ZZ Plant Not Growing Straight

ZZ plants are a favorite houseplant because of their capacity to withstand nearly everything. But, they can be prone to issues that can make them grow less straight. This could be a concern for you however, what is the root cause of this and how do straighten your plant once more?

There are a variety of reasons that could cause the ZZ plants to cease growing straight. This could be due to lighting problems in the environment of your plant and the possibility of water or overflowing your plant, as well as problems with fertilizers. After these issues have been resolved and you are able to straighten your plant using stakes to help it get straight.

What can you do to fix the issues that cause the ZZ plants to collapse? I’ll show you how to solve the issues and how to help the ZZ plants to developstraight again in this post and continue reading!

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Why Do ZZ Plants Not Grow Straight?

ZZ plants are beautiful growing in popularity because they are relatively easy to maintain and carry the reputation of being difficult to destroy. ZZ plants are able to withstand many tough conditions that other plants have a tough to survive in.

ZZ plants are adapted to withstand harsh conditions because of the places they’re native to and have had to conquer. They originate originated from East Africa, where the climate and conditions are considered to be extremely harsh.

Although these plants are able to endure nearly anything, they could face a number of issues. A common issue they may face is that they may not be growing as straight like they ought to.

It could occur for a variety of reasons. Not all of them will impact the plant’s health immediately however, they could become an issue if they are not addressed and can impact the appearance and appearance of the plants. Let’s take a look at the primary motives that lead the ZZ plants to begin developing out of control.

Lighting Issues

The first thing we’ll discuss is the possible problems with the lighting in the area in which you keep the ZZ plant. ZZ plants require high-quality indirect light to flourish within your home. ZZ plants can tolerate less lighting conditions however, not for a long period of time.

If you keep the ZZ plants in dim light circumstances for too long the plant will begin actively looking for more light.

The ZZ plants will start to spread to find more light. Once it has found better light the plant will begin to expand in the direction you want it to.

The plant will begin to expand in a variety of directions. Most if not all of the stems of your plant will start to develop towards the more favorable lighting conditions. This will result in your ZZ plant expanding in all directions, but straight.

It is essential to place your ZZ plant near an area that gets plenty of sunlight in the morning. Also, make sure that the window has an opaque curtain to shield the ZZ plants from the direct sun.

Underwatering The ZZ Plant

Another issue the ZZ plant may confront that could make it develop straight is the possibility of submerging the plant.

Although ZZ plants are sturdy and are able to withstand conditions that aren’t optimal, poor growing conditions can affect the plant if kept in these circumstances over a long period of time. Regularly submerging your ZZ plant can result in the stems of your plant to drop and then fall over.

This happens when the plant becomes dehydrated and begins to run out of its sap reserves which help keep the plant in a straight line. In the event that this could be the reason that your plant is growing straight, you may be able to see some discoloration of the leaves as well.

It is necessary to slowly increase the amount of water you give your plant more often to keep from shock to the ZZ plant. It is also possible to increase the frequency at which you provide water to the plant to fix this issue.

Nutrition And Fertilization Of The ZZ Plant

One of the most frequent issues that could result in the ZZ plants not growing properly is that you are not feeding your plant properly, and you may have not been using the right fertilizer. To fertilize ZZ plant, it is recommended to require fertilizers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium in the ratio 20-20-20.

If the nutrients aren’t in the right proportion it could impact the plants and make it shrink. It is also recommended to fertilize your ZZ plant once every six months. If you fertilize your plant in excess of this, you’re over-fertilizing it. This could cause your ZZ plant becoming droopy.

Overwatering The ZZ Plant

The overwatering of your ZZ plant could cause more issues than just underwatering your ZZ plant. It could also cause the plant’s stems to collapse. This is due to the fact that your ZZ plant and the soil will be over-saturated by water.

This can affect the plant’s well-being. The excessive saturation of soil with water can affect the plant’s capacity to absorb nutrients in the right amount as the nutrients in the soil is less effective.

The soil that is saturated with too much can result in your plants to suffer from root rot, which can affect your plant’s ability to absorb all the nutrients it requires from the soil in order to live.

If you ZZ plant is watered over too long, it begins to swell and the leaves will turn discolored and soggy.

It is necessary to plant a new ZZ plant, cut off the roots that are infected by root decay, and then reduce the amount of water you give your plant to correct this issue.

How To Straighten ZZ Plant Stems?

In order to straighten the ZZ plants stems it is important to make sure you are taking care of your plant properly to remove the reason for the plant’s growth not being straight from the beginning. Once you’ve done this, you are now able to begin helping your plant to recover and get straight.

It is possible to help your ZZ plant to grow back straight by putting splints in the soil near the plant, and then tying your plant with the splints. Bamboo straws or popsicle sticks, or skewers to do this.

Alternately, you can make use of twist ties to gently connect the ZZ stems of the plant and encourage the plant to develop straight again.

If you follow one of these techniques If you choose one of these two methods, either way, your ZZ plant will be growing straight after two to three weeks, and then you can take off the splints and twist ties. But, the plant will only heal in this period if you take care of it properly and ensure that all of the needs of it are met.

FAQ About ZZ Plants Not Growing Straight

After you have figured out the reasons behind the ZZ plants not being straight, and what you can do to make them straight , I’ll address a few more questions that people might be asking about this subject.

How To Get Your ZZ Plant To Grow Straight?

One way you can ensure the ZZ plant to develop straight is to make sure that your plant is stocked with everything it requires, in the proper amounts, in order to remain healthy.

It is essential to ensure that your plant is in direct sunlight that is bright and intense You should water it every 2 to 3 weeks , and allow the soil to dry completely in between waterings. You must use the correct fertiliser every 6 months. This will help keep your ZZ plant in good health, and will allow it to grow straight.

In the event that your plants are already not growing in a straight line You can apply the techniques mentioned above as well as proper maintenance to help it straighten itself out.

How To Make A ZZ Plant Stay Upright?

To ensure that your ZZ plant remain straight, you must get rid of any potential issues that could affect the development of your plant such as improper sunlight conditions. After you have addressed the issues, you are able to start helping your ZZ plant to grow back upright.

It is possible to do this by tying the stems within the center of your plant pot, or using splints, and then tying your ZZ plant stems to splints. This will aid in reversing the ZZ plant’s growth and assist it to stay straight.

Should You Stake A ZZ Plant?

If you’re sure that your ZZ plants are healthy then there’s no reason for you to plant a stake in your garden. If, however, you find that your ZZ plant isn’t growing straight, you could stake it with bamboo straws, popsicle sticks or skewers to aid your plant in recovering and get back to its straight growth.

Be careful not to attach the stems on your ZZ plants to the stake in a way that is too tight that it could damage the plant and result in stress to the plant. This could further harm your ZZ plant and impact the growth of your plant.


ZZ plants are gorgeous plants that are fairly easy to maintain however, they do be prone to problems.

To ensure that your ZZ plant is straight and does not suffer from the same issue again it is essential to make sure that your plant is taken care of properly and adhere to a schedule of watering to avoid problems with watering.

If your plant is equipped with everything it requires to flourish and flourish, you don’t have to think about it ever again. Best of luck in the ZZ plant!



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