Where To Place A Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The installation of a fiddle leaf fig tree inside your home is an easy task if you have the proper lighting conditions.

Although these trees are able to quickly adjust to a variety of lighting conditions They thrive in daylight in the morning or at night.

It is important that you place your fiddle leaf fig an area that is safe from children or pet, but in a place in a place where you are able to appreciate the figs tropical beauty.

Where To Place An Indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig 

There are several places around your home in which you can put the fig tree with fiddle leaves to showcase its natural splendor of it.

There are some aspects you should consider when deciding where to put your fig tree with fiddle leaves.

Near A Window is a Good Place for Fiddle Leaf Fig

The best option is to put it in an area that gets lots of direct (sometimes directly) sunlight.

As we mentioned earlier, the bigger the fig tree with fiddle leaves, the bigger your window will be.

If you provide the right amount of sunlight and water, the Fiddle Leaf Fig will become robust and healthful, leaving everyone who comes to your home in stupefied by it.

Fiddle Fig Leaves

Why You Should Keep Fiddle Leaf Fig Away From Children 

It is not a good idea to put your fiddle leaf in the fig tree so that a baby or child could grab it.

Fiddle leaf figs can be mildly toxic for adults, which means that the plant may have more negative consequences for children than adults.

The fiddle leaf fig creates a creamy white sap that is a source of calcium Oxalate crystals.

These crystals could be harmful to children, causing not just skin irritation but vomiting and diarrhea when they are ingested.

If you have kids, it is recommended to put the fiddle leaf fiddle away from places where they tend to wander around in If there are children visiting your home, it is possible to relocate it to a place they arent able to reach, even if its just for a short period of time.

Also, make sure that you wear gloves when refilling or cutting the figs fiddle leaf to prevent skin irritation.

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Why You Should Keep Fiddle Leaf Fig Away From Pets

Like children, pets can also be at risk of fiddle leaf fig trees.

Your pet could exhibit signs of irritation to their mouths or discomfort if theyve come in contact with the sap or chewed on the leaves.

The most frequent signs youll notice on your pet are:

  • Loose stool
  • Excessive drooling
  • The mouth is swelling, and the tongue
  • Vomiting

Fortunately, none of these signs are long-lasting and certainly wont cause death to your beloved pet.

Consider Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Placement 

Fiddle leaf fig trees are incredibly easy plants to maintain and develop. They usually adapt well to their surroundings if they receive enough light and water, and are located in locations with the right temperatures.

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Temperature Requirements 

Many plants go dormant in the winter months, such as the fig tree with fiddle leaves. The fact that they are dormant doesnt mean they dont require plenty of light and adequate irrigation.

Weve talked about the cold drafts, which can result in scorched leaves however there are other important elements to consider in regards to the ideal temperature for your fiddle leaf, the fig tree.

The most frequent reason that fiddle leaf figs disappear in the winter is because of heating vents. Who is thinking about them when theyre off for six months of the year?

To prevent any loss of plants Not only fiddle leaf fig trees Moving them to a different location far from the source of heat is the best option.

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Consider Humidity and Water 

Fiddle leaf fig trees are tropical, which means they are tolerant of lots of sunlight as well as humidity, water, and light.

It is important that you water your fiddle leaf fig tree at a minimum every week. You must adjust the frequency of watering based on the dimensions of the plant as well as how much sunlight it gets.

It is best to be sure to water the fiddle leaf figs when you notice that the surface of the dirt has dried to the point of touch.

If youre not sure of the best time to water your fig tree, you could purchase an instrument to measure the soils moisture level to figure out when youll need to water.

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When you are watering your fiddle leaf, fig, or any other plant, for that matter, ensure that you use water that is room temperature (20-22 degC, or 68-72 degrees F). Hot or cold water could cause harm to the fiddle leaf fig trees roots.

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If you reside in an area that is dry it is important to make sure that the fiddle leaf fig you have purchased is located in an area that will get 30 to 60 percent humidity.

It is possible to do this by purchasing a humidifier (your other plants will appreciate it as well!) and placing the fig tree with a fiddle leaf near other plants or putting the tree on an edging that is filled with pebbles, water, and other elements.

Light Requirements

Fiddle leaf fig trees must be exposed to direct morning and evening light. It is best to have windows that are unobstructed by the sunlight from the tree or a building.

If you have only an extremely sunny window, it is important to aid the fiddle leaf to grow to adapt to its surroundings. Insufficient sunlight could cause the leaves to burn.

