditions, you can utilize grow lights to provide them with 8 1 to 16 000 light hours every day.



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