It is recommended to gradually raise the quantity of sunlight it gets by moving the plant to the window facing south for about 1-3 hours before returning it to an area that receives lots of light.

Although this may seem like an effort, its not. You need to only do it for about a week. Begin by letting it sit exposed to the sunlight for about an hour, then increase it to total exposure.

Additionally, you will have to put the Fiddle Leaf Fig in a place that is light enough, depending on the size. Fiddle leaf trees with large leaves require a bigger window than smaller ones.

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Furthermore, the bigger number of leaves that your fig trees fiddle leaf fig tree has, the more sunlight itll require to keep growing leaves.

Be aware that the trees can reach 12-15 meters in height which is a length that most indoor spaces cant comfortably accommodate.

If your own Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is becoming too big, you can cut it back and form it (and try to create more fiddle leaf figs by cutting the branches).

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In the winters cold and dark months, it is important to ensure that you keep your fiddle leaf fig tree as close to the window as you can.

It is also important not to place it near an area with an airy breeze which could cause scorched leaves.

Best Facing Window for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Below are the four windows youll probably have at home (if youre within North America, sorry, the rest of the world!). Lets look at which direction will best suit the fiddle leaf fig you have:

Windows Facing North

If you are able to you shouldnt put your fiddle leaf fig the window facing north.

They get the least sunlight, but if thats your only choice, then move your fiddle leaf fig as near to your window as you can.

If you live within the Southern hemisphere, the windows facing north are likely to get enough sunlight to support the joyful fiddle leaf fig tree.

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Windows Facing East

The sunspot in the morning.

East-facing windows can catch the majority of the morning suns rays while staying clear of the most afternoon sun.

If you can, try to determine whether your east-facing window gets sufficient light in the afternoon.

A window facing east is the ideal location to put the fiddle leafed fig because it will get plenty of gentle sunlight and also block the most intense sunlight.

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Windows Facing South

One of the best places to put your fig tree with fiddle leaves is in a window facing south.

These windows get the most intense light throughout the day.

It is still important to be wary of placing the fig tree with fiddle leaves too close to your window, as it is still at risk of scorching leaves.

Windows Facing West

Ideal for light during the day, windows facing west will give the brightest sunlight.

If youre planning to put the fig tree with fiddle leaves on top of one of these windows, youll gradually need to adjust it to the intense sunlight.

Be vigilant on the fiddle leaf figs edges. Windows facing west can cause scorching of the leaves.

It is possible to put your fiddle leaf fig just a few feet from your window to block the most intense rays or block it out with curtains that are sheer.

What To Do If There Is Not Enough Light At Home 

Theres a good chance that you can find another choice if your windows do not offer enough light.

The grow bulbs (or bulbs) are designed to provide the indoor plant, such as the fiddle leaf fig, the same lighting requirements that they would have if they were outdoors in the sunlight.

While fluorescent grow, lights are readily available, LED grow lights are more efficient in energy use and can save you cash in the long term.

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There is a chance that the fiddle leaf fig you have purchased does not fit under the majority of conventional grow lights. In that case, youll probably need to purchase an LED that you can connect to the floor near the figs fiddle leaf.

Do Not Place Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Here

Although the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree usually is able to adapt well to its surroundings, however, there are some areas you should avoid the placement of your fiddle leaf fig tree.

Avoid Fireplaces and Central Heaters

The tropical tree is a fan of an environment that is warm and humid, which heaters and fireplaces dont offer.

Many people put their plants nearer to heat sources during winter and think that they is warm and content, but its not the situation.

Fireplaces can create an oxygen-depleted environment and dry the air out.

Also, you risk burning the fiddle leaf leaves of figs or drying them out. similar to heaters in terms of creating a dry environment.

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Avoid A Place Where You Have To Move it Often

You should be careful not to move your fig with a fiddle all over your home too often.

They are homebodies who prefer to live in a location that can meet all their requirements.

Although its fine to take them out occasionally, its better to keep them inside (especially when theyre used to indoor environments).

It is important to rotate the pot every so often to prevent the growth of an elongated fiddle leaf fig tree.

Avoid Dark Corners of a Home

As you probably know by now, the figs with fiddle leaves love bright light and soft sunshine.

To prevent the growth of a drab fiddle leaf fig tree, you should put it in place in a place where the lighting requirements are fulfilled.

If you put your fig tree with fiddle leaves in a spot that gets very little or no sunlight, it is a possibility of excessive watering, yellow leaves, and insects, which is a major rule for all plants.

The only way to put it in a dark area of your house is when you purchase grow lighting.

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